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Artemis and Wally walked through the park today was a দিন off of the team and Wally and Artemis wanted to spend sometime alone and away from the others. It has been a while ever since the whole wonderland thing for Artemis but after she escaped out of that dream.... a little part of her wanted to go back even if it meant for all that to happen again. Wally and Artemis walked down the path holding hands, Artemis looked down but saw something at the corner of her eye, something white. She looked over in the feild and saw a white rabbit staring at her, but it did not at all look like Zatanna but it was really... really weird, as Artemis and Wally passed it its head turned to the side slightly and followed her with its eyes. Artemis clung to Wally's arm which made Wally look down at her, " আপনি alright?" he asked. " Yea.. it's just i saw a-" As Artemis looked over the rabbit was gone, she gasped, " saw what?" Wally asked as he looked in the direction Artemis was staring at.


" What do আপনি mean the ফুল is sick!?" Madhatter exclaimed as he looked at the white rabbit. The white rabbit turned into a girl and said, " I dont know its just sick... cant আপনি see it's weeping" she ব্যক্ত as she pointed at the flower. The স্বর্ণ in the petals were fadeing into a greyish yellow and the stem, " I-I dont understand.... the ফুল was meant to be strong how can it be sick!, it survives any harsh weather thats thrown at it! it cant just get sick out of nowhere!" The Madhatter exclaimed. " Perhaps... there is something inside Artemis that is making her die on the inside its tearing her apart?" Zatanna said, " like what?" Jinx ব্যক্ত as she walked up to the others. Zatanna looked at the two, " Something stronger then we cant even imagine, something that even the ফুল cant handle..."


K so here is a প্রিভিউ of another fanfic im writting tell me if i should continue this, I am also making another story with other people that im like bffl's with so i will start that soon too KK SO YEA মতামত ON IT IF YA LIKE THANKS BAI XD
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robin pov

it was a normal দিন at the cave me and wally were playing black opps but then team প্রতিবেদন to the brething room . i ran to down the hall but then i stopped as i look at a gorgeus girl team this is midnight she is your new teamate her secret ID is Alana brown she is black canreys sidekick ব্যক্ত batman. partner ব্যক্ত alana .she had jet black rocker hair, serpente blue eyes and a sexy frame she was perfect.conner and wally of coruse were drowling over her but me and kalder is new.ok do আপনি want me to enterdece every one? ব্যক্ত batman. no i want to tryalana ব্যক্ত wally west, artemis crock,...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Dick had worked a few hours and already knew that this was the worst job ever. He had mixed up a bunch of orders, experienced his first lunch rush, cleaned the bathrooms which wasn’t pretty, spilled a few drinks, and right now he was dealing with a register that had a mind of its own.
“Okay so that’s one chilli burger and” He pushed a button when the register opened hitting his stomach.
“Ow. Don’t open yet” He told the cash register. He pushed it back in.
“Let’s try again. One chili burger” He said. The register opened again. Dick backed away before it hit him again.
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posted by SilverWings13
Hauntings part V-Allies

"So you're saying Gordon Tin was dead when আপনি got to his apartment?"
"Actually, he was alive. They were talking when I came in."
"They were talking?"
"It sounded আরো like arguing. Gordon was yelling when the assassin shot him."
"How did আপনি get in the apartment? Did আপনি have a key? Pick the lock?"
Batgirl stepped in পরবর্তি to Robin. "What were they arguing about? Did আপনি hear anything about the Key? The Weapon? Was there any mention of-"
Nightwing cleared his throat. "Why don't we give Mr. Howard a little break. Let him rest."
"Nightwing," Robin contradicted, "he's a witness...
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My প্রশ্ন since the beggining is still noit clear... Is this the creation of the writters অথবা are they going to follow the comics story line??

Because in the comics Tenn Titans came first and the Robin was Dick Grayson...after a few years Young Justice was created and the Robin that was in YJ is Tim Drake... not Dick.

