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Fang's eyes opened, the male blinking rapidly before looking around. He shifted and winced, gripping onto the sheets. "Easy there." Chris ব্যক্ত from the chair, smiling before standing and making his way over to the chair. "How আপনি feeling?" He asked, sitting on the bed. "Like I died." Fang grumbled, looking at the IV's in his arms. "Still have your dry sense of humor.. So touch the IV's and I will knock আপনি out." Fang gave his brother an annoyed look before sighing. "How long?" He asked, tilting his head to look up at Chris. "Give অথবা take 6 months. It's probably take আপনি that long to get back on your feet like normal.. But then again, you've already improved since we got back, and you've just been laying here.. আপনি wanna sit up?" Fang gave a nod and took his brother's hand, pulling himself up, eyebrows pulling close from the pain. "You'll be sore, your injuries have hardly had time to heal." Chris said, sitting back in his chair. "Where's everyone else at?" Fang flexed his fingers before closing them back into a fist. "Well, Alex is, traumatized.. Scott is on his way, I've not got in touch with Devin yet.. Though I'm well satisfied she probably already knows." Chris shrugged, running his fingers through his hair. Fang turned and locked eyes with his brother, his head lowering slightly. The older of the two took a deep breath before beginning to explain.

"Your vision." Seraphs repeated again. "What did আপনি see?" He asked, eyes narrowing on the trembling child. Shane was silent before shaking his head, backing away in his chair. Shane's father cleared his throat, arms crossing. "I think it's best if আপনি leave for today." He stated and walked over, picking up the boy. Seraphs only chuckled, eying Shane out of the corner of his eye. "Fine.. But I will be back."

Trystan ran his fingers through his wet hair, rubbing off the clouded bathroom mirror with a sigh. He pulled on his bottoms, picking up the goggles off the bathroom sink, not realizing the bathroom door had opened. "He would have been proud আপনি know.." The male's voice that came through the opening was soft, his eyes wandering over Trystan's face. "As am I." Trystan smiled, setting them down, "I'd like to think that.. But I believe he would have been even আরো proud if he was alive." He frowned and looked back down, leaning on the sink. "Then, Zeal would have never saw the light of day." The male replied, moving to rest his shoulder on Trystan's shoulder. "There are some sacrifices that আপনি have to make, love.. No matter the টক taste it leaves behind."