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DoveXTiger123 posted on Mar 31, 2013 at 07:20PM

Redstar-(KatieK102)-A hansom light brown tom with faint dark stripes and green eyes. (Wolfpaw)


Riversong-(theWOLFPACK15)- Pretty silver tabby she-cat with white paws and socks, muzzle with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Glaciarfur-(smartone123)-biggish pale pale blue gray tom with pale pale ice blue eyes;

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Frostpaw-(KatieK102)-White she-cat with one black patch over her left eye and green eyes


Foxflight-(KatieK102)-Pretty bright gold she-cat with one white paw, white ear tips, white tail tip, and light green eyes.

Swiftstorm-(KatieK102)-Hansom tom with white fur with brown splashes and green eyes

Duststorm-(theWOLFPACK15)-Tan tom with black spotted markings and green eyes (Smoothpaw)

Breezepool-(Naomiwinx)-Pure white coat with black mitten on left back foot and ice blue eyes (Ashpaw)

Stormfoot-(DovexTiger123)-Tom with dark blue fur and amber eyes

Gingerclaw-(Smartone123)-strong looking and prettyshe cats with sleek dark Ginger fit with light Ginger markings,a tapered tail and blue eyes one blinded and a scar over the eye [b](Spottedpaw)

Eaglefrost-(Jen-Law)-very attractive pale brown tabby tom with blazing blue eyes

Ripplefang-(theWOLFPACK15)-Black and white tom with amber eyes


Ashpaw-(KatieK102)-Hansom tom with thick smokey grey fur and a white underbelly and light blue eyes.

Dawnpaw-(KatieK102)-Pretty orange she-cat with faint stripes of darker fur and light blue eyes.

Wolfpaw-(theWOLFPACK15)-Hansom very light grey, almost white tabby tom with amber eyes

Spottedpaw-(DovexTiger123)-She-cat with spiky fur with brown and black spots, and dark green eyes

Sunpaw-(DovexTiger123)-Tom with golden fur and amber eyes.

Smoothpaw-(Smartone123)-A pretty and slim light brown she cat with gold eyes

Lilypaw-(Jen-Law)-a pure white she-cat with purple eyes

Sandpaw-(DovexTiger123)-Light sand color she-cat with a white underbelly and blue eyes


Sunsplash-(katieK102)-Pretty bright orange she-cat with green eyes and white paws; Redstar's sister.

Duskwhisker-(DovexTiger123)-She-cat with light brown with darker spots and stripes and amber eyes.

Mist-(theWOLFPACK15)-Dark blue/grey she-cat with faintly darker tabby stripes and green eyes (Expecting Ripplefang's kits)


Duskwhisker's Kits:
Fluffykit-(DovexTiger123)-Big she-cat with silver fur. Very fluffy. Has brown eyes.
Stonekit-(DovexTiger123)-Gray blue and white tom with a white underbelly paws and tail tip. Amber eyes.

Sunsplash's Kits:
Lakekit-(KatieK102)-Handsome dark brown tom with faint stripes and hazel eyes
Smokekit-(KatieK102)-Big handsome dark smokey gray tom with one white foot, white tail tip and amber eyes

Riversong's Kits:
Shimmerkit-(smartone123)-Pretty creamy brown long haired she-kit with beautiful gold eyes and white-gold nose,paws,tail tip and spine with gold brown spots freckling the back and tail spine (Riversong's and Redstar's foster kit)


Blackhawk-(KatieK102)-Black tom with green eyes, one white foot, and a spot of white on his chest.

Cloudwing-(KatieK102)-Fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes

Shellgaze-(theWOLFPACK15)- Molted grey tom with blue eyes, oldest cat in the clan; Riversong's father.

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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Name: Foxflight
Pelt: Pretty bright ginger she-cat with one white paw and light green eyes.
Eye-color: Light green eyes
Status: (New) Warrior
Personality: Shes eager to prove what she can do and is loyal, brave, and fierce. She dosn't get scared easily and she knows where her loyalties lie.

Name: Ashpaw
Pelt: Hansom smokey grey and white tom with light blue eyes.
Eye-color: Light blue eyes
Status: Apprentice
Personality: Ashpaw is brave, fierce, loyal and swift. He can be very cocky and dosn't get nervous a lot. But he's always ready for a fight especially with another clan. But hes faithful to his own clan and can normaily be friendly. Brother to Dawnpaw

Name: Dawnpaw
Pelt: Pretty orange she-cat with faint stripes of darker fur and light blue eyes.
Eye-color: Light blue-eyes
Status: Apprentice
Personality: Dawnpaw is just like her brother. Shes smart, brave, fierce, and loyal. Although she can fight, hunting is where she shines. He, like her brother, can be cocky and also dosn't shy easily. However she's normally nice and is faithful to the warrior code. Sister to Ashpaw.

Might add more later