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This Young Justice OC'S!!! ছবি contains নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

posted by khanna266
This is just something I really wanted to write I know It's really random.

"Babe,I'm home!"Jake had just walked inside the apartment that him and Ashton shared throwing his keys onto the coffee table.He then walked into the রান্নাঘর and grabbed a বিয়ার out of the fridge."Welcome back"Ashton caught him off guard wrapping his arms around him,"How was your day, gorgeous?"he then kissed his neck."It was good,"he smiled pleasurably"and আপনি seem to be making it even better"he then opened his drink and took a sip."Good,how about we watch a movie,perhaps we could watch transformers.You seem to প্রণয় that...
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posted by khanna266
It was the দিন that would make all Ari's dreams come true and she was feeling amazing.She came out of the bathroom and was wearing the wedding dress of her dreams."Oh my gosh Ari আপনি look beautiful!"Klei cried,"Thanks sis"Ari hugged her. Klei was very happy for her big sister."Are আপনি nervous?"Klei asked her,"Not really I mean I've always dreamed of getting married"Ari responded,
"At the age of 17?"Dick added walking into the room."Dick what are আপনি doing in here shouldn't আপনি be in the other room with Jaime?"Ari worried,
"Don't worry sis,I just wanted to check on you."he answered,"So are you...
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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If আপনি haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be আরো though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name অথবা hero name, etc. The সেকেন্ড word is usually a synonym অথবা বিবরণ of the সেকেন্ড word in the answer. The goal is to figure...
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