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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
 Image credit: Adonihs
Image credit: Adonihs
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran

Alias: Hot Shot

Occupation: Assassin, professional sniper, black বেল্ট martial artist.

Appearance: Long and light brown hair but sometimes dyes it black for disguises, icy blue eyes, tall.

Personality: Loud, out going, kind, serious, can be aggressive very easily, caring, loyal.

Power: She heals but not rapidly, it is possible for her to die (obviously), and she age like normal people (also obviously) . She can also heal others as well but can’t bring them back to life.

Weapons: Rifle, two hand guns, knives, explosives.

Hero outfit: Black T shirt, black অথবা dark brown leather jacket, black cargo pants, hair usually tied up into a টাট্টু tail, her father’s military dog chains, black combat boots, back shoulder খাপ, holster for her রাইফেল and thigh খাপ, holster for her বন্দুক and knives, বেল্ট with bullets all around the sides, fingerless leather gloves with holes on the knuckles, .223 bullet necklace, silver rings.

History: An British-American girl born in London. Loved দ্বারা her father but forced to grow up fast with multiple responsibilities and lived a dangerous life at a young age. Sebastienne was taught to become a professional sniper and an assassin just like her father. At the age of seven, her father shot, killed দ্বারা another assassin. That was when she met Connor Maiven and his brother Murphy. Since then, she lived with them in Boston. They took care of her and helped her practice her skills till they had to সরানো back to Ireland and she joined the team a few months later.

- Sebastienne was named after her father, Sebastian.
- She doesn’t know who her mother is.
- She plays the violin.
- Her favourite রাইফেল was originally her father’s.
- Most of her বন্দুক and mechanical weapons are made দ্বারা Scud.
- Her father and Mercy’s uncle fought in the Afghanistan war together.
- She got her healing power from her father, not her mother.
- Sebastienne has never been in a relationship and not really intend on being in one (Punk_heart knows why) but she does have someone special in mind.
- Sebastienne’ s father never knew about her till she was left on his door step at the age of 1 (but she IS his
- She sleeps on her stomach with a loaded gun tucked into the gap between her mattress and বিছানা frame.
- She lets only lets a certain people call her ‘Sebby’
- Sebastienne was born in লন্ডন but has moved around a lot.
 I ছবি shopped this one. I know, it looks terrible.
I photo shopped this one. I know, it looks terrible.
 Found this one on google.
Found this one on google.
 I edited the eyes a bit.
I edited the eyes a bit.
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 Costume! :D
Costume! :D
Name: Candice Light.

Alias: None/Her name. :)

Nickname: Candy.. :D

Appearance: Candice has long blonde hair, usually up in a ponytail অথবা pig-tails((OMG!! SHE'S BLONDE!! OMG I might change it.. :/)) Her eyes are blueish green.

Age: 15 and a-quarter.

Civies:: Usually a green শার্ট and a light পরাকাষ্ঠা skirt. She wears her hair down with a clip in it!

Costume: A cheer-leading outfit! :D

Personality: She's a really preppy girl, she's super girly and used to attention! She is a man stealer, she hits on every guy no matter what, even if he's not single! She freaks out over bugs, spiders, stupid things. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Corri-Human Illusion
Corri-Human Illusion
As promised.

Name: Corri
Alias: Bruno
Occupation: Vigilante
Powers: Corri is a master of a illusions. He knows a few carnival magic tricks and uses them in different ways. Corri can also control any personal, real, অথবা inner form of darkness. He can transport people to world he created. If he's mad enough, Corri turns into a Hell hound.
History Corri is the last of his kind; a shadow human. He has the looks of a normal human, but is like a shadow, minus his golden eyes. He had come to Earth through mysterious circumstances. It is unknown hos he survived the time from infant to six. It was when he...
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posted by Robin_Love
She heard a crash, a loud one. She groaned and pulled the covers over her head. But when the computer announced Batman's arrival, she jumped out of বিছানা and into the closet. We didn't have training today. Were we supposed to get a mission? She stepped out of her room, ready for action, like most of the others who had slept in on their দিন off. Blade yawned before heading into the mission room. She saw not only Batman, but also Zatanna, and a few other JLA members. Okay. Not a mission.
“Devin's gone missing,” A voice whispered in her ear.
She would have reacted, but she knew that voice too...
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Her footsteps pounded on the ground. She heard him behind her and kept going. Don't look back. He'll take you. She's close by. Keep going. Don't look back! The voice echoed in her head, spurring her on. She wouldn't loose to him. Not now. She had come far in a few hours. Her powers were stable. Her abilities were strong.
The shadows had taught her. This host is perfect. Everything I need. The voice spoke again, eyes shinning bright red. She panted, running still. His steps started to fade behind her. She slowed a little and tripped. She got up and pulled out her weapon.
“Come out monster!...
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There is a three বছর time jump between Season 2 and the Arrowette Series. A few things have happened...

Darkseid invaded Earth and was repelled, but Batman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Flash were killed (Batman unbeknownst to the public) during the invasion forcing Wally and Dick to fill the respected roles of their mentors. One বছর later, Barbara Gordon was paralyzed and forced to leave the তরল পদার্থ রাখিবার জন্য টব of Batgirl behind and become Oracle. Stephanie Brown took her place.

Red Robin, leader of the Teen Titans (That's right, I changed their names) is still Tim পাতিহাঁস (There will be NO Damian Wayne). Aqualad...
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posted by Obscurity98
Hero name: Obscurity
ID: Harley Mei
age:14 1/2

Powers: Cat like abilities, with retractable claws, control over water, fire, ice, earth, and air. can become the elements. ability to fly with black aura around her body, invulnerability and super stregnth.

note:she was a science experiment gone wrong, short temper. She loves to play around though, and is serious when needed be.She has a serious tone of voice like Kaldur, and is mutually fond of him as well. Kaldur loves her. but wont admit it. She likes to flirt, even when she doesn't notice it.

Stats: strength 90% speed:55% intelligent: 89%...
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posted by Mclovin_69
আগুন was shot and burned a বৃক্ষ to the ground, Bentley looked at the burnt বৃক্ষ and glared looking back at the source, " violence is never the answer Sable!! hasnt uncle ever taught আপনি that!! " Bentley shouted, Sables hands glowed blue with আগুন and she grinned evily, " i dont listen to others i only listen to myself Bent " she ব্যক্ত evily. Bentley glared with his swords in his hands, " has'nt anyone ever taught আপনি anything.... " he said. Sable grew angry " im done with the talking!! " she shouted shooting her আগুন towards Bentley, Bentley put his swords infront of him in an x formation being...
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posted by Skittles98
Kurt pulled the gauze out and gingerly wrapped it around my wound. I bit my lip as pain shot through my arm.
"Why did they want you?" Wanda asked
"I was bait. Bait for a certain father that never cared for me" I spat. Laura, Wanda and Laurna all snarled in unison.
"You misunderstand, mon Cheri. I do care for my daughter" Remy said, coming up to us.
"Gambit" I snarled
"Bon soir, mon ami" he grinned. I slapped him across the face.
"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place!" I shrieked
“And I am sorry আপনি had to get involved with our family rivalry” he said
“No you’re not. You’re...
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