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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Jeremy Thompson ( Jet for a nickname)

Hero Name: Jet

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relations: cousin to Bentley

Apperance: shaggy dark black hair that is actually brown and carmel brown eyes

Powers/Skills: he has no powers but is very skilled with weapons preferably his long hooks that he uses on trees to climb. He also has many skills in combat. He has many skills in nature calls and bird calls, he even made his own language in bird callls to communicate with his group who call themselves the Valley Heroians.

Personality: he is very outgoing when he wants to be and very caring for others, hes আরো open about himself then Bentley and reallly wants to be involved in helping for the good.

Past: Jet was 8 when his mother died and was killled দ্বারা Black Manta and SportsMaster, Jets dad who is still alive and was the one who saved him from the attack on their family. Jet later on joined a group that lives out in valleys and forests, he is against anyone evil অথবা is relateable to anyone, he is very curious about them, he and his group of friends, his two main teammates, Snake Toxcian, and Calling Woodpecker. they live in a secret society deep in the woods, that is within the trees like a giant treehouse. He looks to unite with the team young justice in help fighting evil.
posted by Robin_Love
She strummed her guitar, bored out of her mind. Phoebe sat beside her, twirling the microphone in her hand. She groaned.
“Phoebes, we haven't played a knew song in a month! I can't work like this!”
“Sorry Bec, but we can't give up.”
“Sure we can. I know where ব্যাটম্যান stores the chocolate. All we have to do is walk away.”
“What are আপনি guys doing?” Blade asked, coming into the room.
“We're trying to think of a new song,” Phoebe explained while at the same time, Becca said, “Dieing in misery without chocolate.”
Blade smirked.
“Just re-make a song.”
“Do what now?” Phoebe...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley sat on the center of the টেবিল at the Watchtower. Unprofessionally, but no one ব্যক্ত anything. Surrounded দ্বারা both, the Leaguers and the newest part of the Young Justice Team. ব্যাটম্যান addressed her Seriously, "Harley, আপনি understand the risks of this? Don't you?" Harley nodded, "right now, i cannot stand it. I mean it. I don't know how আপনি do it Batman, but i cannot stay human forever. I just...i cant." Silverwings rolled her eyes at Harley's comment.
Superman sighed, "This is a very dangerous risk Harley, if something were to go wrong..." Harley shook her head, "I took all the information,...
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Static Shock Test


"Sharon! For the last time, I am not eating yo' egg smoothies!"

"Son, eat your breakfast."

"Breakfast?! আপনি call this breakfast?" the teen asked, indicating his plate. "I call it a smoothie! And Sharon should've added strawberries! And a glass."

"You know that is exactly how momma used to cook them!"

"Strange. I don't remember having to eat her's with a spoon!"

"Son, just eat. The school bus'll be here any minute."

"Yes, pops." the boy ব্যক্ত dejectedly.

The strife over breakfast between Sharon and Virgil Hawkins was not uncommon in the Hawkins household. The fifteen বছর old...
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posted by GambetteYJ
These rules were made and approved দ্বারা Kaldur Ahum and Batman. I am dead serious with these, no mattter how illegitement they may seem.

1) No hacking. Anything. (Robin)

2) No Parties with আরো than five people from outside the team/League (Wally)

3) No ব্যাটম্যান video games (Wally, Robin, Gambette)

4) No making anymore "Gambette's কলা Flambe"

5) If আপনি break rule four, আপনি can clean the কলা off the ceiling this time.

6) No আরো "Show and Tell" time (Wally)

7) No আরো demanding Wally taste your খাবার before আপনি eat it to make sure it isn't poisoned.

8) No coffee for Wally, Robin অথবা Gambette. EDIT:...
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