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1.He always put himself first.
2.Does what he wants, whenever he wants.
3.He’s extremely arrogant.
4.Abuse the people around him.
5.He’s really dominant
6.Create a lot of drama.
7.Has high masculinty.
8.Has very high sexual confidence, and he knows how to please a woman.
9.He’s dangerous, and আপনি never really know where আপনি have him.
10.Lead an exciting life.
11.Gets a lot of girls.

In its most simple definition, a bad boy is someone who works outside the norms of society. He doesn’t follow rules, he f**king makes them himself!

It’s really all about the mindset; the attitude. He just doesn’t...
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1. Good guys like to dress well. However, after some time, I began fearing gentlemen, dolled up like a dandy. I realized they had something to hide. They do not have confidence in themselves, and are trying to compensate for that through a costume. I am a little sorry for them, and they are not interesting for me. Self-assured men feel equally good in any clothing, be it a sports suit, jeans অথবা anything else. They are interesting in any clothing. They do not need to prove anything around. They have already proved everything.

2. Good guys are afraid to make decisions. They want আপনি to decide...
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