Toeto v. I Don't Fly?

I noticed a few similarities between the tunes and সঙ্গীত of these two songs, both made দ্বারা ToraborutaP. Which one do আপনি like better?
Personally, I like I Don't Fly better. I can relate আরো to it, even though it's about a little flightless bird. In my life, I've felt down in the dumps like Rinbird in I Don't Fly, feeling unable to do anything special. But Rinbird realizes that it's not terrible: she can still walk. And even though she's not fast and can't fly, she can still make something of herself. In my life, I realize that I have my own talents and abilities and even though I'm not the best, it doesn't hurt to try.
 tdafan121 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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