I, Spottedpaw, was sent to tell that we need a lot of warriors and your welcome to join. Please, if আপনি wish to join, go to the ফোরাম and tell us your name.

Name: Shimmerbreeze
Pelt: Sandy, dark Ginger spots, and red nose.
Eye-color: Sea green
Status: Warrior
Personality: She is a strong , caring, fierce cat who, no madder what, sticks to the warrior code. She came up with the best way to fight and defend.

If আপনি need help coming up with a name, just ask me, DoveXTiger123 and I will help আপনি right as I get on fanpop. Hurry! But remember, if আপনি don't want to join, আপনি don't need too. Thank আপনি for your time.