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Sorry if this isn't very good!

অ্যাঞ্জেল was so excited, her best best বন্ধু were coming for her birthday sleepover at five o clock! Time crept slowly to ten past five and still not a single soul in sight! Suddenly her little sister Summer shouted “Ha Ha they're not coming they hate আপনি so much!” অ্যাঞ্জেল ran upstairs weeping and charged desperately into her sister Friday's room.

“Was Summer being mean to আপনি again?” asked Friday
“Yes, she ব্যক্ত that my বন্ধু weren't coming because they hate me and that's not true!”
“Don't worry its only because she is jealous about আপনি having the best sleepover ever”said Friday
Suddenly অ্যাঞ্জেল heard a knock at the door “I'll get it!” she called out. As soon as she opened the door Yvonne started গান গাওয়া happy birthday and was holding a large oval shaped present neatly wrapped up in sparkly purple paper. অ্যাঞ্জেল and Yvonne hugged and while they were doing so Tillie appeared holding a square box covered in 'Happy Birthday' paper. They were all catching up on gossip when the ঘণ্টা rang “That must be Aliona!” shouted Yvonne and they all ran to the door. “Hello people!” Aliona shouted in her excited American voice.
“I hope you've all remembered your swimming costumes because after চা we're going for a swim in the lake!” exclaimed Angel
“Right time for the presents!” দেবদূত mum গাঁদা ফুল shouted. First of all অ্যাঞ্জেল opened Tillie's present which was a short book and a ফুল craft set. Then she opened Aliona's, which was an art box with pencils and charcoal all neatly in রামধনু order.
“Oh thank আপনি Aliona! I have been wanting this for ages!”
“Your pleasure” ব্যক্ত Aliona feeling pleased that অ্যাঞ্জেল had liked her gift.
“Mine পরবর্তি mine next!” shouted Yvonne. Yvonne's gift turned out to be a massive tub of sequins, beads and lots of arty things.
“Oh thanks Yvonne!”

After their magnificent party চা the girls went to the lake near Angel's house. “I'll be first in!” Aliona shouted. So Aliona jumped in the lake and screamed at the temperature. The others were too scared so they just left Aliona in there. “I'll try and touch the bottom then” Aliona said. Aliona ducked down sticking her feet in the air and sticking an arm up over the শীর্ষ of the water, waving. A few সেকেন্ড later Angel, Tillie and Yvonne heard some splashing and saw some bubbles where Aliona had gone down. “She must of reached the bottom!” Tillie shouted excitedly. A number of সেকেন্ড passed and still no sign of Aliona!
“Where is she?” asked Angel

They waited.
“It's been over nine মিনিট now!” Tillie shouted, almost in tears.
“What are we going to do?” asked Yvonne who was the smartest of the lot. It was bad news if she couldn't even think of an idea. “We can't exactly tell Angel's Mum, she'll go ballistic!”
“And so will Aliona's parents! They'll never want to see us again!” Things were looking very bad for the girls and they still didn't know what to do.
“Right I'm going in!” cried Yvonne “What? We cant just stand here and do nothing!”
“Y...v..v..v..vonne's right” stammered Tillie who was in tears now “We have to help A..A..Aliona!”
“Right” Yvonne declared “It was nice knowing আপনি guys!” she hugged both of them and jumped in. Tillie and অ্যাঞ্জেল burst into floods of tears. It was bad enough losing one best friend let alone two!
“Yvonne shouldn't of followed Aliona down there, it could be dangerous!” exclaimed অ্যাঞ্জেল (The
worrier of the group). It was getting dark and the two girls who were still dry were very very worried! It had been over 11 মিনিট since Yvonne had jumped in and 18 since Aliona had disappeared! “Lets go inside and get Mum!” অ্যাঞ্জেল suddenly decided after lots of pondering. “She'll know what to do!”
“But what if they come back up?!” অ্যাঞ্জেল cried “I'll stay here!”

So Tillie went pelting back towards the house, faster and faster, when she saw a hooded figure in the distance. For a বিভক্ত করা সেকেন্ড she thought it was Angel's Mum but no, it couldn't have been. For Angel's Mum didn't have fiery red hair. Angel's Mum wasn't that tall. Tillie slipped out a small scream. Her legs had frozen. She didn't know why, she didn't know how. The hooded figure turned. It had a chalky white face. Tillie felt her হৃদয় freeze.
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Chapter One
A discovery
Two years later
"Come on, আপনি three, hurry up! We have to get this project done fast!" ব্যক্ত Lori. "Lori! Slow down! We aren't as fast as you!" ব্যক্ত Jesse. Lori Lopez, Jesse Martin, Nina Boyce, and রশ্মি Martinez are four best freinds who are all 14, and have superpowers. "Finally! We're here!" ব্যক্ত Nina. For their summer project, they were going to explore the old factory on the শীর্ষ of Higgins hill. Once they were inside, they found a room labled 'freeze room' they looked inside the window. "There are people in here!" ব্যক্ত Ray. Lori pushed the 'defrost' button. They could...
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I went back into the steamy kitchen. Chefs everywhere making different kinds of hamburgers. What am I doing in the hot kitchen? I'm grabbing plates of food. I'm a waitress at Reynolds Diner, a retro 50's diner. It's very popular, and always is busy. . . Like right now! It was hard getting this job, seeing as আপনি have to be people friendly, make sure not to spill the food, and having a good memory.
"Excuse me miss, can I have a refill of Coke?" A lady asked me. I nodded my head, and smiled at her.
It was nice working here, seeing as I get paid a nice amount of money, and see a celebrity অথবা a few....
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I shouldn’t have shot the dog. I definitely shouldn’t have shot the dog. Even if he did chew upon my prized drumsticks, and feast upon my freshly-baked brownies. The little white-and-brown terror, Mickey, belonged to my neighbor. My neighbor, an 87-year-old chain-smoker named Mary, rarely left the confines of her living room. She sat, দিন in and দিন out, as her precious mutts wreaked havoc about the neighborhood.
You can see it! My house, the little beasts have chewed upon everything their gnashing, tiny, sharp little teeth could find. I did my best to keep them out, but the little bastards...
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The Chipmunks and Chipettes:I......
I mean you....

