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posted by misse1000
 WOW! A little overwhelming, huh? Here to help!
WOW! A little overwhelming, huh? Here to help!
As a ডিজনি nut, I always get questions. And I get a lot of Fastpass questions. So I'm answering some জনপ্রিয় প্রশ্ন here:

-What is a fastpass?

A fastpass is a ticket that আপনি use to reduce your wait time on select attractions. They are free with theme park admission. Essentially, when আপনি approach a ride with this option, you'll see a sign that has a time slot to come back. আপনি go up to the machine and insert your park ticket. আপনি will get a ticket with the time to come back printed on them. (see the bottom fastpass example)

-Wait, the cost is free?

Yes, completely free, even with the most...
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The very first themed area of all ডিজনি theme parks in Main রাস্তা USA. At the শীর্ষ of Main রাস্তা is the Town Square and I thought I'd focus on the attractions available in this area.

The very first attraction is, of course, the Railroad which has a station looking over Town Square. Guests enter through underpasses running underneath the Railroad station into Town Square. This is the case in all the ডিজনি theme parks except Disneyland Tokyo.

I'll cover the Railroad in another post as it tours around the parks, passing through many different lands.

It never fails to amaze me how much thought...
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One of the mainstays of the ডিজনি theme parks are the 'shows'. At various times during the day, and at various locations, mini-musicals are presented for the guests. Disneyland Paris, for example, has a stage erected near to Sleeping Beauty's দুর্গ where various themed shows are presented.

As my thoughts are focussed, at the moment, on Main রাস্তা USA, I thought I'd take a look at Main Street's very own mini-musical - the Trolley Show.

Ten performers, five men and five women trundle into Main রাস্তা aboard a turn of the century, horse-drawn trolley car and proceed to entertain the assembled...
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posted by deltabannermen
Following on from my post about Snow White's Scary Adventures (which is still over in the Imagineer section - sorry - feel free to go and hunt it out in case the mods don't সরানো it over here as other posters advised me). Also that post gives a bit আরো background on why I've started posting this odd little ramblings.

With this classic dark ride, I've titled it with the French name as this is the version I have most recently ridden.

Les Voyages de Pinocchio has guests enter a ornate, wooden entrance modelled on the buildings seen in the film. After the usual twisty, turny queue, riders climb into...
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In a Nutshell

Location: Polynesian Resort
Food type: Hawaiian
Price: Moderately high-high (depending on where আপনি sit)
Type: Family
Serving style: Family-style


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest

Food: 3
Show: 3
Overall environment: 3
Dealing with খাবার allergies: 2
Kids: 4
Recommended: No

The "fakey luau" as Nani once referred to the luau where she worked in the film Lilo and Stitch fits this place oh so well.

Let me just start দ্বারা saying that I had a bad experience with the খাবার there. আপনি go to a Hawaiian restaurant,and generally, আপনি find pineapple there. Guess who's allergic to pineapple?...
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I have made a collection over the years and thought I would share some with you. I don't know where all of the info came from, but I did get it of the several different websites. Hope আপনি enjoy!

1. The 180-foot-tall Spaceship Earth at the entrance to Epcot weighs approximately 16 million pounds.
2. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster launches at a speed of 0 to 60 miles per ঘন্টা in 2.8 seconds.
3. Foods and Drinks Consumed each year
-75 million Cokes
-13 million bottles of water
-10 million hamburgers
-6 million hotdogs
-9 million pounds of french fries
- 300,000 pounds of popcorn
-319,353 lbs. of chocolate...
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posted by misse1000
Over my past trips to Disney, I have done many things, and to be honest, forgotten most of it. Some things are never to be forgotten, though. Here are some of my পছন্দ memories...

First tooth REALLY lost...

