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posted by SueLuvsVJ101
 The leader, Miranda, looking like she stepped from a 17 magizine, as always.
The leader, Miranda, looking like she stepped from a 17 magizine, as always.
I watched the 'It' girls stride down the hall. They smiled their perfect, white toothed smiles at cute senior boys, who of course drooled and practicially fell over. The way they looked, you'd think they owned the school. The leader, Miranda, pulled out her perfectly intact iPhone with its blinged out পরাকাষ্ঠা case, and texted quickly, lavender thumbs tapping the screen. Her crew, Kristen and Lillianna, dutifully following like সারমেয় on leashes. Miranda was a beautifully devious, and knew how to make it hurt HARD. Lillianna wasn't much for saying anything, anything NICE, that is. And of course,...
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posted by para-scence
"We've got to tell Mom," I ব্যক্ত quickly. "She'll get Matt to actually pay it this time." I hoped I was right. He would, wouldn't he? He couldn't just let his girlfriend suffer. I picked up Auburn, and Sage held my hand as the five of us set out to Matt's house.

It was dark, and I was getting really anxious. During the day, the neighborhood was fine. But during the night... it was frightening. This place turned into a battle ground; shootings everywhere. It hasn't been so bad lately. The cops got rid of most of them. But আপনি could never be too careful.

Matt's house was bigger than ours; it had...
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posted by earthangel
    Hug me, I said.
    He did.
    Hug me harder, I say.
    He does.
    A little more, I urge.
    The grip tightens.
    Thank you, I said, humbly.
    He just rocks me.
    I bury my face in his grey scarf, breath in, breath in, breath in. It smells like him, I think. The fresh smell of rain and the rarest drop of sunshine. His love, his warmth. Lord, it smells...
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posted by para-scence
I got home, where Reed was at the রান্নাঘর টেবিল playing poker with some বন্ধু and smoking. I walked up to the টেবিল and threw the bag onto the table. His বন্ধু all looked at it, gaping. Reed laughed.

"Good job, baby sister!" he said. He took the bag and inspected it. I smiled at his praise. He looked up at me and smiled. "But shouldn't আপনি be at school? If Nikolai finds out he'll bust your head in."

"So don't let him find out," I ব্যক্ত like it was an obvious answer. His buddies laughed. Reed shook his head at me, but a smile still played on his lips. He threw the bag back at me.

"Well then,...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
December 14, 1941. I, Chanhassen Dobbins, am a young thirteen year-old girl that is living in New York City. "Chanhassen Marie Dobbins!" My mother calls me. In my gray nightgown, I make my warm বিছানা neatly. "Sometimes, I wish I was younger." I mumble to myself. As I change into my regular attire, I open the chipped wooden door from my bedroom and follow my mother's voice. Walking down the dark brown staircase, I see my mother sitting at the রান্নাঘর টেবিল drinking milk. "Ahhhh...! Chanhassen! Lydia wanted আপনি to meet her in her father's cafe." She takes a sipof the mug with her chapped tan lips....
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posted by Insight357
I sat on a black, leather couch, starring at the deep blue walls. I was in Alexander’s office, for my appointment. I’d come here straight from the cathedral. My hair was tangled, and messy. I still wore plaid pajama bottoms, and an old, gray tee shirt.
    I came to a realization last night. Today, I would make my move. I have done enough to hold my own. Now I could be happy…Maybe.
    I debated whether, অথবা not I should tell Alexander about Lucy. Dr. Anozi would’ve liked the idea, but I’m not sure about Dr. Laveney.
    I also...
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posted by Insight357
I saw black sneakers with purple shoestrings. Then tight black pants. পরবর্তি a draping black shirt, with small hands covered দ্বারা fingerless, leather gloves. A ক্রুশ choker sat at the base of her neck. My eyes then fell upon hers. Those eyes, those piercing blue eyes, somewhat similar to my own. The black hair teased slightly, with choppy, side bangs, covering the outer corner of her right eye. It was the girl, from the hallway. The one who thanked me. I gasped softly.
    “Hello, Lucy,” I ব্যক্ত to her.
    “Hello,” she ব্যক্ত in the same small voice....
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posted by axemnas
World war 2 is over the last of the Nazi airean race that hadn't fled berlin are hiding out avoiding revenge seakers.

Everyone knew Hitler was deep into the অতিপ্রাকৃতিক but few new how deep he was in to it.
But there was a few of the guestopo that were close enough that actually studied it themselves.
It is rumored that Adolf had a shrine to it a complete cathedral dedicated to it covered with different demons and অতিপ্রাকৃতিক beings most tortureing humans which আপনি can imagine what he imagined them it was covered with different astrological signs.
supposedly that shrine has the secret to bring...
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posted by Insight357
    “You did what?!?” Lucifer shouted.
    “You heard me. I got to her first,” Xavier ব্যক্ত with a smug look.
    “I told আপনি that I wouldn’t mind dating her. I thought আপনি would’ve taken the hint,” Lucifer ব্যক্ত exasperatedly.
    “No, I didn’t take the hint, because I like her, too,” ব্যক্ত Xavier.
    “Even Wyatt would’ve understood that hint,” argued Lucifer.
    “Well, Wyatt has known আপনি longer, and he is-” Xavier was interrupted দ্বারা the door slamming...
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posted by orion113
Chapter 1

At the beginning of time, there was nothing. A void existed, one that covered the whole of the earth. Without warning, a tear was made in that void, and through it came a ship, an ark from a distant world. With it came the Creator, who had watched and guided the ship from the dead place it had been made. When he saw the new expanse around him, he formed an idea in his head, and from it shaped the new earth in the form of the old world. That world complete, he gently laid the ship on the new land, and brought forth its passengers, the children of men that had lived and died in the...
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posted by Claudia4599
They always ব্যক্ত that I was a bit mad.

