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posted by xboxrocksx45
very very sad song plz remember it is sad so crying is ok!

Do আপনি know what it feels like to be left behind?losing everyone in such a small time.I try not to worry since they're left the past.But it's hard going through life knowing nothing ever lasts.It''s hard to hide my frown.When on the inside I'm on the verge of a breakdown.I've হারিয়ে গেছে everyone that meant the world to me!All i have left is these memories.You had no idea how badly i want them back.But they've left me in the past which is their plan of attack.The pain of losing them will never go away.I'm tired of felling like this everyday!I fill i i no longing belong. I fake happiness to প্রদর্শনী nothing's wrong.
posted by xboxrocksx45 of birth:1998
2.full name:Teegan cole Parez
3.stared playing পিয়ানো and লেখা lyrics since 9 yrs
4.favorite hobby: skateboarding with friends(oh and লেখা songs :p
5.color of hair:blonde

6. i have loved সঙ্গীত and play the পিয়ানো with my বন্ধু in a small band i write lyrics for people in my band because i don't have a very good voice but i do play the পিয়ানো it backups the singer so yeah pretty much it um i hope আপনি guys read this i'm gonna be asking প্রশ্ন about me আপনি know trivia so um i hope i get আরো fans
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posted by xboxrocksx45
আপনি can hang loose if আপনি like.You can be free as long as আপনি don't fight. You
can run black and white all day. but the color will find you.Please don't let your ideas
take me away. oh no Please don't let that little computer in your head find it's way.. me. আপনি can be angery আপনি be like a rock.You can be anything that আপনি wanna
be as long as your হৃদয় doesn't lock.You can be there for me.But আপনি can stay প্রথমপাতা where আপনি are
as long as i'm not a memory i don't want to see আপনি sad.i''l be so mad.when that আপনি didn't want me
to do things....for you. i fill sad not to see আপনি glad. But don't let me gat away from you
i fill for আপনি not shadow please don't leave me i'll get what ever আপনি like