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posted by The_Writer
The পরবর্তি few বই of Red Revenge may confuse some people, so I (with my professional little self) am going to try and clarify things:

Sam's father was killed in (surprise!) 2012 when Sam was (surprise!) 12. After two years of not being able to legally have vengeance, Sam (you'd never guess) donned the mask of Red Revenge and went out to kill the man who murdered his father. He was stopped দ্বারা a police ambush, but the man who killed his father (later known as Reaper) was arrested, escaping judgement দ্বারা faking being insane.

During a battle with muggers, a girl from Sam's school witnessed him unmasked and used this knowledge to become his "Oracle".

Revenge was a "secret" from Law Enforcement until Gremlin (electrical themed villain) forced Revenge to an act of heroism in public. The public praised him and he became to New York what ব্যাটম্যান was to Gotham.

At age 15, Alexa Lynx (Nightress অথবা Night Hunter at the time) was abducted দ্বারা escaped felon Reaper. Revenge was held back দ্বারা Alexa from killing the man and again Reaper was imprisoned. Alexa turned from theft and became a hero, moving (with Sam's help) to Manhattan. The cops there did not receive her as friendly as NY did RR.

At age 16, Sam's girlfriend Rose Walker had to সরানো to Minnesota where her father had become Governor. (her parents were divorced and her mom was in serious medical condition). Sam was তিক্ত at the fact Rose not only revealed their IDs to her father right before they moved, but the fact she "abandoned" him. He became further angered when she joined the international group The Freedom Fighters.

For a year, Sam was a loner fighting crime in NY. Late into 2016 (around December) a twelve বছর old boy named Ryan Salvaterez (Eagle) came to him and asked him if he could be Sam's sidekick (not partner). Sam agreed, and after a month, entrusted the boy with his secret ID. Ryan quickly sold it to his sister Lexi (Nightingale) for protection from the Black Hero. Lexi was a criminal and used her powers of গান গাওয়া (which controlled the impulsiveness of the mind) to force Grant not only to চুম্বন her, but to reveal his ID.

Reaper escaped for the third time and struck at Revenge's core, killing Ryan. Revenge had no choice but to let Reaper escape n order to get Ryan to a hospital. Ryan died on the operating টেবিল and Nightingale blamed Revenge for his death. Reaper was arrested দ্বারা police that night.

At age 18, a the Hundred Families (a Chinese version of the mob, except আরো powerful and set heavily in ancient tradition) put out a hit on Samuel Grant. After a confrontational battle, চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ Green (the assassin later known as Emerald) willingly became Revenge's "POW". When the Families tried to silence Green, Revenge literally fought until he was physically no longer able to. Green came to his rescue and after the Families were sent back to China, Green became Grant's new partner: Emerald.

At 19, a strange meteor crashed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vendicta was cloned and replaced. When Revenge discovered this, he quickly called the Freedom Fighters, but they had already rescued the original and captured the clone Vendicta.

An alien task force landed on Earth and began an assault on the most heavily populated areas, stressing on New York. Despite the government's attempts, only nuclear missiles damaged the alien ships long enough, and the President refused to launch them on heavily populated areas.

The Freedom Fighters, now composed of every single hero on Earth, attacked the aliens and managed to drive them back. Two died and several were critically injured including the leader and Revenge's arch-enemy Bluestreak. Revenge was appointed head of the Freedom Fighters. Using Grant Technology satellites, he discovered the original attack was a scouting mission and the real threat was coming.

Splitting the Freedom Fighters into a small group of six (including himself and Emerald) and the rest on the ground to stop the Venusians, Revenge and his band of six headed to Earth's orbit and the moon where they shot down the alien's supplies, leaving the mother ship unable to operate with no supples. The Venusians retreated and never attacked again.

When Sam was twenty, a new terrorist cell called the Undead began attacking countries around the world. With the Freedom Fighters off world, a new Vigilante surfaced in England, calling himself Red Revenge. The original, Samuel Grant went to investigate at the same time, চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ was sent in to the CIA to assist the government in any way possible to bring down these terrorists. She constantly supplied Sam with information.

Grant and the U.K. RR did not get along well. Seeing Rose Walker (Vendicta) had feelings for him though, Sam did nothing to hurt the boy majorly. --SPOILERS HIDDEN-- After the battle in Egypt, Sam returned to England and fought the last group of these terrorists.