I হারিয়ে গেছে my first tooth at Animal Kingdom. I had eaten an আপেল several days before. My tooth had been really loose, and I refused to pull it and wouldn't let anyone else pull it either. That day, we ate at Pizzafari, and when we left, we discovered that I had no tooth. My parents say that I swallowed it, but I maintain that it got হারিয়ে গেছে and thrown away in the crust...

Speaking of teeth...

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 WOW! Spectacular view of the Contemporary from the শীর্ষ of উপসাগর Lake Tower, accesible only to DVC members
WOW! Spectacular view of the Contemporary from the top of Bay Lake Tower, accesible only to DVC members
I compiled my তালিকা of the Best resorts on ডিজনি property. My তালিকা shows the শীর্ষ five per catagory:

Top Five Kid resorts
5. Polynesian
4. All Star
3. Pop Century
2. Animal Kingdom Lodge
1. Contemporary

Explanation: I based this a lot on my পছন্দ as a kid. Obviously, my tastes have changed (see below), but I assembled the kid ones. While kids will প্রণয় the theme of the All তারকা and Pop Century Resorts, they will প্রণয় the monorail in the Contemporary and Polynesian resorts. Animal Kingdom Lodge features the জন্তু জানোয়ার which kids will love, and Contemporary has Chef Mickey's and a huge arcade, and it...
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In a nutshell
Resort type: Deluxe
Pricing: Higher priced
Location: Near Animal Kingdom theme park (Is NOT within walking distance)

Ratings (on a scale of 1=5, 5 being the highest)
Overall rating: 4.5
Room size: 4
Environment: 5
Proximity to parks: 2
Things to do: 5
Sit down restaurants? Yes
Counter service খাবার quality: 5
Kids: 5
Recommend: Strongly

Picture it: waking up and seeing giraffes outside your window. This can become a reality at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, but with not just giraffes, but zebras, gazelle,...
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Let's face it. Disney's link is generally useless for anything besides booking your trip. They are biased because their main focus is to sell their product, the website is updated very infrequently, and is confusing a lot of the time. Which is why my information that I give to আপনি here is generally from other sources. Sure, if আপনি wanna know the real deal, আপনি could get a guidebook, in which case I recommend link, but that often means even আরো money out of your pocket. There are sources out there, besides my প্রবন্ধ on here and the ফোরাম topics, that can help আপনি with planning your trip....
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 The new queue area for মহাকাশ Mountain
The new queue area for Space Mountain
The "new and improved" মহাকাশ Mountain recently opened at Walt ডিজনি World. Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is all about.

The queue area is much improved. The games look cool. I only got to play for a মিনিট because when I went, for once the line was impossibly short. That exceeded my expectations. I was expecting them to be like in Soarin’, which are no fun and totally pointless (but now we're getting off topic).

Inside the waiting area, there is now a barrier between the track and the waiting area so আপনি can no longer see the track from the line. That's better. They added some new lights...
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Walt ডিজনি World has recently পোষ্ট হয়েছে a video explaining the new interactive queue for Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain.

The entertainment in the cue will involve excitement from the first moment আপনি step in; the first thing ডিজনি guests will experience is the 'mining office'. The mining office is about how আপনি would start আপনি দিন mining, and it might even gives some clues to if it's some kind of mystery! There will also be an explosive magazine room-which will have dynamo sticks-, lenses which let আপনি see the shaft, and much more!

My opinion:
Although, I have not yet experienced the new...
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posted by misse1000
I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to maximize my ডিজনি vacations. One great way to do this is দ্বারা using the great apps for the parks. I've compiled a তালিকা of some of the best apps for your ডিজনি vacation. Unless otherwise noted, these apps are available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. Remember that Magic Kingdom and Epcot offer free in-park Wi-Fi, with Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom coming soon, so আপনি can use the apps even if your device needs Wi-Fi. Plus, if you're running low on data, connect to the Wi-Fi and save your gigabytes.

My ডিজনি Experience দ্বারা Disney

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Determining the crowds at certain parks can be valuable. It can help আপনি plan Fastpasses,determine whether another park would be better that day, whatever. My guide for determining crowds will let আপনি determine the crowd দ্বারা looking at two অথবা three rides.

