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আপনি are walking দ্বারা yourself to the Prancing টাট্টু when someone bumps into you. আপনি twisted your ankle and fell, the fall was much harder than আপনি thought it would be. A strong hand assists you. আপনি take it and look into the eyes of the stranger. "Do আপনি need help walking?" he asks. "Yes. Would আপনি mind helping me?" He puts an arm around your waist and takes আপনি to the inn.
When আপনি get there he rests আপনি in a chair and elevates your leg. "Is it broken?" আপনি ask, a little nervous that a stranger is helping you. "No, but maybe sprained." He puts some cloth on your ankle and tightens it for support....
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A few nights পূর্বে I was happy to be at a theater event hosted দ্বারা Viggo. We had a wonderful evening! I'm looking অগ্রবর্তী to the new movie "On the Road" based on the book দ্বারা Jack Kerouac, the famous 'beat' author. This movie premiered in Cannes just a few weeks ago. The book is a work of art, especially the original scroll version.

Also there's a new movie starring Viggo, a film where he speaks Spanish. It's called "Everyone Has a Plan". The trailer on ইউটিউব looks amazing! I'll find the লিঙ্ক and put them up on the vid section.
posted by MsMerlina
I'm glad to give আপনি info about the website 'Movies Unlimited' where there are many Viggo titles. These dvds are not easy to find in video stores anymore. The site is great - shipping is not expensive especially if আপনি live in the U.S., but even to Canada they ship চলচ্চিত্র within a few weeks for a reasonable cost, especially if আপনি order a few at a time like I did!

I'm really glad to have আরো Viggo in my collection. He's made wonderful choices throughout his career thus far and he's so gifted & amazing all through. আপনি can see each step of the way how eventually he became one of the most...
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