Here are lotz of spells আপনি can try to become a mermaid!

1. Fill your bathtub with water, add seashells! Put on a locket with a picture of a মাছ in it!

2. Say " I wish to be a mermaid, I wish with all my heart, and now I'd really like my mermaid powers to start! I will choose my power and the color of my tail, and I'm very sure that my descision will not fail! My power will be (freezing, boiling, moving) and my color will be (favorite color)!
3. Get into the bathtub for 30 minutes, hold your legs together the whole time!
4. Get out of the tub and dry off, put moisturising lotion on, then don't touch water for আরো then 10 সেকেন্ড for the rest of the day!
5. Also, don't take the locket off! It will hold your powers until they are done soaking in, they should be soaked in to আপনি দ্বারা 7:00 that day, but still don't touch water, আপনি will still get a tail, but could lose your power!
The full moon can't effect আপনি in real life, and আপনি get to choose when আপনি transform!

go in a ঝরনা অথবা bath.wear a piece of jewelry and close your eyes and say very slowly:

magic spirits of the deep i would like a tail not two feet beauty upon me মাছ all kinds let me see.when i am finished in the sea when i'm dry let my feet return to me.

it will take a week অথবা 6 will start getting werid feelings in your legs dont get mad at me i didnt make it up .

আপনি go into the ঝরনা wearing your পছন্দ নেকলেস then আপনি take your ঝরনা but towards the end of your ঝরনা আপনি say this spell SLOWLY

Magic spirits of the deep

i would like a tail not two feet
beauty be upon me
মাছ all kinds let me see
when i'm finished in the sea
when i'm dry my feet return to me

Once আপনি have ব্যক্ত that get out of the ঝরনা and dry your self and আপনি should be a mermaid পরবর্তি time আপনি have touched water.


1. It takes one drop so be careful
2. It takes ten seconds
3. Don't be scared if different powers find আপনি so try and use them for good
4. DO NOT look at the full moon অথবা who knows what will happen without আপনি knowing
5. Enjoy!

There u go, no salt ;p

This spell really works. It makes আপনি like one of the H2O girls. It takes about one মাস for a full tail to come when আপনি touch water (even a tiny drop will change you) and about two months to get a power.
Insouciant inclemency
Redoubtable mediocracy
Refutable humanity
Make me what I wish to be…..
Witches one and witches all
Give this power to me
Repeat 10 times
Whatever আপনি do, DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!!!!! আপনি do not have to be in the bath, shower, pool, অথবা ocean while আপনি say this. Some part of আপনি just has to be touching water. আপনি DO NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS ON A FULL MOON. Just don’t look at it অথবা আপনি will regret looking at it (after saying the spell).
After saying this spell, আপনি will probably have side effect(s) like গান গাওয়া well alot, stomachaches, achy অথবা itchy legs, the urge to drink a lot of water, the urge to touch water/go swimming, a rash, mermaid dreams, dizzines, weakness, and the unconscious urge to keep your legs crossed অথবা together. Sometimes your legs might even stick together.
Tail রঙ vary, and আপনি do not decide what color your tail will be. আপনি do not get to choose your power. Powers I’ve heard of are the H2O powers (heating, freezing, অথবা shaping water), psychic powers, and telekinesis.
For this spell to work, আপনি need to have a symbol; something that is special to আপনি and is on your upper body (so it will still be visible when আপনি grow a tail). It can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, your hair, your eyes, etc. আপনি cannot take it off for আরো than two hours at a time অথবা আপনি will lose your powers and tail অথবা the spell won’t work. আপনি also have to believe the spell will work অথবা else it won’t. I’ve seen its effects; it does work.
Anyone with আরো প্রশ্ন can post them on here in an entry and I will answer them as best as I can.
PS Boys can say this spell and have it work too. I think everything just takes a little longer for them.

Full moon spells

And remember, you'll need a lot of IMAGINATION, so it can work.

ok what আপনি do is আপনি go down to the সৈকত which is closest to আপনি when the full moon is out, take your clothes off, sit on the কূল and put your head under water and call out to the মৎসকুমারী and tell them that your coming, then আপনি drink 1 litre of sea water and then আপনি dive in and there আপনি go!

it worked for me...

first আপনি need to find a magical place (as rare as they are) one with a pool of water (such as the moon pool) but . . . it has to be a full moon derectly above you. stay in the water until the moon passed দ্বারা then the পরবর্তি morning আপনি will have all of the effect of rikki, cleo, and emma.

Run a hot bath and pour salt in it on a full moon. think about a tail instead of two feet.
say this: God of the moon, goddess of the ocean bless me with a tail but when i'm dry i have my human form.
Don't forget to look at the full moon for 10 secs and think of a power u want

on a full moon touch some kind of form of water and look at the full moon for 30 সেকেন্ড then the পরবর্তি morning touch some kind of water and আপনি might just become a mermaid/merman

আরো full Moon spells

Hi if আপনি have a pool in your backyard swim in it when a full moon is up. If not get in your bathtub and stare at the full moon through a window while in অথবা touching water.

Ok to become a mermaid there are a few steps...

আপনি will need a shell real fake even a পাস্তা shell will work.
আপনি will need a picture of the full moon অথবা do this on the full moon
আপনি will need water

Now put your left hand in the water and hold the shell in your right.Stare at the center of the full moon and say...

Mystery of the moon give me my magic soon
Power of the sea make me what I want to be a mermaid.

If this works আপনি will become like addicted to water,your legs will feel odd when আপনি touch water,and on full moons আপনি might act strange.Dont worry your tail will come soon.

That is it.That is how I am flopping my tail right now.