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Hi again!

So, here on roleplay, we sometimes use language that people may see and think, 'What the hell is she saying?'
Well, to save that confusion, here are some terms and explanations for you! :)

Mary Sue- Overly Perfect character. Generally frowned upon in roleplay- IT IS UNREALISTIC. ফোয়ারা of flowing, silky blonde hair and flawless, smooth, amazingly gorgeous skin and perfect everything are not in, well, anyone. So stop saying it is.

Powerplay - Making আপনি character all powerful. It's generally frowned upon in roleplaying circles, this is because it isn't realistic. Nobody on this planet...
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posted by AlisaPhenom
Welcome to my W.I.T.C.H. RolePlay Group, which I hope you'll be a part of!
Since you're here, I take it আপনি all know how to RolePlay. But if আপনি don't, please don't be afraid to ask anything আপনি want- I won't bite, and I'll try my best to answer!
So, pretty much anyone can be part of my roleplay as long as they promise to stick দ্বারা the rules and promise to commit, not just pop in and out when they feel like it.
So, I take it আপনি want to know what আপনি have to do to sign up! It's simple.
We are a W.I.T.C.H. roleplay, so will be using W.I.T.C.H. characters. Also, আপনি can create your own...
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posted by AlisaPhenom
Hello again,

Here's the character adoption centre. Yes, we all know how fun it can be to let your imagination flow when আপনি create your own character, but really, these old guys need some প্রণয় too, right? So if আপনি want to play as the character from the প্রদর্শনী that আপনি love, মতামত stating which character আপনি would like to play and that আপনি promise to abide দ্বারা the rules and regulations, and voila! Okay? Okay!
So here are the characters আপনি can choose from.

Will Vandom.
Irma Lair.
Taranee Cook.
Cornelia Hale.
খড় Lin.
Any of the former guardians (Yan Lin, Nerissa, Cassie, Halinor, Kadma...)
Any of the characters parents.
Elyon Brown.

Any of the rebels.
Peter Cook.
Matt Olsen.
Any of the characters parents.
The Oracle.
Andrew Hornby.
Any of the creatures.

If আপনি want to be another existing character, let me know and I'll see what I can do! :)

AlisaPhenom. XoXo
posted by AlisaPhenom

Here are the rules for my roleplay. It might seem like there's a lot, but for most people, they're pretty easy to stick to.

1. No abusive, upsetting অথবা hateful comments/posts/anything. I will NOT tolerate it and action WILL be taken.

2. Please be respectful to both myself and other people on this site, as they will be to you.

3. If you're going to do something major to a character, like kill them off অথবা have them paired up with an existing character from the show, please let me know first and get my approval. It's weird to log on to seven dead guardians, right?

4. If at any point আপনি are...
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