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posted by bendaimmortal
I combined a few surveys/questionares into one. See the first মতামত for the উৎস links.

- I thought I'd have my original/fan character fill this out because I'm currently focusing on লেখা about his childhood.
He's a werewolf/wizard in the Harry Potter universe, and he filled this out at age 12. (Because I haven't yet visioned his life in much detail beyond his thirteenth year.)

- A modern দিন person may wonder why would a kid answer to certain প্রশ্ন there and even that openly, অথবা talk about those matters with his friends, অথবা how could a police officer discipline his child that severely......
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warning: coarse language.
this is the first book of a four-part series that i'm writing, also on the twilight fanpage. Please feel free to মতামত and tell me if আপনি like it, অথবা if আপনি have any suggestions. i'm DEFINATELY open to those.

IT SUCKS TO FALL IN LOVE, only to have it ripped away দ্বারা what আপনি are. To have it stripped from আপনি দ্বারা your crimes against others. If anyone knew that, it was me, since I had to go through this আরো times than anyone else has. But this was different. He was different.
He was pinned to the ground দ্বারা one of my prosecutors, his face contorted in pain....
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Everything on this, (including the picture), I got from the app and website, Your Lupine Life.

When little Fenrir was born he scared all of the gods. That’s because he was the নেকড়ে son of Loki the Norse God of Chaos অথবা Mischief and his mom was a giantess named Angrboda. A prophesy foretold that a নেকড়ে would kill Odin and bring on the Ragnarok -which is the very end of the world.

To prevent the prophesy coming true, the gods tried again and again to chain Fenrir. Each time they failed, Fenrir was too strong. Finally they found the right leash – a magic ribbon called Gleipnir made only by...
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warning sexual referencing and course language

some legends say that নেকড়ে-মানুষ are solitary creatures.. and that's just dumb.

other legends say that নেকড়ে-মানুষ run in packs, gathering at the full moon to hunt down those foolish enough to go around at night.

not likely. werewolf packs exist-we have to organize to stay secret-but we never meet in নেকড়ে form.

any meeting of two অথবা আরো নেকড়ে is two steps away from a brawl (and one from an orgy). and it doesn't take much for a werewolf to say"hell with it", shut down the human mind and let the নেকড়ে take over.

our only exception is the howl when we...
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posted by princessofmagic
Thanks to precious211 for helping me come up with the শিরোনাম and Luna's name!!!!! আপনি helped a ton!!!

Chapter one

I was in a large hall that looked like it could be in a midevil-King-Artur-type-movie. It was made of beige stone, had red banners with a স্বর্ণ বৃত্ত and black নেকড়ে print on them hanging on thick pillars, torches lit on either side of them, casting a dark shadow behind the pillars,and a simple golden সিংহাসন with a red ছদ্মবেশ tossed over in sitting on the center of a platform near the back of the hall. I reconised the image imeadeadly. It's like going to collage then seeing a picture...
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 Horkew Kamuy
Horkew Kamuy
Everything on this প্রবন্ধ is from Your Lupine Life app.

In ancient Japan, there was a নেকড়ে god named Horkew Kamuy, “the howling নেকড়ে god” who lived on the শীর্ষ of a mountain and helped the humans sometimes with their problems. Problems like fire, disease and disasters. The humans would climb to his mountain temples and pray for his help and Horkew Kamuy would send one of his magic white নেকড়ে down the mountain to help out the humans below.

