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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Amara Federmen

Alias: none

Age:14 (but would be 18 now)

status: deceased

Relations: a sibling like relationship/ friendship to BloodMist.

Appearance: deep blue eyes, straight black hair that goes just goes down to her elbows, 5,6 and thin.

Powers/Abilities: she was never really confident in her fighting skills but tried hard for her team to be useful in battles. She had the ability to heal others with magic, though she is unable to heal herself.

Civvies: unknown.

Past: Misty and Amara met when they were both 14, BloodMist had wandered into a city that was ব্যক্ত to be abandoned with hidden riches...
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posted by MafiaYJ
To finish off my big 3 as i called them:


Full Name : Odette Hardy
Nickname: Kitten
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: New York
Birthday: June 29, 1996
Currently living in: New York
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Occupation: Thief + Photographer
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Social Status: Undecided


Body Build: Fit but curvy
Height: 5’10
Weight: 120 lbs
Skin colour: Pale
Hair style: Long, usually down
Hair colour: Platinum blonde
Eye colour: Green
Accessories: cat and মাকড়সা earrings, choker necklace, camera, glasses/contacts


Likes: Video games, photography, Pinterest,...
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Warning: mentions of prostitution (no actual intense sex/nudity scenes). Also, bad words.

She answered to the lazy pounding on her door. The lobby ঘণ্টা had rang long enough পূর্বে that she had assumed her client had a difficult time climbing the stairs, and the sluggish knock confirmed the patron's heavy intoxication. The woman glanced in the mirror before turning the knob-- her last client had left half an ঘন্টা ago, but her makeup had already been reapplied to accentuate her tan skin, full lips, and other favorable features of her Romanian heritage. The tiny red ফালি with its band of tassels...
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posted by SilverWings13
Name: Callaghan Ivan Rurik
Reason অথবা meaning of name: Callaghan like the royal O'Callaghans of Ireland, Ivan for Ivan the Terrible of Russia, and Rurik because my mother's last name is আরো valuable than my father's.
Species: Warlock
Eye Color: Honey in the sunlight, midnight in the shade
Hair Style/Color: Short and dark with blonde highlights
Height: 6' even
Clothing Style: Flannels, t-shirts, jeans, and my glasses
Best Physical Feature: Everything (his humility)

Your Fears: Bats... Big, flying rats *shivers*
Your Guilty Pleasure: All night movie marathons...
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posted by khanna266
name:Matrix Ynieva
species:dark অ্যাঞ্জেল and human
appearance:Black hair dark eyes tall black অ্যাঞ্জেল wings pale skinned
powers:shoots balls of plasma out of his hands,controls tornadoes,black magic,flying,and can kill people with his mind,but only if he's looking at them

*He is Ashton's sworn nemesis and vows to kill him.

*he was প্রদত্ত birth to দ্বারা a dark অ্যাঞ্জেল and a human so he has been looking for a way to make him a full fledged dark angel,and will kill anybody who gets in his way.

Bio:He was born in the sands of Egypt under a full moon and his mother died giving...
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posted by Gunfire
Name: Xerran
age: 17
Gender: male
Apereance: blond hair, bleuw eyes, half lion.(see pick)
Powes: animal sences,animal strengt, retractebel claws.
Personalaty: loyal, impulsif, always protects his friends, often dont think and just act on his animal instinks.
Realation to team: he is gunfires long হারিয়ে গেছে twin brother.
History: he is gunfires twin brother, but when he was 5 years old he got হারিয়ে গেছে in the woods around gotham, and after thad got raised দ্বারা lions. He leand thad is brother was still in gotham a fewe weeks পূর্বে and gunfire told him about the cave, thouw somtings are still stance to hime, beceas he lived in the wild whit the lions fore 12 years.
he speaks normaly englys beceast he leard thad before he got lost.
he is not used to interacting whit pepol well anymore
He hase a knive made out of bone, thad he somtimes uses, thouw he prefers the uses of he owne claws.
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