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Author: Patricia Anne McCarty
Word Count: 2233

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“The Passion of Love” pg-13
Part 2 of Chapter One “Left Behind”
“The Morning After”

Jean awoke the পরবর্তি morning to find Logan already awake and sitting on the floor in lotus position meditating. She has known of him doing this for years but had never witnessed it herself.
As she watched sitting from her bed, she thought how strong he looked and smiled at the sight.
Jean grabbed the শীর্ষ sheet wrapping it around her naked form and walk a sassy walk to where Logan sat nude with his eye shut and hands placed firmly, one on each knee before him.

” Hi hansom.” she whispered in his ear as she dropped the sheet and wiggled herself in to sit between his folded legs. She wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck, planting her buttock for a snug fit স্নেহ চুম্বন him tenderly on the lips.

Logan didn’t brake consecration, He continued his meditation. She tried স্নেহ চুম্বন him again, harder this time, still no reaction. At this point Jean felt like this was a challenge to be reckon with there দ্বারা increasing her efforts ever forward, His mind was not open to her at all and when she tried to read his thoughts she got a peacefulness sense of empty bliss that compelled her to যোগদান it. Jean had never known anyone except the professor himself able to block her so completely. It was very intriguing to her. She had to give this one last shot, “He can’t be that damn good!” she tried to convince herself. Jean tried stimulating him দ্বারা pressing her আসন on to him, aching her back, and pressing her chest closer. “That’s GOT TO do it this time!” she grinned to herself. Still nothing, No reaction what so ever. With an irritated sigh Jean was beginning to realize it was no use and gave up.
“Well, I’m impressed Mr. Logan.” she stated rising up to leave him to finish his meditation. Seems there were আরো than a few things she never really understood about him. “Interesting” she thought to herself turning to leave the room, when a gruff voice spoke out at her.

“Where ya going Red?” he asked,

“i thought i go to the রান্নাঘর and cook us some breakfast, I’m kind of hungry aren’t you?” she asked as she turned to face him, slipping a piece of her red hair behind her ear.

“Yeah” he simply ব্যক্ত rising up and walking to her with a smirk on his face. “So Red, আপনি planning on showin’ the whole team your birthday suit darling?”

“What?, NO. of course not, I was going to grab my robe… I was…” she laughed at herself.

It was apparent to Logan that she was so caught up in trying to get his attention she had forgotten all about her robe. He looked at her stumbling over her words with one eye brow raised and that wicked grin he so well known for.

“WELL, I AM telepathic with telacanics after all আপনি know, I don’t need to walk across the room to get my পোশাক Logan!” she ব্যক্ত suppressing an uprising laugh that sat somewhere between her stomach and her mouth. “Oh আপনি think your so SMART!’ she ব্যক্ত as they chuckled together. Jean then raised her hand up to catch her পোশাক which was now floating towards her when Logan snatched it tossing it onto the floor.

“Oh real cute Mister! Now I’ll have to pick it up again…” she began, then was quickly cut off.

“Leave it.” he ordered.

Jean cocked her head and place her hands on her hips at the nerve he was now প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে her, “What?” she barked

“You heard me, I said, leave it.” he stated point blank.

“I thought আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি were hungry?” Jean reminded him

He walked even closer to her till he was with in arms reach then grabbed her hand and abruptly pulled her close to him, pressing his body hard against hers.

“Oh, I am darling. Real hungry.” he stated wrapping his finger in her thick lush hair as he pull her in for a possessive kiss. She felt her knees give way to the weight of her upper body which was now being supported দ্বারা Logan’s strong arm wrapped around her waist. Scott had NEVER handled her like that, she always wanted him to, but he just wasn’t the type. Her হৃদয় pounded.

Logan chuckled to himself with the feeling of conquest at her reaction. It was as he had all way thought it would be. No matter how hard she had tried in the past to hide it, she could never denie the truth he had always known was there. She was infatuated and intrigued দ্বারা him. He was unlike any man she ever knew and her very soul craved his touch. Breakfast was the last thing on HER mind.

One মাস later:
Chapter 2
“Morning Sickness”

Jean and Logan along with many other mutants both lived at Professor’s mansion in West chester New York which served as not only housing, but a school for the gifted as well. On one section was the school and the other a dorm like arrangement of rooms issued to both faculty and students.

When Logan first joined the team, some of the other mutants were not happy to see him. He had a bad reputation of..killing and Professor always taught them that XMen DON’T kill, yet this one most certainly did. Jean was the first to accept him regardless of the other’s fears, she welcomed him with open arms and an open mind. From the moment Logan first met her, he fell in প্রণয় with Jean Grey despite the fact she was in প্রণয় with Scott Summers.
Jean was a loyal and faithful woman never once betraying Scott. But, she had a very strong attraction and desire for Logan. It wasn’t something she could stop. With his heighten senses, Logan had a hard time understanding than Jean wasn’t going to give in to her desires when he could smell her every emotion. At times it would drive him crazy. But now, everything was different. it was like he had been set free. He planed to enjoy every last moment with her. the woman he loved was now his.

Jean awoke one morning about 4 O’Clock not feeling quite right. She ran to her bathroom and puked her guts out.

