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posted by Robin_Love
WARNING: This is violent. There isn't a happy ending. If আপনি choose to read, be prepared.

“How long has it been?”
“Almost a month.”
“How is she still alive?! আপনি ব্যক্ত she'd be ours within the week!”
“Calm down; we underestimated her. But we won't do that again. She has to break soon. Then we can mold her again.”
“You better or-”
“Or what?! আপনি don't have any power without us!”
“Don't kill her. আপনি need her as much as I do.”
“For now. If she proves to be a problem-”
A knock sounded against the heavy metal door. It scratched the door as it was opened. A man walked in, dressed...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Jessie Bennett
Jessie Bennett
Name: Jessie Bennett
Alias: None
Powers: Healing, combat
Occupation: Doctor
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Jessie Bennett came from a long line of pure-blood healers. Her race is unknown, despite how human she looks. Her প্রদত্ত name has been forgotten. She came to Earth much like the Man of Steel. But she was found দ্বারা a traveling caravan in an Arabian desert. She grew up among them and immediately took a fondness to medicine. দ্বারা accident, she found out her inhuman abilities when she was five. Almost immediately, she was sent away, to America. She spent almost a বছর in a facility, learning English....
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