Where can I find a listing of X-Men and Brotherhood names. Example Kitty Pryde is Shadowcat?

I'm thinking of লেখা some fanfics and need this info.
r u on fanfiction?
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Yes I am with the same username. I've been লেখা about Teen Titans
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X-Men Evolution উত্তর

jedigal1990 said:
okay because i seriously have no life i will তালিকা them all here i'm sure আপনি got your প্রশ্ন answered but maybe someone else will need this information and i'm really bored right now so
1. scott summers - cyclops
2. jean grey- doesn't really have one logan calls her red and in the comic i think its pheonix অথবা something
3. evan daniels-spyke
4. kitty pryde - shadowcat
5. kurt wagner - nightcrawler
6. rouge is rouge
7. ororo monroe- storm
8. hank mccoy- beast
9. logan- wolverine
10. professor charles xavier- professer x i guess not official codename
new mutants
1.ray crisp- berzerker
2 samuel guthrie-cannonball
3. robert "bobby drake"- iceman
4.julibation lee- julibee
5.Rahne sinclair- wolfsbane
6. amara aquilla- magma
7.tabitha smith- boom boom
8. Roberto de costa- sunspot
9. jamie mallox-multiple

1. Lance alvers- avalanche
2. ফ্রেড dukes- blob
3. todd tolansky-toad
4. pietro maximoff- quicksilver
5.raven darkholme-mystique
6. wanda maximoff-scarlet witch
so there it is the brotherhood and xmen :)
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phenix is the protector of the galaxy that would take over Jean at times and later on in the comics in the dark phenix saga turned evil
axemnas posted বছরখানেক আগে
Jean's original codename is Marvel Girl. And in the original comics, Lance's name is Dominic Petros and Todd's is Mortimer Toyenbee.
lydianm posted বছরখানেক আগে
rogues real name is anna marie
Xmenfan12 posted বছরখানেক আগে
Zobug222 said:
Because I am an X-Men Evolution fanatic I go on these two websites; link then go to পরিলেখ অথবা আপনি can go to, link and go to Bios. Hope this will help you!
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posted বছরখানেক আগে 
অথবা I know everyones full name and codename :) Sorry I have no life...
Zobug222 posted বছরখানেক আগে
Thank আপনি very much I now have both sites bookmarked.
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beastchicky said:
Try wikipedia.
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Twilightgirl_44 said:
If your curious what Rogue's real name is it's Anna Marie. Wow, I am such a geek.
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