Alright so I've realized that we need some rules around here. I've decided to make some and will সম্পাদনা this and add আরো when needed. If আপনি see something missing that আপনি think should be added let me know and I'll add it! (If আপনি see something underlined then that meens we've had to address this অথবা it's

1# Unless প্রদত্ত permission from the user, do NOT role play other members cats.

2# Don't make your cat perfect. Where's the fun in that?

3# No killing other members মার্জার unless they allow আপনি to.

4# Don't make too many মার্জার unless আপনি know that আপনি can keep up w/ them.

5# This should be very simple: Your cat CANNOT be an apprentice untill 6 MOONS OLD! Their are no exceptions once o' ever. If আপনি want your kit to be an apprentice right away then make it as an apprentice অথবা as 6 moons old.

6# The clan leader is in change of picking your mentors and your warrior cat names. If আপনি have a suggestion fill free to tell me.