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The team had no idea what had gotten into Wally. As of a week ago, he'd been talking to the same “person” Robin was; and they were starting to worry. They ব্যক্ত nothing to the two of them, talking quietly to themselves. They decided to come out and ask if the two boys were pulling a prank. প্রদত্ত their record for pranking everyone (especially Superboy), it would seem like the sort of thing they would do. So it was not unexpected when Robin and Wally were surprised to find the team waiting for them. The two exchanged looks as the team lead them into the living/dining/kitchen room area. Artemis looked freaked out, Kaldur looked confused. Megan looked worried and Superboy...well he looked totally bored. But that was expected from him. Wally let out a noticeable gulp while Robin managed to look laid back.
“W-what's up guys?” Wally asked.
Damn! His voice betrayed just how freaked he was. And that amused gleam came back into Artemis' cute blue eyes. Stop it stop it! What are আপনি thinking?! She's your enemy! আপনি can't think she's cute! Unaware of his mental tirade, Kaldur answered the প্রশ্ন in his usual monotone voice.
“We've been a little worried about আপনি two.”
The team looked at Robin. He was staring at them, blue eyes narrowed behind his mask. He couldn't believe they were going into this again!
“What?” Artemis asked.
“It's about Devin isn't it?” Robin's voice had betrayed a small portion of his anger, Batman's training helping to keep any আরো emotion out of his tone.
“Well yeah! How is it আপনি could hear her and now Wally too but not us?”
“Devin says it's because আপনি don't want to believe in her.”
“Oh my-Do আপনি hear yourself Robin? Two weeks পূর্বে আপনি would have denied ever hearing a voice. Now you're...you're-”
“What Artemis? Crazy? Abnormal? Unusual? Because last time I checked, that's what we all are. We're not normal humans, some of us not even human! We have gifts that allow us to help each other and those who need it. So if having an অ্যাঞ্জেল as a friend makes me different, then I guess আপনি haven't taken a very good look at this team!”
Robin turned and walked out of the room, cape flowing behind him. They sat in stunned silence for quite some time. The only sound that broke the quiet was the loud slam of Robin's door. But the others were too shocked to really notice; Robin never yelled! Actually, he never got mad! Whatever had happened the night of the attack had effected him in a much deeper way then the team had realized. And, somehow, they had just made it worse.

Robin sat on his bed. He couldn't believe they'd done that! Not only had he read the suspicion and doubt in their eyes but, if he admitted it, he had found a growing liking to Devin. Being near her-hearing her voice-had brought a new outlook on the whole situation. His whole body shook with anger, his shoulders and hands tense. A gentle hand was laid on his back but there was no sign of any person when he looked behind him; Devin. He'd forgotten she'd heard the whole thing and he was a little worried on how he would react.
The sound of that voice caused him to relax, the gentle kindness surfacing in the room.
“I'm sorry Devin. I don't know why that happened.”
He saw the imprint of her body on the bed, her hand resting on one of his. A light wind appeared and Robin guessed Devin was adjusting her wings. The room was silent but it was comfortable. Just the ability of knowing Devin was near him brought a peace to Robin's mind. He could feel his emotions calming even as the loud voices of his teammates walked down the hallway and in his ears. He let out a long, exhausted sigh.
“Robin. Do not stress yourself for my sake. Your team is a part of your family; your heart.”
“So are you.”
The words were out before he had a chance to think them through. He heard a small gasp and then a happy giggle; he smiled.
“Robin I am flattered আপনি think of me as your family. আপনি too are mine. But even so, I am just one person. They are five people. How they look does not matter; their হৃদয় is what makes them human. And humans, as আপনি know, tend to প্রদর্শনী affection in one way অথবা another. Even দ্বারা denying what can not be seen is real.”
“But I know you're real. That's enough to make me care about you.”
Tender lips brushed against his forehead.
“Thank আপনি for caring. It's very sweet little bird. And I care for আপনি too. But please do not get ক্রুশ with your teammates just because they don't know me.”
“I don't know Devin...”
“Please Robin? For me?”
Robin bit his lip. Then he let out a yielding sigh.
“Alright Devin. For আপনি I'll forgive them.”
“Thank you.”
The words were hushed but the emotion behind it was far from quiet. They screamed through the words; a mix of প্রণয় and happiness accompanied দ্বারা a slight cry of relief. A knock sounded on his door and Megan poked her head in.
“Hey,” she said.
“Hi. আপনি can come in.”
