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posted by minniemeg
Authors note: Hi, this is my first time publishing something that wasn't অনুরাগী fiction but its what I've been passionate about forever. So please forgive the inconsistent rhyming.

If I never saw আপনি again.

How happy my life would be!

I'd be jumping up and down the walls so full of glee!

No আরো nagging!

No আরো griping!

No আরো constant whining!

No আরো rants about how dreadful your life is!

I could be free from the locks that is your torn up mind, no longer a prisoner in my own home.

Aw the very thought of never hearing your voice again fills me with so much joy!

No আরো yelling!

No আরো shrieking!

No আরো do this অথবা do that!

The very mention of my name দ্বারা your irritable voice makes my ears bleed buckets.

The look of your horrendous face when yelling at me makes me vomit on the inside.

To imagine my life without you.

Is like a dream that's impossible to obtain.

Oh well, whilst I sleep that dream I long is true.

Where I am so happy.

To never see you.
posted by ZekiYuro
A superhero is a fictional character with special powers.Since the first সুপারম্যান story was written in the USA in 1938,superheroes have appeared in various comic বই around the world.But আরো recently they have become better known as film characters.

Although superhero powers vary widely,superhuman strength and the ability to fly are common.Some superheroes do not have special powers but have developed other important abilities.In order to protect বন্ধু and family,a superhero's identity is normally kept secret,which often means superheroes have complicated double life.

There have been successful...
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One of Scotland's most active centenarians,Lady Morton,has been a driver for nearly 80 years,although she has never taken a driving test.But last week she had her first ever accident-she hit a traffic island when she took her new car for a drive in Edinburgh.

Lady Morton,who celebrated her 100th birthday in July,was প্রদত্ত the Nissan Micra as a surprise present.Yesterday she talked about the accident.'I wasn't going fast,but I hit a traffic island.I couldn't see it,because it had no lights,which I think is ridiculous.But I am all right and luckily my car wasn't badly damaged.'

In spite of the...
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posted by ZekiYuro
My Name's Jon,And This Happened To Me When I Was On Holiday In Seville,In The South of Spain.

I was having a coffee in a bar when a man came up to me.He was quite smartly dressed,and he looked very respectable.'Do আপনি speak English?'he asked.He definitely wasn't Spanish,but I'm not sure where he was from.'I'm very sorry to bother you,but I have a serious problem,'he continued.'I'm here on a business trip,and I've হারিয়ে গেছে my briefcase-it had my passport,my wallet,my money,my credit cards,my mobile,my address book,everthing.Could আপনি help me?I need to borrow 60 euros to get the train to Madrid-my...
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Mick Jagger went back to his old school recently-for the first time since he left in 1961.He was invited to the school to open the 'Mick Jagger Performing Arts centre',a new সঙ্গীত and drama department at Dartford Grammar School.

Jagger ব্যক্ত that he was 'honoured' that the centre was name after him.But in a newspaper interview 2 days before he told the journalist that in fact he hated school and that he used to be a rebel.

He didn't use to do the homework-'there was far too much'-and he was continually at war with the teachers.He used to break the rules all the time,especially rules he thought...
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posted by mitchie19
In a town called Millrace, there were two Japanese teenagers named Keiko and Hideki. They’ve known each other their whole lives. They’ve been faithful, loyal and kept each others secrets. But they’ve never planned of falling in love.
When midnight came, Keiko left her Grandmother’s house to meet with Hideki in the mountains.
“Come on, Hideki! You’re slower than a turtle!” Keiko halfway joked while climbing the mountain with him. “Am not,” Hideki scoffed. “I can see the view already, we’re almost there!” Keiko added excitedly. When they reached the শীর্ষ of the mountain,...
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posted by Cries_Bloodlova
Part one
Laughter filled the air as I ate the last reminders of রুটি with the প্রণয় of my life. Iza Reffile. We sat outside on the corner away from most people like the way we always did. It was moments like this that I wish would last forever. But they don’t. Iza was a very shy the girl who never ব্যক্ত a word to anybody not even me. I remember the night that we met. a cold rain fell. I was walking from the bakery. it was late at night. Most people where in there beds asleep. When I start to here yelling.
The yelling was vicious and loud. Then a little girl about four years younger then...
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posted by ZekiYuro
When আপনি Have To Choose Between 2 Possibilities:

1.Take your time.The most important thing is not to make a decision in a hurry.

2.Make a তালিকা of the positive and negative points for both opinions.Then decide which points are most important and compare the two lists.

3.If আপনি ask other people for their advice,don't ask আরো than 1 অথবা 2.If আপনি ask a lot of people,this will probably confuse you.

4.Use your imagination to help you.Imagine yourself in both situations.How do আপনি feel?Relaxed অথবা stressed?

5.When you've made a decision,wait a bit before আপনি tell other people,to see how আপনি feel.If আপনি feel comfortable with your decision after an hour,you have probably made the right decision.

6.Finally,remember that আপনি can't have everything.Choosing one of two possibilities always means that আপনি can't have the one আপনি didn't choose.And it's impossible to always make the right decision!
posted by breebree446
 1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
First Person

First person লেখা is when the characters is speaking directly toward another person(You). আপনি use words like "I", "Mine", "We", "Us." The character is telling the story to আপনি themselves.

