Would the point of view of a really bratty person ruin the story?

The thing is, in my story I sometimes switch the POV in some chapters. It usually is from the point of view of the protagonists a girl named April. To make a long story really short, she basically gets kidnapped দ্বারা the কুইন who takes over the area. The past few chapters have been talking about her in the castle, but I want to bring it back to Aprils home. I decided to put it in the point of view of her bratty cousin Natali. Would আপনি think that would be really annoying for the readers?

Here is a sample:

Everyone is worried. April being gone was a scary thing, but no one was looking at the bright side. With her gone, I no longer had someone sleeping in the corner of my room creepily. Of course, it was her room, but now that I was here it mostly was mine. The superior always get the best accommodations. Obviously, I am better than everyone here, including April. The কুইন herself gave me a gift. No one could শীর্ষ that.

    “Where is my scarf!” I yelped, feeling the nothingness where my scarf once was. Obviously one of these children April called বন্ধু গাউন it.
    “You just barely noticed it was gone?” Jacob laughed. I scowled in return. He had no right to be talking to me like that.
    “Natali, we’ll find it later. We have আরো important things to deal with.” Julia ব্যক্ত quietly. April’s other friend, 4 gave his agreement with a silent nod.
    “More important! Nothing can be আরো important than my scarf!” I stated. The others looked at me in shock, eyes grown ridiculously wide.
    “Even your cousin?” 4 asked. How could they be so ignorant?
    “Now আপনি get my point!” I replied. I could tell annoyance was dripping from my voice, but I didn’t care.

Thanks in advance!

 WritingBookWorm posted বছরখানেক আগে
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fabgirl12 said:
Personally, I think that this makes the story better. But after a few chapters it may start to confuse the readers, making them think they should be against the protagonist. Be sure to let the bratty cousin change over time so the readers understand that they should be rooting for April getting out.
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posted বছরখানেক আগে 
Thank আপনি for the help! The plan was to only have 1 chapter with Natali, and then I would bring it back to April's point of view
WritingBookWorm posted বছরখানেক আগে
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