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posted by Abbyxx
If you're a অনুরাগী of One Direction then here is a প্রশ্ন for you:

Who is your পছন্দ One Direction bromance?

Zarry ( Zayn and Harry)

Ziall ( Zayn and Niall)

Niam ( Niall and Liam)

Lilo (Liam and Louis)

Nouis ( Niall and Louis)

Narry ( Niall and Harry)

Lirry ( Liam and Harry)

Ziam ( Zayn and Liam)

Zouis (Zayn and Louis)

Larry (Louis and Harry)

Now, I would say my পছন্দ bromance would be.. Larry. Why Larry? Because to me I find that they are adorable together and I find they also have the best friendship together. They just.. AGGHH!!

Who do আপনি ship?