Magic Kingdom:
Except for Extra Magic Hours days (in which আপনি should only spend the evening here), do not come to Magic Kingdom on weekends অথবা holidays. It is excessively crowded on these days. Out of all the theme parks, this one will most likely be the most crowded on any প্রদত্ত দিন (unless another park has a special event going on that day)....
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 Our Favourite Main Characters.
Our Favourite Main Characters.
Hi guys, I managed to watch the final farewell of Dream Along with Mickey on ইউটিউব and I have to say that the প্রদর্শনী was magical and breathtaking that we're all going to miss this প্রদর্শনী for sure!

The Story-Line

The story itself has a moral value in it, never give up on your dreams and remember to cherish it! We also get to see our favourite ডিজনি characters come to live on stage, including the princesses who sang their respective trademark songs with their princes.
Maleficent, along with Captain Hook and Mr Smee will come and turn our dreams into nightmares. The audience will get a chance to...
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Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros is the updated version of a water ride, El Rio Del Tiempo (The River of Time) situated in the Mexico pavilion since its opening. It is much the same ride (and I will take a look at that in আরো detail in another post) but with added colour of the Three Caballeros, Donald, Jose and Panchito. This guide begins with the version of the ride that I rode with my wife on our visit in 2007.

The entrance to Gran Fiesta Tour is to the left of the Plaza de Los Amigos which leads আপনি to a short weaving queue line and down to the boarding area. Here, guest board...
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posted by deltabannermen
The Three Caballeros is a film which, whilst obscure within the feature film canon, actually has a quite prominent presence at Epcot, to the extent that the film actually has a ride themed around it. Having মতামত প্রদত্ত on how odd it is that an enormously famous film such as Bambi has almost no presence in the parks, let alone a ride based on it, it seems just as odd that an obscure package film such as The Three Caballeros would do.

But with Latin America being the focus of two package films, and Mexico being represented দ্বারা the character of Panchito Pistoles in the সেকেন্ড of the two, a tour of...
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posted by deltabannermen
Dumbo, the film, has প্রদত্ত birth to possibly the most famous ডিজনি theme park ride of them all - Dumbo, the Flying Elephant. It is a ride which is seen at all the ডিজনি parks (and in many other theme parks, just without the 'Dumbo' theming - but often still with flying elephants).

The iterations at Disneyland Paris and California are practically identical. They have a beautiful clockwork theming with decorations which include প্রতিমূর্তি of Mr Stork. Timothy মাউস sits atop the ride. Water cascades below the ride and each Dumbo, with ears outstretched, has a different coloured seat. These seats...
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posted by deltabannermen
The newest attraction to be themed on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at ডিজনি World. It is part of the expanded Fantasyland and is a rollercoaster themed around, obviously, the diamond mine the dwarfs work in. Only opening in 2014, I've yet to ride it, but as a massive অনুরাগী of rollercoasters I look অগ্রবর্তী to putting the experience শীর্ষ of my তালিকা when we return to Florida in the future. Courtesy of Youtube, it looks like a fun, not-too-intense coaster with some good dips and curves. The highlights look to be the dark ride elements. The trains pass through the...
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In a nutshell
Resort type: Deluxe, Deluxe Villas
Pricing: Higher priced
Location: Epcot Resorts Area, right outside International Gateway, within walking distance to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Ratings (on a scale of 1=5, 5 being the highest)
Overall rating: 4.5
Room size: 5, Villas: 4
Environment: 4
Proximity to parks: 5
Things to do: 4
Sit down restaurants? Yes
Counter service খাবার quality: 4
Kids: 3
Recommend: Strongly

These resorts are one of my (and my family's) favorites. They have a relaxed atmosphere with plenty to enjoy.

Perhaps the best thing about theses resorts is the pool...
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