“Aww damn it! she complained holding her stomach and wiping her mouth, She has nearly missed the toilet. The feeling of a rumbling আগ্নেয়গিরি roared inside her. “Great! that’s ALL I freaking need!, I have a lecture today to give to the students and I’m SICK.”

Jean got up and washed her face and rinsed her mouth. She crawled back into bed. Logan was not with her this night. He didn’t always stay with her, Sometimes it just wasn’t safe. Logan had moments when he’d get intense nightmares and lash out in his sleep and the result would be a shredded bed. When ever he was going through a bad patch of emotions he’d sleep in his own room. This was not something that Jean argued about. she understood him all to well.

Jean spent the পরবর্তি two hours spewing. “That’s it, I can’t take this anymore!” she spouted off. With out bothering to change her night dress she left her room and walk to the infirmary.

“Open this damn door!” she yelled trying to hold back another eruption but her efforts were useless and once again she was on her knees, in her own vomit.

The door opened and a thin young man peered out.
“Mrs. Grey!! OH my God! Are আপনি OK? he bent down to help her up and they walked inside.

“I’m sorry, I made a mess out there.” she ব্যক্ত in a weaken voice.

“Don’t give it another thought Mrs. Gray, I’ll take care of that, let’s get আপনি cleaned up first.” the young man ব্যক্ত with concern.

“I don’t get it, I was fine yesterday, not a thing!” Jean started to explain.

“Well, let’s have a look here, what did আপনি have to eat last night?” he asked

“A simple সালাদ and some nuts.” she replied

“Are আপনি allergic to nuts?” he asked

“Now why on earth would I eat them if I was allergic to them?” she snapped. “I’m sorry, it just that I want to get on with it, please, get it over with.”

“It’s Ok, well if it wasn’t the খাবার then, when was your last period?” He asked

“It was last মাস around this time. Give অথবা take a few days, I’m never late.” she stated.

“Did আপনি have unprotected sex?” he asked as he scribbled on his note pad.

She sat quite for amount not wanting to answer that.

“I’m sorry Mrs, Grey, but I have to asked. I understand with the death o your husband this may be a hard subject but we have to rule out…” he stated when she interrupted him

“Yes. I did have unprotected sex.” Jean admitted as her face turned red.

“OK then.” he ব্যক্ত as he scribbled some আরো on is note pad. Jean was embareced at this, she didn’t feel confutable with others knowing about what she did in her own bed…ourside of her marriage. tho Scott was dead, Most people still thought of them as “Together” they were the perfect couple in everyone’s eyes.

Finished with his notes, the young man opened a cabinet and handed Jean a plastic collecting cup sealed in cellophane and instructed her to pee in it. As she took the sterile cup in her hands she thought back to the last দিন that she and Scott spent together before his mission.

“Let’s have a child jean!” Scott said. “I think we are ready, don’t you?”

“A child? In this world of hate Scott? I don’t know if I want to take a chance on having a mutant child only to bring it up in this world, a place where we are feared and hated. That’s not the life a child deserves Scott.”

Scott sighed, “Yeah, I know, but don’t আপনি want children Jean?”

“I do, but….not mutant children, not in this world. I just can’t do that to a child knowing what is waiting for them in the future. I’m sorry, maybe if things change, maybe one দিন we can have children.” Jean explained

Scott scratched is head, “Ok Jean, আপনি know best, we can wait, we’re still young, we have time.”

As she returned to the present , those last works rang clear in her head, “We have time.”

She looked at the cup in her hands and a tear ran down her face as she got up and walked to the bathroom to fill it.

After the test the results were in the young man gave his report.

“Mrs. grey, you’re not sick, you’re pregnant”.

“Pregnant?” she asked.

“That’s what the test say.” he answered,

She made up her mind to tell Logan as soon as possible.

In the wee hours of the morn one could easily find Logan working out দ্বারা himself in his room. This is a daily requirement for him but not for the reasons one may think. Yes, like any other warrior he liked to stay sharp but unlike most people he had deep rooted personality traits which required his full attention. Logan had a FOWL temper that even he himself was afraid to let out of his own control. In fact, this was the main reason for his intense mourning meditation sessions. He HAD to be in full control of his mind and reactions. He had to control…the beast with in.

It was now 7:30 am and Jean stood outside Logan’s room. She could hear him inside fighting the invisible invaders that dared to pop out of his head during his traing, She tapped on the door.

“Yah, come on in” he stated.

Jean opened the door and stepped in. Logan stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her as the fowl sent of টক stomach hit his nose like an old forgotten gym sock.

“You ok darling?” he asked with concern.

“Logan, I have something to tell you.” she ব্যক্ত with a shy smile.

“What is it Red?” he asked

“Logan, I’m pregnant! she ব্যক্ত with her hands to her mouth, eyes bright, jumping happily up and down.

Logan, now ফ্রোজেন in place stared at her. “Really?!” he asked

“Yes, really!” she giggled

Logan scooped Jean up into his arms and the two twirl in delight, laughing.

“Oh STOP Logan!’ she demand trying to peal him off.

“You aint getting away from me that easy girly,’ he chuckled and held her even tighter.

“No, I mean it, আপনি better let me go. or…”

It was too late, she had spewed all over him. Logan just stood they dumbfounded and released her as Jean ran to his bathroom and vomited once again.

“I tried to warn you.” She shouted at him in between spits. “Welcome to fatherhood Logan.”