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1: [Serena Saturn, part I] Serena vs. Mad Dog.

(...)But Serena went to see him anyway, fiercely loyal to what she'd believed in with a flaming passionever since she was two years old. So when Mad Dog went to leave the rooftop and opened the elevator, he found Serena airily leaning inside, arms crossed, one foot pressed against the metal, the other steadily on the floor.
"Hi Don." She quietly said, neatly improving his shock about her presence with his shock about being called দ্বারা his real name.
On the outside, he didn't loose his face. "Oh, look.It's Emily the strange."
But she did, her gaze dropped...
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king tw is dser goilste rapper evaarrrrr!1
sowie schatz
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তালিকা of people we could tell things we need spread around to;

A´s Grade;
Pissy (though in a way he can´t turn it around)
Celina (she´s got the great bonus that we can tell her absolutely EVERYTHING)
Klo (so it gets through to certain people)
Anna (so it gets through to our favourite Fap-club.)

F´s Grade;
The Cool One (so it gets through to যেভাবে খুশী people & i can ask his name)
Valli/Lena (so it gets through to a huge numer of people over some time)
Lulu/Lexi (same.)
(certain things) Backstabbing Two-Faced দুশ্চরিত্রা Clique; Anja/Ka/H*lena (so people tear up the mouths about it.)

Other Grades;
Magali (Maria)
the sweet Meike (11, her brother..eazy.. u no?)
Flo (people who get yelled at in the breaks)
Andi (uhm... just because we like talking to him & it might get through to certain favourite cunts bc of her sister.)
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