Okay for your characters here's what is required.

race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:
Brief Bio:

I'll go ahead and do some of my characters

Name:Jacob Gideon Pressol (unknown to him)
alias/codename:Fang(goes দ্বারা Fang),Wingman,Weapon XIII,Fang Creed, Jakob Gideon, Gideon Jacobs,etc.
age:unknown (looks to be 14)
race/species: Caucasian
powers:healing factor, heightened senses,wings, retractable adamantium claws(come out of each finger)
appearance:athletic muscular build, dirty blonde cruecut, hazel eyes, intimidating, mercenary look, আপনি won't see his claws অথবা wings unless he wants আপনি to,either wears a marine aviator uniform, aviator cap, black aviator cap, black muscle শার্ট and shorts, etc.
Personality: reserved, stubborn,sarcastic at times , loner, temperamental,cynical, secretive
affiliate:weapon x/xmen
Brief Bio: Fang grew up in weapon x from an early age as far back as pre WWI before weapon x got its name. He has been in and out of the facility most of his life, off of trying to escape. He usually gets taken back unwillingly. When he's out of a cage its usually for a mission অথবা a base transfer.
In সাম্প্রতিক years he has agreed to help Stryker just on the off chance he could get out of there one day.

Name:Dolores 'Dolly' Adams
alias/codename: Elekron
race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):Caucasian
powers:control and absorption of static electricity
appearance:brown hair tied up in a ponytail,blue eyes,usually wearing some sort of t-shirt with Capri's
Personality:quiet, shy, friendly, sweet
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:X-men
Brief Bio:Dolly grew up in a town in North Carolina with her mother and one school week things started to get strange

Name:Jac Billings
alias/codename: Quake
race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):African american
powers:control of rock
appearance:tall, athletic baseball/football player build, dreadlocks,grey eyes, usually wearing a t-shirt and either some jeans অথবা cargo pants
Personality:easy going, friendly, nonviolent
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:X-men
Brief Bio: Jac grew up in Atlanta Georgia and one night when he was playing baseball for his school his x gene activated and a disaster hit to put it blunt luckily there was a certain telepath there that smoothed things over and brought him to the xmansion to learn control

Name:Laurie Stone
race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):Caucasian
powers:contol of soundwaves, and ability to do like a chameleon and form to her surroundings as long as she's touching them with at least one finger
appearance:tall, average, always wearing some sort of সঙ্গীত shirt, and বাস্কেটবল shorts অথবা some other type, green eyes
Personality:she can seem a bit tough অথবা sarcastic but is very good when she wants to be, resourceful
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:weapon x
Brief Bio:Laurie grew up in a small town and lived a pretty happy life there with her mom and little brother one দিন she discovered her ability and has been working on controlling it herself, she is approached দ্বারা both the xmen and the brotherhood but before she could make a decision she was plucked from school দ্বারা weapon x.

Name:Cody Malone
race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):Caucasian
powers:control and manipulation of water
appearance:wears blue অথবা black tshirt, blue eyes, black hair with blue streaks,shorts,athletic build
Personality:he has a bit of a darker side to his personality, he can be sarcastic, and sensitive but he also has quite a mean streak
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:X-men
Brief Bio:Cody grew up in Amityville উপসাগর at the local light house with his family. One দিন his father went off on a long sea journey leaving him in charge of the light house but never returned. Soon after that his x-gene activated and he nearly drowned his school bully when Logan knocked him out leaving storm to calm the storm he had created