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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Jeremy Thompson ( Jet for a nickname)

Hero Name: Jet

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relations: cousin to Bentley

Apperance: shaggy dark black hair that is actually brown and carmel brown eyes

Powers/Skills: he has no powers but is very skilled with weapons preferably his long hooks that he uses on trees to climb. He also has many skills in combat. He has many skills in nature calls and bird calls, he even made his own language in bird callls to communicate with his group who call themselves the Valley Heroians.

Personality: he is very outgoing when he wants to be and very caring for others, hes আরো open about himself then Bentley and reallly wants to be involved in helping for the good.

Past: Jet was 8 when his mother died and was killled দ্বারা Black Manta and SportsMaster, Jets dad who is still alive and was the one who saved him from the attack on their family. Jet later on joined a group that lives out in valleys and forests, he is against anyone evil অথবা is relateable to anyone, he is very curious about them, he and his group of friends, his two main teammates, Snake Toxcian, and Calling Woodpecker. they live in a secret society deep in the woods, that is within the trees like a giant treehouse. He looks to unite with the team young justice in help fighting evil.
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posted by BladeYJ
 White কুইন o:
White Queen o:
These tend to take me a long time.. sorry XD anyway.. ENJOY! Btw had to re-publish this because I had to unpublish it and change some stuff due to leaving out some vital info, but it's all good now!!


He's as crazy as she is. His body shakes and he scratches the walls until his fingers bleed. His broken হৃদয় made him crazy, he now only serves her, he knows what and who she really is, but his প্রণয় pushes him on. People প্রশ্ন his attempts at suicide but they all know he's just insane, for one he goes on about,"Wonderland being destroyed." But the Asylum still stands tall and ominous.

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Name: Hope Ludmilla Adams.

Alias: Ptolema.

-Short black hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

Civvies: Piiicctttuurreee.

'Stume: Picture!

-Very creative
-Trained in most weapons

-Can bring illustrations to life
-Can summon a magic paintbrush(see, I'm original)

Paintbrush's powers(see, s/he get's it's own powers section)
-Can change color of anything(anything, anything)
-Has a mind of it's own

History: Switched with Mary at birth, Hope grew up very sophisticated. She ran away once her parents discovered her wings, and tried using her as advertisement. She ended up...
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posted by BladeYJ
This is very gory.. not really scary.. but bloody.. SO PLEASE IF আপনি DO NOT LIKE GORE.. do not সরানো on.. actually it isn't even that bad..

Blade waltzed her self around The Cave bored, her voice echoed as she called a hello only to be rewarded with a chilling silence. "Well.." she huffed as she sat on the পালঙ্ক staring at the black screen of the television,"Nothing to be done here.. Why can't anything exciting happen?" her eyes blinked as she half expected something to pop out, but of course nothing did. She soon fell asleep, letting slumber devour her.

Waking up in a sweat Blade gradually,...
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posted by BentleyYJ
Interviewrer : নমস্কার so this week I'm interviewing one of gothams most mysterious ( cheeks redden a bit and says idiotically in প্রণয় ) and one of the biggest হৃদয় throbs Bentley Thompson I mean uh nice ( cheeks redden more)

Mclovin: he has a girlfriend আপনি know....Ughhh don't think silver will let আপনি flirt with her man...

Bentley: হৃদয় throb?...( looks at both of আপনি confused)

Interviewer: so Bentley whats your পছন্দ colour?

Bentley: umm.... ( shrugs) well I guess black I dunno

Interviewer: yeah black স্যুইটস্‌ you....( stares at আপনি lovingly)

Bentley: ( looks at আপনি confused ) I have a girlfriend...
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posted by MafiaYJ
"It doesn't make any sense Ethan! They are real! I know it! I've seen them! AND I TRIED TO KILL THEM!" Babylon shouted from the আসন she was in. Ethan paced in front of her, glancing at Adrian who, for once, looked serious.
"Ethan." Babylon snapped. Ethan paced.
"ETHAN!" She screamed hysterically. Ethan stopped and he and Adrian looked at her. Babylon was not supposed to scream that way. She was supposed to be calm and wise, like they were. Sure, have her quirks and the like...but not like this.
"Babylon, dear. আপনি need to relax. We..we are going to figure something out." Ethan stated. He knew...
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posted by MafiaYJ
"You have to find her, and bring her here."

