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posted by justjill
Sadly I did not type this but I found this very cute! :3 (Waltermis fan)Sorry a bit late for christmas... XD

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But Imma be under the mistletoe.”

Everyone’s heads were bent over, staring at the last decoration in the bottom of the box. Wally’s and Artemis’s expressions were akin to expecting the object to explode at any minute. Robin and Zatanna looked highly amused. Kaldur appeared confused, Conner bored, and Megan ecstatically delighted with the prospect of all the happy situations the object would bring.


The present situation the team found themselves in was brought about দ্বারা Red Tornado and Kaldur spending the afternoon sifting through storage room boxes. Kaldur had come across several large containers marked “Christmas Decorations,” and Red Tornado explained that the Justice League would decorate Mount Justice every বছর with the festive ornaments right after Thanksgiving.

Kaldur, thinking that it would be a fun team activity, moved the boxes downstairs to the common room for them to open later. As it turned out, his suggestion was greeted with unanimous success. Even Superboy, who usually met such ideas with taciturn stiffness and an eye roll, seemed to enjoy himself as he and নেকড়ে dragged in a large fir বৃক্ষ from the nearby woods.

Zatanna and, to everyone’s surprise, Red অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো both stopped দ্বারা the cave to assist the team. Initially, Artemis and Roy had to be separated on opposite ends of the room to decorate, but with a little egging on from Roy, Artemis pulled out her crossbow and expertly pinned up boughs of garland and চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ he casually tossed up. His face may have been scowling, but Aqualad could see he was impressed, especially when she made several of the shots without looking. After anchoring the twenty foot বৃক্ষ with Wally, Roy’s com went off, and the archer took the পরবর্তি zeta tube out to তারকা City.

Megan went crazy with the twinkle lights, stringing them in elegant loops from one side of the living room to the other and even framing the entrances to the রান্নাঘর and the zeta tubes with the strands. Artemis and Roy had put up all the garland, so the team eagerly dug into to the box filled with ornaments for the tree.

Robin and Zatanna sat on Kaldur’s and Conner’s shoulders to hang the multi-colored orbs on the taller branches, gradually making it into a game to see who could suspend the most ornaments in the least amount of time. When Zatanna used magic to give her and Kaldur an edge, all bets were off, and Batarangs went flying.

They were so involved in the বৃক্ষ decorating war that they failed to halt the argument between Wally and Artemis over putting up the tinsel. Artemis wanted to wait until after all the ornaments were in place; Wally wanted to drape the mirror-like strands across the branches right away. The disagreement continued to escalate until Wally, utilizing his super speed, took all the tinsel and wrapped it around Artemis.

The archer saw a blur of movement before finding a shiny streamer blocking her eye. Blowing it back, her jaw dropped at the mess of silver that encased her from head to toe. Wally stood a good ten feet away, looking infuriatingly smug for someone who had just signed his own death warrant.

“You’re a dead man, Kid,” was all the warning Wally received before Artemis was chasing him down, crossbow in hand.

Black Canary dropped by, expecting to increase training time now that her students were on break from school. She arrived at the cave and stood পরবর্তি to Red Tornado, who seemed to be watching the scene unfold with an odd parental serenity.

M’gann was laughing and hovering over the বড়দিন tree, ensuring that it and its decorations didn’t fall down and crash into the floor in light of the all-out battle now taking place between Team Zatanna/Aqualad and Team Robin/Superboy. Aqualad focused on blocking Superboy’s attacks and tossed objects while Zatanna used her magic to transform Robin’s batarangs into all manner of interesting items. So far, they had been changed into eight নাশপাতি trees (complete with their own partridges), four calling birds, a handful of French hens, and two কচ্ছপ doves that were currently caught between a cornered Kid Flash and an irate Artemis.

Black Canary didn’t really have the হৃদয় to interrupt, so she silently strode toward the arena, intent on updating everyone’s training regimes.

