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Well hello,
ArtemisYJ's RPer here. And I have some things I wanna say. The Young Justice role playing is kind-a....BONKAS.
My character Artemis got pregnant. পরবর্তি thing I know 3 other people are pregnant. NOT cool. আপনি can come up with your own drama. Don't copy other people. Use your own imagination.
Another thing that's not cool is spamming the wall. আপনি don't need to post on that দেওয়াল every other hour. I do notice a particular person that posts far to frequently and it gets annoying when the posts are pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again.
Another thing. Your character, is not invincible. Some people have their characters doing impossible things. I know it's a cartoon but, unless your a gross zombie thing something must hurt your character. Young Justice may have fictional things happen but not everything is fictional. And your character can't do everything! Despite your mind, the character must have limits. Sure, they can be magical, but magic can't do everything.
Another thing that bothers me. And I'm not gonna say any names. But Young Justice is a DC SHOW!!!!!! NOT Marvel!! Young Justice has never had, and never will have anything to do with the Marvel Universe. So I being a DC অনুরাগী don't wanna see Marvel getting up in our grill. I'm sorry. But take your Marvel OCs and drama and whatever to a Marvel Role play spot.
Don't overcrowd. There are a lot of OCs and it's kind of ridiculous that there are only Four-ish 5 canon characters (Artemis, Robin, KidFlash and Zatanna plus some villains). পরবর্তি time আপনি wanna make an OC, try a canon character instead so it's a bit-more Young Justice-y. We still need a Kaldur, and Red Arrow/Speedy. We have a Miss Martian and ব্যাটম্যান but they don't make many appearances.So who ever has those account, don't be afraid to use them. Most of the time it's just Arty and the giant OC family. I have 4 OCs waiting to be introduced. But I think it'd be to many things to control and think about.
Another thing (And KatRox1 mentioned this) Don't start posting as your OC before আপনি post an প্রবন্ধ about them. We need to know who they are. আপনি can't just turn up out of the blue.
God-Moding. This a HUGEEEEEE Role Play thing. In a lot of ORGANIZED Role play groups, god-moding can get আপনি kicked out of the group forever. I've ব্যক্ত this before but here's an example of God-moding.
BobbyJoeYJ- Alright dinosaur. YOU'RE GOING DOWN! *takes fighting stance*
DinosaurYJ- RAWWR *pushes you, knocking আপনি down, making আপনি bleed*
That my বন্ধু is God-Moding. অথবা reacting for another for your action. NOT COOL. আপনি are not in control. I've seen a lot of people do it. If the person wants to get hurt they will but, আপনি can't do that.
So yeah
~Don't copy others
~Don't Spam
~You're character is not invincible
~Young Justice is a DC প্রদর্শনী
~Stop overcrowding and try to be আরো cannon
~Post about your character before আপনি post as your character
~Stop God-Moding

Follow these unofficial rules and the role playing can be way আরো enjoyable
If it gets any worse, I'm gonna stop role playing here and make my own group where these rules will be official and আপনি must follow them. Because on this spot I'm not the কুইন so do what আপনি want, আপনি don't have to listen to me, but if I make my own I shall be Queen.

Happy Role-Playing,
প্রণয় Always,
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posted by GlitterPuff
January 1, 2108

She jumped over the heap of dirt, missing all the gun shots.

"Shit, shit, shit," the red head mumbled to herself as she fumbled for bullets in her pocket. She reloaded the gun and set it on the শীর্ষ of the dirt mound and shot at the enemies. Bullets flew over her head. She could feel a bullet graze against her hand; but she ignored it as it began to slowly heal itself. The red head quickly lowered her gun and ran back to the city, shooting constantly, killing off আরো than anyone ever had. "What a great way to spend New Years Day..." she mumbled to herself.


"Mom?" A small...
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My evilness continues!!! *runs and hides* If আপনি haven’t read it already, the prologue is link (it’s really short but pretty damn important).

2 weeks earlier.
A bow clattered to the hardwood floor, skidding to a stop in a patch of golden afternoon sunlight that reflected a blinding glare off of the metal. “No!” the dark-haired girl groaned, digging her fingers into her scalp in frustration. “How many times have I told you, that’s not how আপনি hold it!”
Aisling didn’t respond, but shoved her hands in her pockets and crossed the training room to pick up her bow. Fin jogged over,...
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posted by SilverWings13
First songfic ever (published) দ্বারা yours truly!

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten

It would be much easier just to let go. To allow the bubbles of valuable oxygen escape her lips an float away to freedom.

Feel the earth সরানো and then
Hear my হৃদয় burst again

Her lungs screamed for আরো air, any air, her body begged for আরো heat, any heat. The energy had already seeped trough her clothes into the surrounding depths. All senses threatened to shut down and leave her হারিয়ে গেছে in the darkness alone and too exhausted to give a care.

For this is the end
I've drowned and dreamt this moment

The chain...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: AugmentBoy

Secret ID: Rowan Heyywood

Age: 16

Appearance: he has purple hair and purple eyes and often only wears purple.

Personality: he has ADHD so do not give him coffee but he is a caring guy who is very easy going and easy to talk to. He is very talkitive and often talks with himself when hes bored ( literally lol)

Civvies: he wears usually a purple striped t শার্ট with black অথবা purple jeans.

Hero outfit: he has a purple body suit on with a black mask on ( and when he multiplies the clones have a certian colour body suit)
Powers/Skills: he has the power to multiply into as many different...
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posted by Robin_Love
 কোদাল costume
Spade costume
Name: Rylan Touya
Alias: Spade
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Agility, acrobatics, ability to manipulate, trained in hand to hand-to-hand combat, flight, trained with a pair of Sais, jinx factor
History: Rylan Touya was born and raised in Japan. Both her parents were of German background, but Rylan's mom married a Japanese man after her husband died; Rylan was three. Rylan's new father was a scientist experimenting with all kinds formulas. When Rylan was five, she discovered her new father was trading and making deals with the villainous Poison Ivy. Rylan tried warning her mother, but was ignored. Three...
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