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posted by M-16
war... its the most bloodiest horror deadly thing anybody can see.my uncle fought in the korean war and when he would tell me war stories aboat how it was,half the time he wouldnt even finish,and when he could he would always say war is hell আপনি see your brothers বন্ধু অথবা even your best বন্ধু die alround আপনি so u can say oh im going to military and im going to survive then let me tell u this go on the গুগুল and type in militare deaths and u will see all the people that went in to the army অথবা navy অথবা air force অথবা marines......but did not come back to there families so like i ব্যক্ত earler WAR IS HELL pure hell u could play the video games watch the movie অথবা even read aboat but u will never know whats it like untill u see it for youself