Eventually, the seven teens collapsed on the sofas, tired but still laughing from the day’s events. All the birds had been released outside, almost all the tinsel was removed from Artemis’s hair, and Zatanna, in the spirit of the season, transformed the নাশপাতি trees into eight stockings with everyone’s name in a loopy scrawl, including Red Tornado’s.

M’gann mentally moved the last box toward her, peering down into its depths. “Hey, it looks like we missed a decoration!”

Everyone peered over the cardboard edges. “Is that—“

“Mistletoe!” M’gann exclaimed delightedly. “Who wants to help me put it up?” she asked, ignoring the mixed looks of horror and indifference from the older teens, turning to her younger teammates instead.

Hence, the current awkward predicament.

Zatanna, bless her heart, stepped up to the plate. “Tell আপনি what, I’ll hang it up somewhere, and everyone else can have fun figuring out where I put it.”

Before anyone could protest, the young magician chanted some unintelligible Latin phrase, and the Cave was full of Zatanna copies darting here and there. The team was only aware of her completed mission when the transporter announced her departure.

“Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone,” she taunted, laughing before a burst of light enveloped her.

Two days later, Kaldur and M’gann found the sprig dangling above the ring in which they were currently sparring. Kaldur was the first to notice the বড়দিন decoration, and he paused the match to point it out to the martian.

“Oooh…You know what this means, right?” she asked the Atlantian.

Kaldur did not have the chance to respond before M’gann pecked him lightly on the cheek. “Gotta প্রণয় earth traditions.”

“We should probably সরানো it somewhere less…distracting,” Kaldur mumbled, hiding a smile.

“I guess it could negatively affect our training,” the Martian agreed, flying up to remove the plant. She turned to her sparring partner, a mischievous grin making its way across her face. “So, where should we hang it next?”


It became something of a game to the team. The মিনিট the পরবর্তি two victims had succumbed to the inevitable magnetism of the parasitic plant, they hid it in a new location so their successors couldn’t avoid it. Most of the time it was a public discovery, and the rest of the team watched unabashedly as the poor souls gave in to the unavoidable ritual.

Robin and Artemis had been caught under the mistletoe in the gym, and Robin had প্রদত্ত the archer a rather gentlemanly চুম্বন on the শীর্ষ of her hand.

Black Canary, Aqualad, and Superboy had all stood under it unknowingly in the doorway leading to the sparring arena. Both boys gave their mentor small synchronized kisses on her cheeks, but not quickly enough to avoid Robin snapping a ছবি of it from his camera phone.

Zatanna and Robin discovered it looming overhead their পালঙ্ক during a movie night. Robin went for her cheek, but Zatanna went in for the kill, causing Robin to blush at the memory for the পরবর্তি week anytime it was brought up.

Wally found himself under the mistletoe sitting in between both Artemis and Zatanna on the রান্নাঘর barstools. Robin laughed at his best friend’s priceless expression when both girls gave him resounding simultaneous smooches on his cheekbones.

Red Arrow, to the surprise of everyone including Artemis, simply rolled his eyes and deemed it a necessary evil to participate in the stupid tradition দ্বারা planting one on Artemis’s forehead when they had been caught underneath. He didn’t stop দ্বারা the Cave much after that incident, stating he’d be back after New Year’s.

Superboy and Miss Martian seemed to have a penchant for finding the love-inducing decoration throughout the cave, including the hanger entrance, the hallway to the bedrooms, outside the kitchen, etc. The team finally had to make a ground rule that they weren’t allowed to hang up the mistletoe together anymore.

দ্বারা far, the team’s পছন্দ mistletoe occurrence was between Black Canary and Red Tornado in the debriefing room.

Kid Flash flitted through the room in passing, running away from Artemis for some reason অথবা the other, but not before pausing to say, “Huh, so that’s where it went.”

Artemis, Robin, and Aqualad happened to enter the room at that moment, bearing witness to Black Canary grabbing Red Tornado’s shoulders and স্নেহ চুম্বন him right on the mouth. For the rest of the afternoon, no one had the হৃদয় to tell the robot that he still had red lipstick smudges on his face.