In return, the humans had to promise two things. One, to feed these magic white নেকড়ে and two, to return them unharmed to Horkew Kamuy when things got...
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posted by kim4312
After Elli Ran Out Of Her Home, She Begins Screaming, অগ্রদূত Hears Her Screams He Transform Into
His Werewolf Form, He Runs To The Scream,
Elli Runs As She Can Then Vlad Was In Front Of Her
& Hit Her, Her Nose Bleeds Then He Hits Her Until
She Falls To The Ground, অগ্রদূত Growls At Vlad & Hits
Him, Van's Yellow স্বর্ণ Eyes Stare At Elli, He Pick
Her Body Up & Carry Her Away From Vlad, He Sees Her Bloody Pjs, The Clouds Cover The Moon, অগ্রদূত Now
Changes Back Into Human Form, His Yellow স্বর্ণ Eyes Are Still There, He Feels Her Heartbeat When
He Put His Head Close To Her Chest, Elli Wakes Up
& Saw...
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posted by bendaimmortal
Summary: A young boy learns that even the biggest horror অনুরাগী can't handle everything, in a world where monsters and ghosts really exist. Another part in a series about my werewolf character.
Genre: General/Horror
Rating: Teens
Characters: Only my original characters.
Length: Prologue + 5 chapters.
This story is just one part in a series I'm লেখা about these characters. All the current stories in this series are on my Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt accounts.
Author: WolfAngel'JR at FanFiction.Net (BenDaImmortal here.)

A/N Happy হ্যালোইন time! This story goes through most of the full moon / Halloween...
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 The Black নেকড়ে of Krishna
The Black Wolves of Krishna
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

Krishna himself made from a black body hair of Vishnu, could use his own magic black hair to summon a pack of black wolves.

Research is continuing into the matter. If আপনি know something about these werewolves, please leave a message.

Yeah there's not much on this one. I thought there'd be আরো but I guess the history is kind of sketchy. Um, this isn't much of an প্রবন্ধ but what are ya gonna do right? Don't really answer all this. I'm being very stupid.
**Now onto the story again. i dont like hurting people its just in me there has to be a way for me to be in control more. so i transed again and and i tried as hard as i can to get in control but i couldent! i had to focus alot and i could see whats going on to so i watch people die its so dreaded,though im used to it,so yea.

Thats all for chapter 2**P.S this is all true!!!

chapter 3 ill try to make longer because there kind of small theres alot of parts.

it is dreded i tell আপনি dreded
posted by Snowywerewolf
If আপনি see anything weird অথবা unusual tell me about it im trying to find as much as i can about Lycans\werewolves অথবা spirits and stuff i want to know as much as আপনি can give me.i dnt know why i just need to do something fun and i know alot about stuff so just throw it at me and start messaging.and before i go i need to tell আপনি one thing...........WEREWOLVES RULE SO DO শার্দূল AND ড্রাগন THEY ALL ROCK!!!So that should be all for now one আরো thing go to other section and read and do what it says please i need to know awnsers! Thats all.
posted by Snowywerewolf
hi its me again.Im going to tell আপনি the wrong ways to turn into a werewolf. I've only found out two ways so here they are. ne is getting the blood injected into আপনি that would poison and kill you.second is very similer আপনি have to drink it im like that will kill আপনি too. So dont do those things অথবা else!! the reson why getting bitten doesnt kill আপনি is because there DNA is getting mixed into your so yea. I just wanted to tell আপনি so আপনি dont kill yourself! Please respond if আপনি have any questions.
posted by Snowywerewolf
Have আপনি ever dreamed আপনি were a werewolf and আপনি thoght আপনি wernt but আপনি really are. Everyone is differnt it comes at a differnt time. I was born so it happens when ever i want it to! Every one is a diiffernt werewolf. Im the rarest one witch there is only one in the world, its called the true werewolf! It can speak like a human. well let me tell আপনি all five ways to become a werewolf instead! 1 is being bitten দ্বারা a werewolf! **ouch**! 2 is being scrached দ্বারা one! **ouch**! 3 is doing somthing wrong to someone in a way! **mean**! 4 is being born as one! **RARE**! 5 is doing it through sorcery! **work**! those are the only real ways to become a werewolf! thanks for reading! P.S নেকড়ে-মানুষ KICK ASS!!!
 The Healing Bite of Bau
The Healing Bite of Bau
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

Bau was a healing and protection goddess who lived around 2,500 BCE. She was ব্যক্ত to be the daughter of the sky god An and the god of the south wind, named Ninurta. Her temples contained an area known as “The Kennel” where sick and injured people were brought for healing. Murals in these temples প্রদর্শনী how Bau healed a sick person: দ্বারা transforming them into either a dog অথবা a wolf.