Immediately following this, Revenge (Grant) was forced to travel to Russia with Green (as an undercover agent) and investigate suspicious activity revolving around nuclear power plants. Grant and Green quickly discovered the former World Super Power the U.S.S.R. Had cloned Joseph Stalin and were staging an uprising to take back Russia and re-instigate the Cold War.

Revenge stopped this attack, pushing the U.S.S.R. Back into hiding. Revenge returned to the U.S. and Green was relieved from duty in the C.I.A. দ্বারা now, Grant was 22 and started college. However, his life refused to remain peaceful. Reaper, the Dealer, and every other major enemy of Revenge's staged a major jail-break from North Penintentiary (Revenge's version of Arkham Asylum অথবা Strikers Island). They quickly became the head of G.O.O.N. (Gang Of Organized crimiNals) (Which RR thought was stupid). They waged war on Revenge, but were quickly defeated.


Life managed to stay still until Grant was 24. Starting two months after his 24th birthday, Revenge was visited first দ্বারা the devil himself, then দ্বারা Trapper (a terrorist leader who held NY hostage for five months), then দ্বারা a ghost (twin brother) of his departed side-kick Ryan. Sam's mother died in an explosion on Grant Tower (which was slowly re-constructed over 5 years) and Sarah (the school girl who saw Sam unmasked and was his "Pracle) was killed as well. One of Revenge's closest বন্ধু was driven insane and he killed her torturer.

Go read What Matters and The Legend Falls (2013/2014)
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posted by SilverWings13
Dozens of commuters passed Declan in the busy underground station. He leaned against a wall, out of their way. None paid attention to him as they went on their ways, ignoring him as if he were invisible. He preferred it that way.
A boy played গিটার a few feet off and a girl sang along. The song sounded familiar to Declan, but he was too caught up in replaying the scenes from the night before to pay enough attention to recall it.
Infiltrating the sweet, shutting off the power, attacking the men, and leaving all in five minutes. And collecting the photos, files, and all the information on himself...
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posted by InfinityYJ
So what if I'm late?! SCREW YOU!!!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that...
Tell me in the মতামত who আপনি would rather have roleplaying on here. Because I will roleplay as one of these three.
I'd prefer one of the girls... :3
but it's আপনি choice!

Name: Carrie Hudnall
Alias: Endgame
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Meta-Human Hero
Appearance: tan skin, dark brown eyes, short, pixie-cut black hair, thin, average height
Abilities/Powers: can see how someone dies and when they die, sees through hearing (which is superhuman), hand-to-hand and katanas
Personality: a little clueless and dumb, not to mention shy,...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Despite the lies that you’re making
Your প্রণয় is mine for the taking
My প্রণয় is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses...

A grim smile broke out on her face as she whispered the crude lyrics harshly, her throat dry from lack of water and too much inhaled rubble. Barefoot and barely alive, she stood from her crouching position and began to run on the rooftops, her hair practically taking a mind of it’s own as it flew out behind her in wild patterns. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand, coming back with a streak of blood, but she paid no attention as she leapt across the gap between...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Aroan Akiyama (A-ro-ah-n)
Alias: Thumper
Occupation:Hero; orphan
Powers:speed, strength, invisibility, street-fighting, weapons, tactic mind
History: Aroan doesn't know much of his past. He just knows he was abandoned on the streets and has been beaten for the way he looks. He hid amongst the shadows and darkness, becoming a master of hiding. He watched and learned how to fight. He was taken in when he was 7. But the couple who took him in were drug dealers. When he found out, they beat him and threw him on the streets. Aroan was then back to running for his life and getting into fights....
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Lara Nightingale

Occupation: Hero

Hero Name: Nightingale

Age: 16

Appearance: Dark-brown hair, green eyes, tall and slender

Powers: Has the power of flight, strength and longer stamina.

Knows jujitsu and is very good at evading enemies.

Hero costume: Purple crop শীর্ষ with long sleeves (With an "N" logo) Black pants, black boots, yellow utility belt, and a black cape with hood.

Civvies: Green crop top, three-quarter jean pants, white shoes, black baseball cap.

Weapons: None. She has her powers-she doesn't need weapons has her powers are strong enough.

Sarcastic and is a friendly person.

Family: Her grandma is Talia Al Ghul and her parents were killed in a plane crash-so she's a orphan.

Story: Came from the future (52 yrs from time)
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