Robin was only slightly disappointed in the romantic powers of the mistletoe, whose whereabouts were currently unknown, and he confessed as much to Zatanna a few days before Christmas.

“You’d think that they would have at least kissed দ্বারা now, what with how long it’s been up and how many opportunities they’ve had,” he told the magician, who was currently hiding out with the Boy Wonder in an air vent overlooking the debriefing room.

“You know, they check the room before entering if they see each other coming,” Zatanna informed him, pulling a peppermint stick out of her mouth.

“What?!” Robin winced as his exclamation echoed off the metal walls. Definitely not covert.

“Yep,” Zatanna popped the “p”. “Artemis only kissed him with me that one দিন because I didn’t give her time to scout out the room.”

“She’s almost as paranoid as Batman,” Robin mused, looking down at the empty room through slits in the vent. He let out a sigh. “I don’t understand; we’ve hung it up in every possible location where they would stand together.”

“True,” the magician agreed, swinging her legs around to a আরো comfortable position. “Unfortunately, there’s always someone else under it first.”

Robin ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated. “I just thought that maybe it would help them get through this denial that they’re both adamantly sticking to.”

“Hey,” she placed a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t beat yourself up. It was all in good fun, right? There’s still a few আরো days until Christmas, so আপনি never know. And we could probably get away with leaving it up until New Year’s.”

Robin sighed again. Zatanna, seeking to get her friend out of his funk, thought of something she was sure would cheer him up. “Wanna change Red Arrow’s zeta tube announcement back to Speedy?”

Her grin was infectious, and Robin found himself smiling back. “Yeah, we can access the panel down this side shaft…”


বড়দিন Eve dawned with a fresh blanket of snow outside. The team spent the majority of the দিন outdoors, making snow angels, building ice forts and having snowball wars until chattering teeth and frostbitten noses could no longer be ignored. It was dusk when they finally trudged inside, hanging up sopping gloves, hats, and scarves in exchange for mugs of hot chocolate. Quilts and pillows were distributed as everyone squished around the টেলিভিশন for a বড়দিন movie marathon, getting up for occasional ভুট্টার খই refills অথবা to distribute আরো steaming cocoa.

Stories of বড়দিন traditions interspersed with laughing created an atmosphere of true merriment. Between the lull of the টেলিভিশন and the gradual dimming of the cinnamon candles, the sleepy teenagers slowly made their way to bed.

Everyone had come for Superboy’s and M’gann’s first Christmas, and Artemis generously allowed Zatanna to bunk with her for the night. It was decided that they would all head back to share বড়দিন morning with their families after exchanging gifts at Mount Justice.

The twinkling lights overhead and draped around the বৃক্ষ were left on to greet the silence, casting ever-changing shadows across the walls of the mountain. They glowed in the peaceful quiet, the tranquility of the situation broken only দ্বারা Artemis trekking downstairs to the রান্নাঘর at one in the morning.

Her head was inside the fridge, searching for a container Kid Flash hadn’t put his mouth directly on, when a voice startled her out of her search.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Artemis whipped her head out of the fridge so quickly it made her dizzy. There, clad in flannel pajama pants and an old white t-shirt stood Wally, arms crossed, hair disheveled, faint beginnings of a smile ghosting across his lips. He was leaning on the counter পরবর্তি to the stove. Artemis wondered how he snuck up on her so easily.

“No,” she replied, turning back to the task at hand and ignoring the way he stood behind her, opening the appliance door wider to peer inside too.

“I didn’t drink from the eggnog carton, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“Yeah, actually. Thanks,” she told him, grabbing the beverage before ducking underneath his arm. “Do আপনি want some?” Her civility toward the speedster surprised them both.

“Umm… sure,” came Wally’s disbelieving reply as he closed the fridge, opting instead to eat one of M’gann’s homemade বড়দিন বিস্কুট overflowing from several platters on the counter.

Artemis poured them each a mug before putting the carton away.

“Cheers,” Wally toasted, clacking his mug into hers.

“Merry Christmas.” She smiled, taking a sip of the sweet concoction.

