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posted by disneyworld007
Okay, well I want to start লেখা a ফ্যান্টাসি Book, and I have come up with a couple starting sentences, but I can't think which one I should start with, please give me your honest opinion on which one I should start with......

1. Mr.Johnson's math class joined together in room B3, and sat down at their desks like any other day, but it was anything but that.

2. Once upon a time, there was a school in Grand Rapids, called St. James and thats where our story begins.

3. The school দিন at St. James in Grand Rapids started out like any other দিন for the kids of Mr. Johnsons math class.

4. Our story begins with room B3, a classroom in St. James in Grand Rapids.
Hi অনুরাগী of Writing! I bet we all experienced Writer's Block before, heck, all writers must have. It's frustrating isn't it? So I devised 5 steps to get rid of it and get rid of it fast. If it doesn't work, devise your own plan, but here's mine.
P.S. If আপনি don't know what Writer's Block is অথবা if আপনি haven't experienced it yet, I'm not giving an explanation so find out what it's like first!

Step 1: Don't Panic
-Panicking অথবা fussing over your running out of inspiration will just make things worse and definitly lead straight to mind blank mode. So just relax and do something else other than writing....
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posted by ivoryphills
Elliot Rhodes sat in her well-worn ডেস্ক chair at her computer, skimming her notepad for the umpteenth time, tapping her pen as her impatience grew. She waited for a story to flow onto her paper, a feat that wasn't foreign to her until last year, when a book she published got her into some scalding water with the nation's minorities and her publisher.

She was lucky that the publisher didn't drop her; she was a Milwaukeean college student, living just below the poverty line, and whatever small sales her বই made was added to her meager income. So there Elliot sat, wishing that something would...
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posted by para-scence
A week later, Blair had gotten us all settled in. I had the one spare bedroom, Kirsten and Sage slept on air mattresses in the other spare bedroom, Paige had a bedroom in the basement, and Mom slept on the pullout couch. Blair and her husband were so nice for taking us in, I'd never be able to thank them enough.

Mom still hadn't found a job. This pleased me, despite our পূর্ববর্তি conversation. I liked it when she was around. She was fun to talk to, and she understood me sometimes. Even if she didn't, she listened to me.

She seemed nicer too, and আরো caring.

Back at home, when she was actually...
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posted by para-scence
"We've got to tell Mom," I ব্যক্ত quickly. "She'll get Matt to actually pay it this time." I hoped I was right. He would, wouldn't he? He couldn't just let his girlfriend suffer. I picked up Auburn, and Sage held my hand as the five of us set out to Matt's house.

It was dark, and I was getting really anxious. During the day, the neighborhood was fine. But during the night... it was frightening. This place turned into a battle ground; shootings everywhere. It hasn't been so bad lately. The cops got rid of most of them. But আপনি could never be too careful.

Matt's house was bigger than ours; it had...
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posted by para-scence
"Thank you, miss. We'll look over your application as soon as we can," the nice receptionist smiled. I nodded thankfully. She eyed me curiously, and glanced at my application. "Um, how old are you?" she asked.

"Twenty two," I said, without breaking a sweat. I'd been prepared for that. I'm actually fifteen, but maybe I could pass for a very short, very young looking adult. She nodded, but since she had no proof I was lying, she let me go. I walked down the streets, the sun beating down on me. I could tell দ্বারা the brightness in the sky, I was late. I picked up the pace, and started running. Dogs...
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posted by para-scence
I got home, where Reed was at the রান্নাঘর টেবিল playing poker with some বন্ধু and smoking. I walked up to the টেবিল and threw the bag onto the table. His বন্ধু all looked at it, gaping. Reed laughed.

"Good job, baby sister!" he said. He took the bag and inspected it. I smiled at his praise. He looked up at me and smiled. "But shouldn't আপনি be at school? If Nikolai finds out he'll bust your head in."

"So don't let him find out," I ব্যক্ত like it was an obvious answer. His buddies laughed. Reed shook his head at me, but a smile still played on his lips. He threw the bag back at me.