Robin didn't turn but he could hear Megan come towards the বিছানা দ্বারা the small rush of wind she created. Devin moved to sit beside Robin and Megan, unknowingly, took her vacated spot. The room became silent once more, tension in the air.
“I'm sorry,” Robin burst out.
Megan blinked in surprise.
“Why are আপনি sorry? We're the ones who questioned you.”
“Yeah. But I snapped at আপনি guys. It wasn't right. আপনি guys have feelings too and I was wrong to yell.”
Megan smiled at him.
“It's okay. আপনি are entitled to your own feelings.”
Robin smiled but it didn't last very long. It was kinda depressing to see the usually smiling Boy Wonder not looking happy.
“Look, I don't know much about Earth culture অথবা belief but I'm trying. And I know the others are trying to understand আপনি as well. We just don't know what to do.”
“Well, আপনি could always try to believe. I mean, it couldn't hurt right?”
“I guess not but...”
“What's a Dark Angel?”
A smile lit up Robin's face.
“An অ্যাঞ্জেল that literally fell from Heaven and ended in Hell. Basically, an অ্যাঞ্জেল from Hell. But not all of them are bad. Devin's one of the good, intelligent ones. And she says that she won't harm us. I trust her. But the real প্রশ্ন is do আপনি trust me?”
Megan's eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
“Of course I trust you! You're one of my best friends!”
“Chill Meg. I'm just being honest. If আপনি trust me then আপনি should be able to try believing in Devin.”
Megan bit her lip. Robin's words made sense but what was she to do with them? She wasn't accustomed to Earth ways but she would try. As best she could anyway. It just seemed unnatural for something to be undetected. Even on Earth where things were not as they seemed; she would know. Robin stared at her, head tilted in question. He was waiting for a sign of some sort. Megan looked down and head Robin heave a loud sigh.
“It's alright Megan. I'm can't force আপনি to believe in something. And I don't want to. I'm fine as long as your okay, as long as the team's okay. Everybody's different and that's fine; it's how it was meant to be. But one day, hopefully, you'll all be able to see Devin. I know she'll be happy. I know it'll happen on it's own time. And I can wait.”
Megan met his masked gaze and leaned in, স্নেহ চুম্বন his cheek. Unfortunately for both of them, Wally ran in at that exact moment. And his surprise quickly faded.
“Dude! I can't-how'd you-Dude!”
Robin and Megan both blushed horribly. Wally kept yelling at super-speed. Which was both good and bad. The good part was that no body could understand him. The bad part was that everyone could hear him. He just kept yelling unrecognizable words, even after the others came to see what the problem was.
“Wally,” Artemis said.
He kept on going, slowing down a little.
His words were jumbled together, slurred even আরো দ্বারা how fast he was talking.
Wally took deep breaths, finally realizing that they hadn't understood him. His eyes were wide as he looked from Robin and Megan on the বিছানা to Superboy, Kaldur, and Artemis standing against one wall. His green eyes were filled with innocence from being yelled at, obviously confused as to what he'd done now. And it caused the others to laugh hysterically. Except for Superboy. But a small smile appeared on his face. As they continued to laugh, Wally only grew আরো confused. He didn't understand what was so funny অথবা why they were even laughing. So he pouted. He sat on Robin's ডেস্ক chair, stubbornly refusing to see the hilarious situation of his own actions.
“I don't see what's so funny,” he muttered.
Devin's laugh rang in his ear as she stood beside his chair. The gentle flap of her wings brought a reluctant smile to his face. It wasn't that hard for any speedster-especially Wally-to become distracted দ্বারা something and have a dramatic mood change. The laughter finally died down and quiet was restored to the entire team once again. But it was a warm and comforting silence, very unlike the silence that had filled them when Robin had stormed out of the room.
“So, Kid Idiot,” Artemis began, using one of her famous nicknames for him. “What exactly were আপনি yelling about?”
“Umm...I don't remember.”
Robin's slightly muffled cackle broke through his gloved hands, taunting Wally dangerously. And it only encouraged আরো laughter. But this time it was much quieter and lasted half as long. When the silence settled in again, they exchanged looks with each other. Not only was the entire mountain quiet, but it was also boring. And Young Justice didn't do boring. So a video game war broke out among the boys while Megan and Artemis decided to sit in the room, পাঠ করা various magazines. দ্বারা the time Red Tornado arrived at base, it was well past midnight and the team was laying on the floor, sound asleep.

