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posted by Tia4
Most Irritating Moments
- Morning Alarm
Most Difficult Task
- To find Socks
Most Dreadful Journey
- Way to Class
Most Lovely Time
- Meeting Friends
Most Tragic Moments
- Surprise Test in 1st Period
Most Wonderful News

Maybe this happens with everyone.Nobody likes school life but it get interesting with our বন্ধু playing tricks with others,not doing homework,tests ect.We learn lots of things from school and we doesn't know how time get pass spending time with our friends.
It's fun.
He woke up with a jump.

Dammit. Not again.

He had been dreaming about her. It happened every time he thought he was getting better. It seemed like she didn’t want to be forgotten. She kept finding her way into his mind. He sat up in the dark, shaking. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the বিছানা for a while again. Too many memories there. Too many thoughts of her wrapped around him under the covers. He couldn’t handle it. Once she got into his head, it took weeks for him to drive her out again.

He went out into the রান্নাঘর and got some water. Then he stared at his reflection in the window...
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Are আপনি bored? Despretly trying to find something on Google, but everytime আপনি serch something innoceont weird and gross stuff just overflows your computor screen? Well, যোগদান this লেখা compeition! I will তালিকা five যেভাবে খুশী genres and themes I pulled from a hat and all আপনি have to do is write a short story from a genre অথবা theme of your choice but it has to be one of the five. The compeition will run from November 07 2011 - November 21. Voting will start from November 21 - November 31.

1. Mystery
2. অনুরাগী Fiction (Lucky You!)
3. Sci-Fi
4. Children's
5. Drama

As I said, there random.

1. Magic
2. Sacrifice
3. True Story
4. Childhood
5. জীবন্ত (For অনুরাগী Fiction)
Just Post Your Entry on ফ্যানপপ and ur good to go!

The winner will recive 10 শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য and 5 runners up will recive 3 props. :P
Once upon a time there was a girl named Evangeline Lovesky and all she wanted was to have friends, but no one wanted to be her friend because she was a princess and they thought that if they made her angry she would have them killed. But she was very nice and would not. Evangeline was about 5' tall and was 13 years old and has beautiful golden hair about to her waist. One দিন she was bored an decided to take a walk. She walked all the way from the castle, past the market, and all the way to a small corner of houses surrounded দ্বারা fields. These were the farmers houses, though the farmers were...
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Dear Alex,

My last letter didn't do justice to the hurt আপনি did. Not even slightly.

For days, I would lock myself in the bathroom at lunch, and be afraid of the teasing I was subject to when I came out. Your বন্ধু were all idiots, আপনি know that? Stealing your phone, texting me and making me feel like I had a chance.

In our last argument, আপনি told me I lie too much. Yeah right. Everybody lies. Even you.

At one point, the pain built up, and I just had to let it pour. I hid in my room, just crying and wishing I had aimed my affection at my schoolwork, not some jerk who ruined my life.

Then, you...
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posted by PenelopeWolf1
The Gregindorf Prophecies

"Marinsa," Whispered Yanzo Jamleaf. "Where are আপনি hiding?" Yanzo was looking for his friend and leader Marinsa Jackson. She had been in hiding for so long that Yanzo didnt know where she might be.
Marisa had hair so white it looked like a cloud, and eyes so green it looked like a forest. She was small but was fierce.
Yanzo was the opposite; He had black shaggy hair, blue eyes that looked like electric and was tall.
Yanzo heard a crack of leaves and a twig. He turned and saw Marinsa walking towards him.
"Hello my old friend," She ব্যক্ত with a small smile.
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"This is beautiful!" Aiko breathed. Elaine beamed and laughed, "I knew you'd প্রণয় it!" Elaine had called Aiko's apartment at five in the morning, telling her (well, আরো like yelling at her) to come to a spot in the park. In that spot was a bench facing a brilliant, crystal-clear waterfall that flowed around the bench like a sparkling moat. An authentic wooden bridge with white and blue ফুলেরসাজি woven in the railings connected the park with the solitary bench.
"We're going to meet your brother in such a beautiful place?" Aiko gaped.
"Yeah!" Elaine exclaimed, flopping down on the bench and grinning...
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posted by ButteBaby_K
 An image found that somewhat looks like the image of Phim I had in my head. ")
An image found that somewhat looks like the image of Phim I had in my head. ")
Chapter 1: হারিয়ে গেছে in my own world of thought, a common occurrence, the rain left me like always. I remained standing moving with breeze, as the rain receded leaving me pondering my thoughts. I smiled to myself. Ilias, my name was derived from his. I was born in a great time of sorrow, called Ravasn; for that was the name of death, which there was much of nearly 15 years পূর্বে on the দিন of my beginning. A massive drought had plagued Phim for 7 years for the rain spirit was greatly wounded দ্বারা the indecency of my people. They had হারিয়ে গেছে his trust and his respect, and I was the solution. My mother had...
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posted by inexplicable
I would never have thought that I would ever be here again.
But it still had come to that anyway. I was in the first floor of my old school which I have attended four years পূর্বে again. It was still the same. Only the doors were painted newly the corridor, the walls. I heard noises from the gymnasium. I circulated to the third floor to look whether the theater group listed there today. I passed দ্বারা the keep fit room, where I still had had lessons four years পূর্বে once and I had got back the feeling for a short moment to be I myself. How it still have been me four years পূর্বে and HE was the only one...
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He kissed আপনি slowly, and the feeling of প্রণয় drowned your senses. A hug. A kiss. And আপনি went further on.

