This is the ultimate উৎস for your video game vocabulary!

IGN: A biased, unhelpful resource where PS3 ports of the same quality of the 360 version get lower scores.

Gamespot: Another gaming resource that underrates countless games.

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing: Truly revolting slop coded in 2 hours দ্বারা a drunken hobo.

Halo 3: The 360 system-seller.

Crysis: Succeeded because of it's graphics.

Gears of War: The only video game that truly influences kids to commit violence. That, and GTA.

Killzone 2: Also succeeded because of it's graphics.

n00b: A guy who really thinks they can blow up your tank with a ছুরি in Warhawk. (Someone actually tried to do that to me once.)

Inbalance: The thing there's too much of in online gaming.

Controller: The thing that can turn off for the 360, the thing that's rechargeable for the PS3, and the thing that motion-senses for the Wii.

Dead Rising: RFAG (Really fricking awesome game)

LittleBigPlanet: The most underrated game of '08.

inFamous: The reason to get a PS3.

Xbox Live: MSS (Money Sucking Sham)

PlayStation Network: MSS (Money Saving Service)

নিন্টেডো Wi-Fi: JPB (Just Plain Bad)

Uncharted: JPF (Just Plain Fun)

Left 4 Dead: Yet another 360 zombie exclusive?

Inbreeding: What lots of gamers with web cams do. :D

Sly Cooper: Awesome platformer in a kiddy wrapper.

Shadow of the Colossus: Masterpiece. 'Nuff said.

Nintendo: The company that sucks franchises dry.

Graphics: The faction of a game that seems to matter the most to the majority of gamers these days.

Microsoft: Rich as hell.

Altoids: Wait, what do these have to do with games?

Tetris: RBP (Really Boring Puzzle)

Pac-Man: RBC (Really Bad Controls)

Resident Evil: Great game, terrible movie.

MotorStorm: The game where আপনি crash just দ্বারা driving over a paper clip.

পালঙ্ক Potato: Me (get it?)

Obesity: What Wii Fit can't help আপনি with, but it can lead আপনি to believe it can.