Devin smiled sweetly at the team in front of her. They were fast asleep and their guardian had just left the room. It was quiet, minus the sound of snoring coming from the boys. She knelt down and, placing a চুম্বন on his forehead, brushed some hair off of Robin's forehead. She stood once more, pulling the dark শার্ট down over the hem of her dark jeans. Her black high-heeled boots click-clacked against the metal floors. She left the base, heading into the cold wind. Her hands were gesturing some form of a sign, casting a spell of protection on the mountain. She flapped her black wings, rising into the sky. She was rising steadily, clouds covering her from human eyes. As she flew, her bright blue eyes scanned the scenery. The portal should be here...somewhere.
A sudden black streaked caused Devin to stop, wings flapping to remain in the sky. A male, black hair drooping into his blood-thirsty red eyes, floated above her. His white teeth were প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে from his evil smirk, little fangs biting into his lips. His attire, was simple but attention drawing. The black skinny jeans hung on his frame tightly, প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে off the muscles in his legs. His black boots were worn but shiny. A loose red শার্ট covered half of his chest, tucked into his jeans. His arms were covered in the sleeves, hands playing with some sort of magic cube. The wings on his back were pointed and sharp, the light gleaming off those black beauties. Devin smirked at him, hands on hips.
“What's the matter, Travis? Couldn't wait for me?”
His smirk grew into a malicious grin.
“Of course not. Why would I come to greet you? The master's waiting at headquarters. She thought আপনি might be...lost.”
Devin crossed her arms over her chest, her smile turning into a fierce snarl.
“I can handle myself. Besides, shouldn't আপনি be out on your runs?”
“Change of plans. The master sent me to get you. So it looks like আপনি have been graced দ্বারা my presence.”
Devin rolled her eyes.
“Typical egotistical Dark Angel.”
She descended from the sky, feeling the familiar pain shoot up her spine as the portal beamed her into Sensai Turron's dojo. It was a wide open মহাকাশ with no ceiling. But the walls kept intruders অথবা spies from lurking and the stars from the real world shone down on it. Lush greenery made it seem আরো like a garden than a place of training. But Sensai Turron's quarters gave আপনি a different look on it; if আপনি were lucky enough to get in. Devin landed সেকেন্ড before Travis did, her footsteps echoing in the quiet atmosphere. On the steps to her chambers stood Sensai Turron herself. She looked like a normal human, red hair pulled in a tight bun while her brown eyes glistened wisely. But underneath the Japanese kimonos she wore, her skin was infected with scars from her many battles and a devil's tale was her one disgrace. She was trained at super-human levels and it enabled her to use whatever attack form she needed to take down the শীর্ষ heroes. Devin kneeled before her Sensai, Travis doing the same.
“Devin. Your task has been successful?”
It was a statement, not a question. Devin answered just the same.
“The team has been infiltrated my Sensai.”
“And the team itself?”
“Barely holding together. Shall I interfere?”
Devin shrunk back a little, head bowed still.
“No. That won't be necessary.”
Turron walked down the stairs, stopping on the bottom level.
“What do আপনি make of the League Devin?”
“Strong and well trained. One weakness.”
Turron raised an eyebrow and so Devin spoke, having felt eyes on her.
“Their sidekicks. Take away their children, the League comes down.”
A smile formed on Turron's lips, a pleasantly evil smile.
“Good work my young Widow.”
Devin mentally cringed at the name. She shut her eyes as tight as possible.
“Good may come from আপনি yet. Where is te League now?”
“Minnesota. A super villain of some sort that urged great concern.”
“And the young team?”
“Asleep. But not all have become...aware of my presence.”
“How many know?”
Devin heard an angry sigh.
“You must force them Devin. If they do not know of you, our plans are ruined.”
“I can not. No one can be forced to believe in what they can not see.”
“Learn that from the humans, Devin? What have I told you? The humans know nothing. Therefore we must force our knowledge to them. Either they use it অথবা die from it. But humans can't be treated like us Devin. They are misguided.”
Devin bit her tongue, holding back words that threatened to spill from her lips.
“What must I do?”
“Infiltrate and decieve. It's what I trained আপনি for.”
Devin nodded her head.
“Which two know of you?”
“The speedster and Boy Wonder, Sensai. But the others-”
“Will soon see আপনি as well.”
“But they haven't seen me.”
“Why not Devin?”
The tone was cold and hard, free from emotion.
“I have not gained their complete trust.”
Sensai Turron looked up at the stars shinning through the portal before turning back to Devin.
“Go. Continue as আপনি are. Until further instructed.”
Devin rose, bowed, and flew away. Travis stood, eyes on his Sensai.
“What is my mission?” he asked.
“Observe her. If she hasn't been revealed within the week, kill her.”
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