You walk home, feeling amazing, beautiful, wonderful and every other feeling of happiness and love. The sky seems full of joy and the blue is blinding. The clouds have mixed shapes and sizes, each much আরো different than the other.

You enter your room and sit at the warmest corner in your room and smile at the thoughts of that special someone. Then your eyes blacken out.

Death. Hate. Depression. Bitterness. Sorrow. Murder.

You shake your head at the thoughts and push try to push them out....
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posted by harold
Abel finally made it to the coast just before sundown. দ্বারা the time he'd used the restroom and grabbed a bite to eat at the local burger joint, the dusk was so dark that stars were already pricking the night sky.

Cece had ব্যক্ত she'd meet him at the beach, and he hoped he wasn't too late; she'd sounded excited on the phone, which he'd interpreted as eagerness. Ditching work at the first opportunity, Abel had jumped in his car and started driving. Frustrated at not finding her, Abel chided himself for his idiotic rush to meet his ex-girlfriend as he redialed her number...no response, not even...
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I winded the car window down; I could smell the fresh air, it was peaceful. My name is Katelyn Peers, I’m sixteen years old and I have never met my parents. The only family member I have ever known is my brother, Sam, he is my age, his my twin and usually twins are meant to have a bond, there is no bond for us, the only reason he puts up with me is because of our father, I have never met him, but Sam has, and for some reason he has respect for the man. I used to go to Down ক্রুশ academy for girls that were until I ran away a বছর পূর্বে with Sam. I turned to see Sam driving the car; his long...
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A Confident Screenwriter Doesn’t Brag That Their Script Will Make Millions দ্বারা Lee Jessup at Story Expo via link For আরো videos, please visit link
women writers
How Does A Writer Distinguish A Movie Idea From A টেলিভিশন Idea? দ্বারা John Truby via www.FilmCourage.com.
john truby
টেলিভিশন লেখা
How To Write A Cliffhanger For A টেলিভিশন প্রদর্শনী দ্বারা John Truby via www.FilmCourage.com.
টেলিভিশন screenwriting
john truby
Writers use sentence fragments for emphasis and other stylistic reasons, but over using incomplete sentences confuses the reader. আপনি also should avoid incomplete sentences in academic অথবা professional writing. The three major components of a complete sentence are a subject, verb and complete idea

Check for Grammatical Completeness

The two basic components of a complete sentence are a subject and a verb. Although these two things don't always make a complete sentence, grammatical completeness is a good place to start to avoid incomplete sentences. The verb is the action that takes place, and...
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posted by disneyworld007
Swing, Batter, Batter, Swing!
Putting my weight on my right foot, the foot closest to the catcher. Leaning back re-gripping my bat. I watched as that black haired pitcher powered up her pitch, rocking back and forth on her heals, taking in her দস্তানা now to her side and starting the wind-up. 'This is it,' I thought to myself, now taking the best grip on my bat, 2 balls and 2 strikes have passed দ্বারা this plate and I am not letting this pitcher strike me out, অথবা walk me! I got ready the ball was realeased, and I heard the 'ump' say "Ball Outside".
I stepped out of the batters box, and took a couple...
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posted by Me_Iz_Here
Depressing, COMPLETELY FICTIONAL story I wrote.

“My mother ruined my life.” আপনি hear girls say that all the time. It’s never true. Unless আপনি ask me. My mother truly ruined my life. Not in the way আপনি would expect a sixteen বছর old girl to say that. I genuinely meant it.
I remember sobbing that day. When we got back from the doctor, sobbing my eyes out. I hated her. I hated my mother with a passion.
I looked down at my newly flat stomach. I missed the bump there. The bump that I had indicating an unborn child. The child that I loved and vowed to care for. Until my fucking mother made...
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I’m attacked দ্বারা a demon puppy
I was sitting on the floating dock at সীল Harbor Beach. I came here to think. This dock usually floated at high tide but it was low tide so the dock was just sitting on the sand. The smells of low tide floated into my nose. I had grown accustom to this smell, seeing as though I came here very often. It was the smell of মাছ and lobster.

Today, I had come here to wonder what was wrong with my life. My mother had died when I was 2 years old so I was too young to remember, but every night I strained all the energy out of my brain trying to remember her....
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There’s this chick called Princess Alyssia Renesmee III (Alyss). She’s the princess (obviously :). At the start she has a best friend who she’s been বন্ধু with since they were শিশুরা called Charlotte. She ended up being her maidservant though coz her parents were killed. Alyss lives in the দুর্গ with her parents the king and কুইন (obviously) and boyfriend/ fiancé, James. He keeps knicken off on ‘business’. Alyss doesn’t actually suspect anything, she’s just sad that she never gets to see him. She’s also known him since they were really little, and she’s supposed to marry...
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posted by summerfrogs_bro
One দিন I was walking down the রাস্তা no one was there. I was scared I just kept walking I looked around the corner I felt a wisp of cold go down my back i looked around again because I knew there was something there I went প্রথমপাতা and went to bed. I woke up the পরবর্তি morning I watched the window all morning I didn't care about school I was a loser anyway and the teachers hated me. I swear there was too many things wrong with me to go to school and my name is Raiden I know its so stupid is means thunder god in Japanese I mean it's so stupid but it was my great great great grandfathers name and...
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