Eleanor:You guys are in drama club too??!!

Simon:You girls are in drama club too??!!

Brittany:We never noticed even আপনি guys were in
drama club too!

Alvin:Well,we never even noticed আপনি girls were in
drama club too!

Ms.Christina:Everybody,please quiet.Now,I have some good news for you.Ok,next week,you will all be taking audition for the school's সঙ্গীত mania.There's a note on the notice board.Those who are interested for auditioning,please sign your name on the note.OK!!!That's all for drama club.Goodbye,club.

(At the school entrance)

Alvin:Isn't it...
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He leads me
in the paths that are right
আপনি are my friend
I have courage,
for your help is there
আপনি are close beside me with comfort,
আপনি are guiding my way
আপনি make me welcome,
Pouring down honor
This joy fills me with gladness
Your goodness always is with me
Your loving kindness strengthens me always
as I go through life.

They are pouring down honor
For your achievements
It fills me with pride
At your success
আপনি are আরো than deserving
Of such attention
I am so happy for আপনি
And am proud to know আপনি and call আপনি friend.
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 Artwork দ্বারা me
Artwork by me
Who are আপনি to judge?
Sitting right where আপনি are
আপনি have no claim on me

I know my own path
I am my own guide
আপনি are nothing to me
No matter how আপনি try

What do আপনি care?
If I'm not doing it right
I'm not following you

I know my own path
I am my own guide
আপনি don't know me
No matter how আপনি try

Why are আপনি here?
আপনি know I don't want you
I told আপনি to leave me

I am my own path
I know my own guide
আপনি can't mold me
No matter how আপনি try

Why do I feel compelled to write angsty poetry? I swear I'm not even that angsty. হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ Oh well, I hope someone out there enjoys it.
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He has আগুন in his eyes.

Burning, flaming, blazing with his fury,
But not at me,
Never at me,
For I am his love,
The one he holds above
All others. His fury
Is for those who would harm me,
Who would dare to bring তিক্ত tears to my eyes.
They alone see the full fury of his fire.

He has আগুন in his eyes.

They sparkle when he smiles,
Crackling আগুন behind dark irises.
They are beautiful because of the firelight behind them.
What is he thinking of as he smiles at me,
The flames in his eyes gleaming brightly?
He's thinking of the thing we both hold dear,
The treasured, precious প্রণয় we share.

He has আগুন in his...
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Another দিন at another life, I thought to myself as I walked home. I won’t go all এমো স্টাইল about it and tell আপনি my life sucks, because to আপনি it would most likely be heaven. My family is rich, I am in the জনপ্রিয় group every girl in my school is obsessed with my brother. Everything about me is picture perfect, my looks. I have wavy blonde hair to die for; my eyes were very light green almost yellow. I was slender I had always been. And to শীর্ষ it all I have a jock boyfriend, I know how cliché. I let out a deep sigh once I looked at the clock, it was nearly...
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How men first learnt to invent words is unknown;in other words,the origin of language is a mystery.All we really know is that men,unlike animals,somehow invented certain sounds to express thoughts and feelings,actions and things so that they could communicate with each other;and that later they agreed to certain signs,called letters,which could be combined to represent those sounds,and which could be written down.These sounds,if spoken অথবা written in letters,are called words.

Great writers are those who not only have great thoughts but also express these thoughts in words that appeal powerfully to our minds and emotions.This charming and telling use of words is what we call literary prose.Above all,the real poet is a master of words.He can convey his meaning in words which sing like music,and which দ্বারা their position and association can break men to tears.We should,therefore,learn to choose our words carefully,or they will make our speech silly and vulgar.
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Chapter Four

Olivia was extra busy today. Today was the first দিন of the movie shoot for Hourglass. Before they could even start recording the movie, the would have to check up on everything. The wardrobe had to perfect. The scenes had to be accurately planned out. Then they had to make sure that all of the camera crew was positioned. Olivia wouldn't be able to receive the permits until tomorrow. So they couldn't start filming until then. She followed closely behind Mason as he did the daily check up.

Mason went straight towards wardrobe and the outfit choices. The outfit for Charlotte's arrival...
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