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posted by peppergirl30
আপনি know আপনি প্রণয় them
Organic বিস্কুট is Yoda's পছন্দ food
Do count onYoda annoying The Young Jedi a lot
And The Young Jedi will annoy Yoda back
Also, The Young Jedi likes to make fun of organic cookies
Never tell Yoda that only old people watch শিয়াল 5 News
ডোনাটস্‌ are Jedi's পছন্দ food
The One thing Yoda loves আরো than anything-Organic Cook.
Hello, want to meet my pet frog?
Elephants scare Yoda
Yoda scares Jedi
Otters are Jedi's পছন্দ animal
ইউনিকর্ণ are Yoda's পছন্দ animal also
Never Insult Yoda and his Organic Cookies
Go Away--Jedi's Motto
Jedi ate the last Organic Cookie--Yoda's motto
Everyone finds Yoda annoying, but jedi stays with him.
Do আপনি believe in fairies--a প্রশ্ন that Yoda loves to ask
In everyone's heart, there is a place for Yoda and he Young Jedi.
Yoda was sitting watching tv in their living room.

Jedi: ''Yoda, Wer'e out of organic cookies.''
Yoda: ''Sorry, watching শিয়াল 5 News, can't hear you.''
(Yoda suddenly realizes this fact.)
Yoda: ''Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!''
Jedi: ''Yoda, we can just buy more, আপনি know that right...?''
Yoda: ''Oh, yeah, right. I feel better now.'' :)
Jedi: ''What's with the smiley face?''
Yoda: ''You have a problem with that? It's like the organic বিস্কুট all over again...''
Jedi: ''Yoda and his obsession over organic cookies....''
Yoda: ''Did আপনি say what I think...
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