Wolf-shaped protection statues devoted to Bau ভালুক the motto, “Don’t stop to think, bite!”

And thats just what she did. Bite. If a Sumerian patient could not be healed...
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Note:sorry it took so long I haven't had time to wright. I still cant think of a name and my keyboard is still sucky so I use { } for quotes.:)

Zane POV
{so আপনি don't have anywhere to go do you?} I asked
{No I have nowhere anymore} she ব্যক্ত sadly looking down. Nowhere? Anymore? This arose even আরো প্রশ্ন in my mind.

{well then come with me. I think I can take are of you}I ব্যক্ত trying to be kind but she snapped at me saying {I don't need আপনি anymore! Thank আপনি but I'm okay}
I was shocked so I didn't pursue it anymore. {oh that's good. I hope I see আপনি again someday} I turned back to the door...
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posted by tigressissupper
Hello my name is Dejanae and I'm gonna tell ya a story. This story maybe wired to some অথবা fake অথবা real I don't care. But this is no ordinary story nope. This is a story about my boyfriend and I. We had been dating for six months. They were awesome. But two অথবা three months পূর্বে we were walking at night to his place. When we were attracted দ্বারা a very large dog অথবা wolf. This was no ordinary নেকড়ে this one was very hairy and was walking on two legs. He looked liked some kinda নেকড়ে man.

I scream A werewolf A Werewolf. Knowing my boyfriend he trying to protect me so he fights this নেকড়ে man. I on the...
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posted by Snowywerewolf
today I am going to tell আপনি a little about werewolves. They are half নেকড়ে half human.They can like আপনি অথবা they can hate your guts.They can still প্রণয় they are half human.If আপনি are a werewolf do not eat the ফুল called devil's helmet.It is a blue glowing ফুল that will kill আপনি so do not eat it!That should be all for now ok so werewolf thinker takes alot of thinking to write it.remember if আপনি have any প্রশ্ন just ask me and if i can figure it out i will tell you.So please মতামত অথবা become বন্ধু and we will talk about it.Thanks for পাঠ করা and keep an eye out for part 4.See আপনি পরবর্তি time.
Its me again I was bored so Im just going to ask a প্রশ্ন to some people. What would আপনি do if আপনি turned into link's wolf. send me a message on what আপনি would do? Send me a message অথবা ill become বন্ধু with আপনি and ill talk about it with you. ill be making my other stories soon so keep your eye out in the guide section.Its going to be another part of im cursed with the werewolf. ill try to make part three longer because they are kind of short.then another werewolf thinker part 3 its well i dont know whats its about just yet so ill think about it and আপনি just keep lookin.thats all for now thanks for reading.
 A Cursed Lycaon Prince
A Cursed Lycaon Prince
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

In a bad mood again! the god Zeus decided to pay a surprise visit to some human royalty in 1200-800 BCE. Unfortunately King Lycaon, of Arcadia, was in no mood to host an angry god so he made a plan to kill Zeus in his sleep.

That’s where the story gets muddy. The only agreed facts that follow are:

a) Somebody died, possibly a child, who definitely wasn’t Zeus and possibly got cooked into a human stew.

b) Zeus didn’t like his নৈশভোজ that night and got really mad.

So Zeus turned the King and his 50 sons all into নেকড়ে and then hunted them down with...
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posted by wierdo2
Really short Prologue
Armand was used to pain. He’s dealt with whether it be emotional অথবা physical, but this pain was different. He had chosen to trust her despite everything he knew and he was paying for it now. Why had he been so stupid? Why hadn’t he trusted his instincts? He knew why he had acted so ignorantly, love. He had felt প্রণয় and that had shook his world up like a 9.2 earthquake. As the blood flew out his veins he started to see his life flash trough his eyes. It wasn’t a quick 2 সেকেন্ড thing, আরো of a series of flashbacks.