Second Person

Third person is the exact opposite. Instead of the character talking to you, the narrator is talking about the character. Your main words are "You", and "Your."

Third Person

Third person is almost similar to সেকেন্ড person. The narrator is talking to you, but instead they use words like "He", "She", "It", and "They." Third person বই often have the most detail.

For আরো detailed descriptions, go to: link
posted by cullens-rule
the crystal night
Chapter 3 the meeting

I woke the পরবর্তি morning feeling dreadful I had a headache and I was still exhausted even though I had slept in.
I got up and headed for the bathroom to find it locked so went back to my room and changed into my light blue fleas and jeans, I opened the curtains and the window, I gazed out to the forest feeling empty hoping he would be their and as I thought he was nowhere is sight, I herd the lock relies on the bathroom and grabbed a towel.
Once I had finished drying and brushing my heir I took the towel downstairs and put it in the wash pile mum came into...
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posted by mrs-mindfreak
Meredith sat up in the middle of the night screaming. Again. She felt tears wet her eyes at another miserable attempt at sleep. She wanted to pull her sore eyes from her sockets. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stay asleep. She wasn’t going to get any আরো sleep tonight, and Meredith knew that. She pulled off the sheets and slowly stood up. She wobbled slightly and held her head. These nightmares were going to be the death of her.
    Meredith crept down the hall and into the রান্নাঘর for a little snack. Maybe some warm দুধ would put her to sleep. She reached...
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posted by 7seablue7
Episode 1~ We meet again, setting hotel in New york (Hilton) বছর 1982. Scean1
---------------------------------------------------------------Micheal: well we're here guys...... guys
hey what are yall lookin at?
Marlon: check out theses girls at the pool over
there... (practically drooling)

Michael : all আপনি do is watch girls all the time man.. come on.

Jermaine;yeah marlon( laughing) although they cut
Michael: now আপনি too Jermaine( annoyed)

Jermaine:Mic আপনি can't lie to your self they look good.
Michael:your right.... they do (sighing) we gotta
hurry up and cheek into our rooms so we can get ready...
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posted by LialSanders
A bead of sweat rolls down my face and splashes softly on the ground below me. My chest rises and falls softly. I breath in and ex hail. The grey sky above me mimics my mood. Thunder booms and lightning bolts threw the air. I ক্রুশ my legs, put my hands on my knees and begin to meditate. রঙ flash threw my brain, visions fill my mind. My eyes snap open and I see a ghostly figure hovering in front of me.
It's a child. A young girl, 8 years of age at the most. She draws me towards her with a tiny pointer finger. My soul escapes my body and flies threw the night... the little girl holding my...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Tobias Kellerman
Basics: Age 17, Born April 23, 1968. Lives in Berlin, Germany
Brown hair, blue gray eyes.

What is your happiest memory?
My happiest memory was when we moved to Friedrichshain. My dad got a promotion and we had to move. That is when I met Ivonne. We grew up together and we have really been best friends.

What don’t আপনি want anyone to find out about you?
I would do just about anything to get Daniela to be my girlfriend. We've been dating but I want a আরো committed relationship with her. That is kind of scary since her father is head of the local Stasi.

What is the best part of your...
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posted by hgfan5602
I'm up all the time now.
Head up
Shoulders back
Legs slightly apart
Back straight.

I walk into the exam room,
Knowing inside my heart
That the ones who fear
Are the ones who do not succeed.

I sit down.
I start my song
Of utmost elegance.

I use all my power
And strength.
I use all the dynamics in the world,
I use everything everyone's brought me.
I use all the good that everyone
Has প্রদত্ত me
In my life.

Time goes slowly by.
I feel myself going along with the beat.
I am entranced in my own song.
It feels better than ever before.

I am done.
I walk over to the judges,
Shaking each hand.
I feel a sense of pride in my heart,
Knowing that I have done it now.
I truly have.
My only escape
Where for once my arms that are too pale and scrawny bend perfectly
Where I feel perfect
This is where my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

Where my legs that are too chubby অথবা fat kick so strong
I feel perfect
This is the place my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

Where pain only makes me only go faster

Where my face that's not pretty in never seen
Hidden in waves that make me feel free
This is the place my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

When I used to stab myself with needles
And let the blood bleed out
Suddenly is the last thing on my mind
And when I do spill blood
It's only on the days my mom says I can't go
To the water
Where my spirit will stay
When my body grows old and dies away
posted by coriann
I wish I had a best friend, her face was as sweet as honey, mixed with molasses and cane sugar, and vanilla extract with almonds sprinkled on top.

Her voice was like roses, blooming out of a fresh garden, and for each word, one flower, at least that’s how I pictured it. And just as the sweet smell of the ফুলেরডালি draw the bees nearer, so they could suck the nectar, so her voice drew me nearer with her fragrant words and perfect English, and mellow sound…yes…mellow. Nearer to her tongue, so I could suck the sweet nectar off that as well.

Her hair was like golden sunlight, reflecting off the...
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

    From the moment your born somewhere out there আপনি have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same হৃদয় strings as আপনি and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep আপনি apart from one another...But what if my one true প্রণয় isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him অথবা her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
    My name is Sunflower I was born on the...
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