"Well then,...
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posted by Insight357
I sat on a black, leather couch, starring at the deep blue walls. I was in Alexander’s office, for my appointment. I’d come here straight from the cathedral. My hair was tangled, and messy. I still wore plaid pajama bottoms, and an old, gray tee shirt.
    I came to a realization last night. Today, I would make my move. I have done enough to hold my own. Now I could be happy…Maybe.
    I debated whether, অথবা not I should tell Alexander about Lucy. Dr. Anozi would’ve liked the idea, but I’m not sure about Dr. Laveney.
    I also...
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posted by Insight357
I saw black sneakers with purple shoestrings. Then tight black pants. পরবর্তি a draping black shirt, with small hands covered দ্বারা fingerless, leather gloves. A ক্রুশ choker sat at the base of her neck. My eyes then fell upon hers. Those eyes, those piercing blue eyes, somewhat similar to my own. The black hair teased slightly, with choppy, side bangs, covering the outer corner of her right eye. It was the girl, from the hallway. The one who thanked me. I gasped softly.
    “Hello, Lucy,” I ব্যক্ত to her.
    “Hello,” she ব্যক্ত in the same small voice....
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posted by Lolita_Dark4
May 6, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts

To whom it may concern

My name is Ashton George Lingheart, and this is my confession. In July of 1998 I murdered my wife, Kim Rachel Summer Lingheart, a বছর after the birth of our son. No one aided me in the crime and it is a thing I regret আরো than anything in the world. I hid her body in a well from our পূর্ববর্তি location in New Jersey. My wife was a kind, gentle, soft-spoken woman whom everyone adored. She never got angry, even at the people who disrespected her. She loved our son just like a mother would, for she always wanted a family of her own. She...
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posted by POPclogger216
"Why in the heck are আপনি wearing that?" my mother asked. I looked into my full-body mirror in my bedroom inside this tiny apartment, studying the short, yellow, frilly gown. I sware to God..I gleam in this, Mom! I thought. "It looks আরো like a scrap-of-a-dress." I ignored her.

It was the দিন of my high-school prom, the last prom I'd ever go to. I was going to graduate this summer. I sorta wanted to come out with a bang. My eyes, just like moms, looked bigger, darker, and gorgeous when I was wearing yellow. My choppy black hair seemed to shine more. This IS the perfect dress, I thought. My...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 15

Jax felt he had been pounding on the door of Bone’s গ্যারেজ for an hour. Finally, he heard the click of the lock and they door opened and he was greeted দ্বারা the barrel of a shotgun.
“Whoa Bone come on its just me,” Jax ব্যক্ত quickly with his hands up in surrender as Bone stepped closer to him without lowering his gun.
“Yeah I know it’s you, the hell আপনি doin’ here?” Bone replied. His voice was raspy like he had a sore throat.
“I’m not drunk if that’s what you’re thinkin’.”
“No? Then why are আপনি here?”
Bone kept his shotgun pointed at Jax.
“Look, I just escaped...
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posted by axemnas
World war 2 is over the last of the Nazi airean race that hadn't fled berlin are hiding out avoiding revenge seakers.

Everyone knew Hitler was deep into the অতিপ্রাকৃতিক but few new how deep he was in to it.
But there was a few of the guestopo that were close enough that actually studied it themselves.
It is rumored that Adolf had a shrine to it a complete cathedral dedicated to it covered with different demons and অতিপ্রাকৃতিক beings most tortureing humans which আপনি can imagine what he imagined them it was covered with different astrological signs.
supposedly that shrine has the secret to bring...
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posted by r260897
“well I got the notice we will have no class today.. everyone is busy in preparation of the function. They should declare it as a holiday.. oh yeah…. Hello are আপনি listening… নমস্কার wake up… its irritating” my friend was saying this to me অথবা it should be ব্যক্ত that this was speech of substitute class leader to leader. “ yp.. I got that no class today and everyone is…” I ব্যক্ত this to her to প্রদর্শনী that I was attentive to what she was saying but what I got was harsh dialog “ shut up… I am not asking to repeat my words… I am the best leader… I am the best there is none like me…....
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posted by Elizabeth90luv
Η Αλήθεια

Σε αυτόν τον κόσμο τον αχανή,
όλοι ήμαστε σκλάβοι φορτικοί,
δεν υπάρχει αλήθεια πραγματική,
εδώ που το ψέμα κυριαρχεί.

Ολοι ζούμε μια ψεύτικη ζωή,
μια ευτυχία εικονική,
από άλλους είναι φτιαγμένη,
χωρίς αγάπη αληθινή.

Και η αλήθεια είναι χαμένη,
μεσ’ το σκοτάδι, για πάντα εξαφανισμένη.

Για κανέναν δεν είμαι εδώ,
ουτε για ’σένα...
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Howl helped me navigate to my campsite. We didn't see a single soul there. I was relieved that they were gone, since I didn't want to swoop down there with Howl, and start gawking at him all the time. I got out a first aid kit, and untied the cloth from my শার্ট from his body. Good thing the wild animal didn't স্ল্যাশ him that deeply. All I really need to put on Howl for him to heal is Poroxcide, Neosporin, and a gauze bandage to মোড়ানো around his upper waist around the upper ab area. I doctored him and ordered him to rest on my sleeping bag/bed. I'm pretty sure he heals pretty quickly for a man...
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