Since he defeated Beth Phoenix earlier this বছর and won the women's title, Layla has had a few problems to keep the belt. And Michelle McCool দ্বারা his side, the self-proclaimed "co-champion female, for there was no other occasion. But the team, "Lay-Cool" was not as "flawless" as claimed to be. Kelly Kelly, for example, has happened recently is that with Michelle Layla. Now, in his first opportunity in his career titled, Kelly hopes to get a victory when it finally counts. Kelly has proven to be able to win against anyone, but manages to avoid two potential obstacles - that lie behind Layla - on the road to the title? The first problem could be Michelle Kelly. The Co-Women's Champion "to accompany Layla Money in the Bank? And if it does, what role will it have? Secondly, the official consultant of SmackDown Vickie Guerrero will exercise its power in some way? In সাম্প্রতিক weeks the attention of Vickie Dolph Ziggler have moved on to enable it to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but Vickie has not forgotten about Layla. After all, Layla won the শিরোনাম in a Handicap Match orchestrated দ্বারা the same Vickie. Kelly in turn can count on the beautiful Tiffany, that if it is a Money in the Bank, will stay in the course of Kelly. A Money in the Bank, Sunday, July 18 on pay per view, find out who will be the champion female