Is the YJ TV series a creation of the writer, meaning that they will ignore the creation of Teen Titans??

I must say, The fist episode of Season 2: " Happy Ney Year"was confusing, they left so many things uncleared... but maybe that's what they want???

Or that somehow after everything...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally walked into the mountain, it was his birthday and he knew he was getting a suprise party, he walked into the kitchen/ living room area and the lights flickered on, " suprise! " everyone on the team ব্যক্ত including the flash, " whaaaat!? oh আপনি guys how did আপনি know! " Wally ব্যক্ত অভিনয় suprised, Robin rolled his eyes behind his sun glasses " আপনি wouldnt shut up about your birthday coming up " Becca said, Willow came up to Wally and led him to the table, " we've made two cakes for আপনি " Willow said, " then what will আপনি guys eat? " Wally asked. Willow giggled " we made কাপকেক for us so...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 4-

"Artemis, Wally. Scout ahead." Robin whispered.

"You are joking, right?" Wally asked.

"Of course, আপনি two would blow the mission over the color of the sky." Robin said. "Babs, আপনি and Artemis take point. Wally and I will provide cover."

"Got it." Batgirl said. "Lets go Artemis."

The two females dashed from behind cover to a truck on the other side of the parking lot.

After a moment, Batgirl motioned that the area was clear. Robin and Wally dashed out and headed for the two girls.

Wally tripped halfway across and knocked over an empty barrel. It clanged to the ground and Robin froze. Suddenly,...
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posted by robinfanforever
Wally’s POV

Ok so the team and I just got back from one of our missions against a guy that called himself Jo Ker. Not Joker but Jo and then Ker. Wow this guy had no imagination. অথবা at least, that’s what I thought when Bats told us about the mission, but when we finally got there and started fighting him… This guy was whacked. No imagination my butt.

He threw a doll head at me and ব্যক্ত it was gonna explode. I mean come on, a doll head? How crazy can this guy be? He also tried to tell us that this green piece of rope was a snake that was gonna eat us all, a clown shoe was gonna grow huge...
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 What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
I woke up and headed to the Dinning room in Batmans house I was surprised to see breckfeast already there and it had my name and a note i read the note and it said:

Hey Babe,

After আপনি eat brekfeast come meet me at MT.Justice
I have a surprise for you.


Better not keep him waiting.I rushed over to Mt.Justice and everyone was arguing.
I said:What`s up guys whats with the fighting?
Artemis came and took my arm:Tell them how your comming with me to practice archery!
Wally said: No shes comming with me we are having a speed contest!
M`gann also said:NO she`s comming with me we`re cooking together!...
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posted by Denelys
The alarm clock rang,I looked for my suit and took my bag filled with presents.I flew over to MT.Justice with a huge smile.

"HAPPY BLORTHOG!!,Huh? whats wrong guys?"I said,
"Aletter came in the mail here for আপনি but we opened it,sorry"Said M`gann
"Okay,wheres the lettter then?"I said.
"Here read it."Said Wally with his voice breaking.
"FireBlaster im so sorry".Adedd Robin,
As I read tears fell from my eyes as they turned dark blue with my hair,when I fineshed the letter, I had a breakdown I put my hands on head and fell curling in a ball screeming:Kumenazai,Kumenazai,Kumenazai!!!.And Blacked out....
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Packed house. Cake. Music. It only means one thing.

We'll if আপনি had the JL there. It was a pretty silent night at GA's house with only one adult and 8 teenagers. Wally was stuffing his mouth with hand fulls of cake while Artemis joined the other girls dancing to the music. Kaldur and Conner played a video game with the birthday boy as নেকড়ে watched. There's one person missing in this picture.
He burst in the room a flashlight in his hand.
"There's something weird outside. আপনি gotta see" everyone froze glancing at each other.
"Okay Robbie too scared to check it out yourself?"...
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