Hello, I am Spottedpaw and I have come to tell আপনি everything I can about where আপনি are, who we are, how we live and our special ability.

We are a group of মার্জার who stick to the ways of the waves, অথবা the warrior code. We live in a sink hole that was made thousands of years ago. We call it the sand hole. There is a small pool of fresh water in the middle of our camp that we call the lapping sea. The fresh kill pile is uasully দ্বারা the leaders den. The sink hole has sprouted some plants so the leaders গর্ত is an overhang with vine plants dripping from the top. The nursery is a little cave with bushes sprouting around the entrance. The warriors den, however is connected to the apprentices গর্ত দ্বারা hanging vines, but the dens are also a small cave, slightly larger, with old debris the মার্জার collected to keep wind and rain out. Where do we train? Who are our neighborClans? What's the prey? Well first let me tell আপনি a secret. When we first arrived at the sea, StarClan granted us an ability, the ability to breath and hunt underwater. We have found clear seafloor with coral to train on, RainClan, PebbleClan, and LightningClan are our neighbors, and we eat seafood, like fish, crab( we break the shell on rocks), seagull, etc, and we have tons of medical supply because we also have a pine forest close to the sea. We also have to be careful of jaw fish, too (sharks). We sometimes eat deer and forest creatures. We are WaterClan! We rule forever!