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Luigi sighed as he walked into the door. He could only think of Yoshi, his green dinosaur friend, back there. He thought of how ব্রেভ he was, to put himself in between him and Kamek’s shot. Not just brave, utterly selfless—sacrificing in the place of a friend had always been considered a core act of nobility. He wondered idly what would have happened if his pal hadn’t done that….
Luigi shook his head. No, that wouldn’t have happened, he argued with himself. Yoshi gave me this chance; he knew that I’d have to face Bowser, he knew that it would have to be me who would face him in...
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“Looks like I’ll have to deal with আপনি guys myself,” Kamek ব্যক্ত in a sneering tone. Luigi and Yoshi could tell that he wasn’t going to try any of his tricks anytime soon.
“Tired of your games?” Luigi taunted, though he wasn’t sure if it really was a taunt. প্রদত্ত the way Kamek sneered and his abrupt shift of tone compared to when he’d summoned his shadow underlings, he wasn’t sure if his response to Bowser’s right-hand man—who, even Luigi himself has to admit, was a powerful magician in his own right—was a taunt অথবা a bluff.
“Don’t worry—Lord Bowser won’t even...
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“What just happened to Yoshi’s Island?” Luigi sputtered.
Yoshi was just as flabbergasted as the green plumber. “I—I have no idea.”
“We should see where—” Luigi turned around for the door, only to see that it was now gone.
“The…the door! It’s gone!” Luigi screeched.
“What!” Yoshi screeched in reply.
“But that’s impossible,” Luigi panted. “I mean, we had just a-gone through a door, and it led us here, and now we look behind and it’s gone!”
“What could it mean…?” Yoshi shook his head, confused with what was going on and exasperated with all the confusion...
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posted by PinkyoshiIS
Frequent use of strong language (fuck,bitch,mother fucker etc..)

.Mild sexual innuendos ( NOT full on sex scenes mor elike just really aggressive sex jokes and mild স্নেহ চুম্বন scenes and maybe some aggressive make out scenes )

. VERY GRAPHIC AND IN DETAIL CONNTENT ( violence like really in detail violence and gore at some parts not very many parts but im a twisted human being so I added violence to the series XD )

.offensive jokes (self explanatory)

.Homo sexual relationships (if আপনি are homophobic please don't read the chapters that warn about same sex Yoshi crushing অথবা dating its mostly just one girl character with a crush on another)
This is BIG ! I have made a series based off of Nintendos beloved Super Mario characters. mainly the Yoshi gang. The series is a comedy,horror,romance,and basically a mix of everything. Its about পরাকাষ্ঠা yoshis adventures and the magical power of the power stars . It starts off with Pinky Yoshi (or her name in the series Marry ann) arriving to her new প্রথমপাতা and figuring every thing out. She dosent know English at firt but picks up on it (shes Japanese) . And আপনি will just have to wait and find out what adventures await . Please give my series a shot? I wil উঠিয়ে রাখুন the character information দ্বারা at latest end of the মাস . Then দ্বারা April 20 (?) আপনি guys will have your first chapter :D . PLEASE CHECK OUT MY পরিলেখ AND MESSAGE ME FOR আরো DETAILS

Thank আপনি so much if আপনি do check my পরিলেখ out and PM me আপনি have no idea how much that means to me <3
“What’s up, pal?” Yoshi asked in a hushed voice as he practically limped toward his equally battered friend.
“It’s all the same,” Luigi whispered, আরো to himself than to Yoshi; for all he knew, it was as if the green dinosaur wasn’t there. “Since the very beginning, it has always been the same.”
“What is?”
“The soil key-eyes monster back in Yoshi’s Island, Lakithunder from World Seven, King Boo from Luigi’s Mansion, and finally the labyrinth that required the jewel that got us past Bowser’s security system…”
“They all followed through the same...
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“Unbelievable,” Luigi huffed under his breath. “It’s a-like we were kicked back at the very start of our trip to rescue Mario and the others….”
“Kinda like the whole point of us being ‘sent back’ to Yoshi’s Island, then to World Seven and finally Luigi’s Mansion,” Yoshi replied flatly, knowing that, as Kamek had pointed out, he’d already প্রদত্ত hints about the foes they were set to face and they had been too slow to figure it all out.
“You seriously didn’t see through my little hints?” Kamek ব্যক্ত tauntingly, as if giving confirmation to Yoshi’s silent assumption....
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“Let’s a-go!” Luigi ব্যক্ত as he and Yoshi made their way toward the door plainly waiting at the end of the hallway.
The green plumber, not wasting a সেকেন্ড to spare, opened—well, আরো like yanked—the door open, and they both rushed to whatever was waiting at the other side.
To their surprise, what waited for them at the other side was a totally different scenery—so different that it made them wonder if they were still inside Bowser’s Castle.
“Are…are we still in Bowser’s Castle…?” Luigi wondered. Their surroundings were so unlike the hot and deathlike interior of the...
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Luigi and Yoshi walked their way past the দুর্গ door. Yoshi glanced once at the green plumber as the duo made their way deeper and deeper into Bowser's territory, and was replied দ্বারা Luigi's nod—and a straight set on his pursed lips.
Soon Luigi stopped; Yoshi felt like he should do the same, too.
"Luigi?" Yoshi asked, staring intently at the thin Mario brother's face, looking for some sign of regret—like he'd wished he'd let Yoshi talk him out of the whole rescue thing in the first place.
But, to his surprise, there was none.
"What's wrong?" Yoshi asked again; the silence was getting to him....
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