"Why must we make her one of us, would it not be easier to take her only when we need?"

"Oh, and have turn on us if she chose to? No, we need her on our side if we wish succeed."

"But how do I do it? She cannot die, can she?"

" *chuckle* humans cannot kill her. No one ব্যক্ত anything about us."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Well we'll never know if we don't try. So get out there. And bring us Babylon."

"Yes master."

"But be careful, she is আরো powerful than she seems."

Babylon was running, blindly. She did not watch where she ran, অথবা what she ran into. She stopped...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Name: Babylon (Last name Unknown)
Nicknames: Babs, Lonnie, Bee

DOB: June 6, 1666
Age: Immortal, looks 19

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Relationship: Single

Affiliations: None yet
Status: Trying to be a Hero

Hair: Black Eyes: Born with red eyes, but changes them to brown Height: 5'7

Background: Born to a nun, the nun ran knew she'd be expelled অথবা worse. Other nuns knew of this as well, and feared Babylon when she was left at the orphanage, due to the বছর of which she was born. So she was named Babylon, after a city in the bible that was known to be great evil. She out taken in, for it was the nuns'...
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posted by FangYJ
 Look at dat.
Look at dat.

Name: Unknown.
Alias:: Cadaver.
Occupation: VILLIAN!
Powers: None! But has sword skills, marksmen and all that good junk.
Past: Cadaver is a clone of Fang......that is all. Created to set and destroy the Adams family...Mr. Clone doesn't take no for an answer and won't let anyone get in his way. Even if it means taking his own life.
Other: Easy to set off temper.
-Really isn't afraid of anything...
-Looks EXACTLY like Fang, acts different.
-Has a thing for Ciel..this should be fun.

THAT, is all :3
posted by MafiaYJ
The waiter watched for a second. Looking at the quiet girl sitting in a corner booth in the diner. All alone. She looked a bit dressy for being at a diner. A grey dress that hung to her curves, and a blue blazer. And to him, she was actually very pretty, and lucky him, she was in his section. had he been one of his friends, he would have strut over and flirted focusing on nothing but her figure. But he had a bit আরো respect, আপনি know?

"Hello miss! my name is Philip, i'll be your server today. What can I start আপনি off with?" he was almost surprised when a matching pair of tired brown eyes looked...
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posted by khanna266
name:Kareem Blackwood
age;17 physically,but he is immortal so his actual age is 1,708
powers:Transforms into lion with an unusually long পরাকাষ্ঠা tail,superspeed,poisonous bite,reads minds,and can turn anyone immortal দ্বারা focusing all of his energy towards that person.

*He met Daniel and Lily in the woods(read Somewhere only we know to understand better)and Daniel got him onto the team,but Kareem imprinted on Daniel's little sister Lily and didn't tell him because he's scared what Daniel may do to him.He came to America from Sierra-Leone,because he didn't want to see anymore of his loved ones die.

>He loves tea,spicy tuna,jogging,music,and basketbll

>he dislikes people who are coldhearted and selfish,beets,and war

>he enjoys going to orphanages to make kids feel happy and bring them brownies and other treats.
posted by khanna266
 I couldn't find any blonde little girls
I couldn't find any blonde little girls
"Big Brother,Wake up!"Lily poked at her older brother with her toy wand."Ugh!Five আরো মিনিট mom."he grunted and rolled over facing towards the wall."I'm not your mommy,silly.I'm your wittle sister"the little blonde laughed.Daniel rolled over facing towards her and looked up at her with one of his bright baby blue eyes"That's right আপনি are.Besides your too short to be my mommy."he joked and Lily laughed in the adorable way she always did.Daniel then put on a শার্ট and threw Lily over his shoulder."Daniel what are আপনি doing?"she laughed as her braids fell hanging upside down."I'm kidnapping...
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