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The পরবর্তি few nights Moonstar was disturbed দ্বারা the same dream. It was the night of the gathering and I still wanted to stay in the warm moss and feathers of my nest and have Jaycloud beside me to keep me warm. I got up and opened my eyes and it was barely dawn. I got up without stirring Jaycloud. I looked out the entrance of my গর্ত and looked out at the clearing before me মার্জার coming in from dawn patrol, I saw the nursery become alive with the faint shrieks of playing kits. I walked out of my den. Lightheart was padding up to me. "Morning Moonstar I have something to tell you." I nodded at him...
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Okay i think Hollys still alive so i want to write this about Hollyleaf its the first chapter tell me if আপনি like it and ill write more!(I tryed to make the Rats names Stuipied দ্বারা the way and slso i LOVEEEE কাঠবিড়াল AND LEAF!!!!)
---Chapter 1---
Hollyleafs eyes whent wide and claped her paws.
"E-e-eating g-g-good t-t-tonight"eyes titches as she drags a মাছ from the river to the portected গর্ত from teh flood the rats all whent around her and she hissed
"GET!!! GET!!!Hollystar eats first"chuckles evil as the rats run away she hade named everyone and she was leader of them she took a bite of the...
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ArtJuliaR's video.
warrior মার্জার video
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