I guess that’s why I hear bumble bees and geckos talking to me, and not about allergies অথবা how to save money on my car insurance.

You see my dad and my mom is traveling the world for fun. My dad got me some teachers just for me so I won’t have to be in school with the normal kids. But I think it would be fun. I could have real বন্ধু instead of no one. Also I could also see some real doctors about some of the things that I think of. They are strange. My fathers doctors say that I am perfectly fine, don’t worry, mentally fine, ect., I don’t believe...
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chapter 3
the party

the ঘণ্টা chimed and we all lead out of the hall, me and becca linked arms as we walked down and i thought to myself after the first day, i had some বন্ধু i was on the cheerleading team,and i had a party to go to tonight. i was acturally really exsited.
i didn't realise how much i was thinking and how much time passed, until i ralised that becca was now talking to tom liam and danny were play fighting and jake was looking down.
"whats up?" i asked quietly just incase.
"i was just thinking " i kept silent to give him time to tell me if he wanted to "i never believed in something...
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have আপনি ever felt like আপনি were trapped in the middle of something and আপনি felt like there was no way out? i have and to tell আপনি my story i have to start from the begining.

chapter one
first sight

i was 16 when i moved to america, it was different not like england it was warmer first and it felt weird i was use to covering up, but would that make me stand out? i looked around from where i was sitting, girls walking round in shorts and vest tops, guys the same yep i was deffenetly going to stand out if i wore my jumper skinnies and ugg boots. then a really depressing thought hit me.
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posted by ilovehouse345
I make mistakes
I mess up
but it was nevr enough
I no longer cry for you
no আরো pain
that means I will no longer stand it
আপনি took my হৃদয় and ran it strait into the planet
now I'm taking control of this relationship
command it
that means I no longer die for
no longer cry for আপনি
no আরো pain
but আপনি always win
as th blood trickles down my arm
I wisper আপনি name into the dark
the pain I went through for you
no longer
is anyone out there
feels like I'm talking o myslelf
feels like I'm going insane
feels crazy
guess I keep talking to myself
why in the world do I feel so alone
nobody but me
I'm on my own
is there anyone out there
that feels just what I feel
guess it's just me.
just to let আপনি know.I'm no sewisidle অথবা crazy.just a kid who's been through alot and has grown up faster
posted by ivanaoshea
Please don't mind if i have somewhere a mistake, english isn't my mother language.
i wrote better stories but only this is on english
i hope আপনি will like it.

In my street, there are many family houses. Some are big and with parking garages and some are living in car on the street. Mine is somewhere in the middle, I have my own room, one bathroom, dad’s room and রান্নাঘর with living room. We don’t have one আরো floor. In the back yard is pool and house for dog. We actually don’t have a dog and every time when I ask my dad, he’s name is Mark:”When are আপনি going to buy me a dog? “And...
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posted by kateeuy
Alise opened her eyes on a beautiful Thursday morning. As she sat up, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and brushed through her long black hair with the tips of her fingernails. She looked at the time on her IPod dock. “Its 7:30, I’m late” yelled Alise as she jumped out of বিছানা and ran to her wardrobe. She pulled out a white button-up ব্লাউজ and a green tartan skirt. She opened the drawers underneath and pulled out a pair of black stockings. Alise quickly go dressed and packed her country road bag. She lived at প্রথমপাতা with her aunty, uncle and her cousin Eliza. Eliza rushed downstairs and...
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posted by HarryPLover
Forever আপনি are mine
Forever I’ll be here
Forever is what আপনি promised
Your হৃদয় is worth nothing
But the your soul is priceless
Forever can be a long time
Forever can be a long time cut short
It’s worth the suffering
It’s worth the sacrifice
To forever be yours
Forever protected দ্বারা your eagle like wings
Forever loved দ্বারা your ocean wide heart
Forever নিরাপদ in your warm embrace
Forever is worth the wait
To be sliced thin
To stuffed thick
Forever is Forever
Forever is Eternity
Forever is a risk
Forever is a chance
Forever is worth the wait
posted by ellie_bellie135
Character Profiling

If আপনি are having trouble downloading the files above, just highlight the text below and copy and paste it onto your পছন্দ text editor.
Profile for:

Basic Description:
Current Information
>family background
>birth place
>history, background
>possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc.
Physical Description
>hair style
>physical condition
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posted by mitchie19
2. B I G D A Y

One, two, three, go! I breathed. My right leg went first up the stairs and then my left leg.
This is it, this is really it. I squealed nervously. “Marhion Angeles Pearson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearson” the school directress announced. I went up the stage. The audience clapped.
I felt like a তারকা on a rise.
I saw Riley on the crowd, my eyes glued to him. Ah! I tripped. The audience gasp some stood up to see if I’m okay some of them laughed and snickered. পাতিহাঁস Cell, the school news anchor video taped my clumsiness, he smiled. I quickly stood up. My cheeks were red, I...
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posted by ChickRiddler
Preface: We were called freaks. Strangers. Mutants. As my claws ripped through the peculiar woman’s skin I thought, “What am I now?” My teeth sunk into her arm. The screech that pierced the air at that moment brought me back to reality, I was human again. I spat the blood out of my mouth and looked around myself. The handsome man was looking at me with terrified eyes.
    “I’m so sorry,” I whispered. Shrinking into myself, I began to run away. The man wouldn’t catch me. But something held me back. I went back to him and reappeared. “Help me.” I wasn’t even sure he heard me I ব্যক্ত it so low. Suddenly, my body couldn’t take the pain. There was a buzzing in my ears, a pounding in my head, and spots in my vision. It was then the darkness swallowed me whole.