“It’s বড়দিন already?” Wally asked, glancing down at his watch. “Huh, I guess so.” He returned the archer’s smile over his cup. “Merry Christmas, Artemis.”

They leaned against the counter in contented silence, watching the lights flash across the বৃক্ষ and drinking their eggnog.

Wally downed the rest in one long gulp, setting his mug পরবর্তি to hers and turning to the archer with an eggnog-moustache across his upper lip. “Want another cup?”

She turned toward him, a matching moustache of her own. “Sure.”

He stood পরবর্তি to her under the refrigerator and was about to retrieve the carton when he heard her gasp.

“Wha—” he followed her line of sight above his head. There, in all its festive, kiss-stealing glory, hung the mistletoe.

“Who put that there?” Wally whispered.

“I put it on the বড়দিন বৃক্ষ after স্নেহ চুম্বন Kaldur,” Artemis whispered back, not daring to believe what was about to happen. “We were the last two people…” Her voice trailed off.

“Who moved it, I wonder…” Green eyes met gray.

“Does it matter?” Artemis murmured, unconsciously taking a step toward the red head.

“No,” he breathed, matching her step for step until they met directly under the green sprig.

She sighed. “It’s just a stupid tradition, right?” Her eyes never left his, betraying her uncertainty that she thought it was anything but stupid.

“Right.” His eyes traveled from hers down to her mouth, faint traces of the beverage moustache still present, “It’s tradition.” They weren’t convincing anyone, least of all themselves.

But the moment his lips met hers, it didn’t matter.

Wally kissed away the remaining eggnog, relishing the spicy essence on his tongue. Her mouth was hot on his, and it came with its own exotic blend of flavors. Combining that with the delectable beverage that they both consumed that sent his thoughts careening toward oblivion, like an unbound function reaching toward infinity. She tasted like Christmas, and স্নেহ চুম্বন her, listening to the velvety moans she made as he deepened the lip lock, was quite possibly the best present. Ever.

Artemis হারিয়ে গেছে the ability to string two coherent thoughts together when Wally pulled her close, one arm secured around her waist, the other cupping her face, passing it occasionally through the loose tendrils of her hair. He smelled like the cinnamon candles mingled with ভুট্টার খই and a last, trace pine needle musk that was distinctive of the speedster all বছর round. It was just like coming প্রথমপাতা on Christmas, only to a প্রথমপাতা Artemis had never known.


No one saw the scene unfold—save for an old, bearded man in a red suit and two young teens. The young boy, rubbing sleep out of his eyes, silently joined the robust fellow.

“I knew আপনি were awake, Dick,” the old man told his younger counterpart, smiling fondly.

“The মিনিট আপনি turned off the motion sensors, I set a silent alarm to wake me,” Robin informed him.

“Ah, sharp as ever, I see. Well, are আপনি both happy now?”

“Both?” came Robin’s confused reply.

The man took a step back, revealing Zatanna standing on his other side. Robin was grateful he thought to wear his sunglasses.

“Sorry, I followed Artemis downstairs for a glass of water,” the magician told Robin sheepishly, hugging her পোশাক আরো tightly to her chest. “But Wally got there before I did, and I didn’t want to interrupt, especially not after St. Nick here moved the mistletoe.”

“Wait—you were the one to put it above the refrigerator?” Robin questioned. The old man’s smile never faltered. Robin hit his head in an excellent “Hello, Megan!” impression. “Genius,” he told the elderly man.

“Well, আপনি youngsters better get back to বিছানা so I can leave goodies for আপনি under the tree,” Santa winked at both teenagers, hitching his red velvet bag over his shoulder.

“Wait—wasn’t this our বড়দিন gift?” Zatanna gestured to the two teens in the kitchen, oblivious to anything but each other at the moment.

“Oh ho ho ho!” he laughed, clutching his stomach. “No, this wasn’t your বড়দিন wish I answered.” His eyes sparkled with mischief. “It was theirs.”
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Source: youngjustice.tumblr.com
Just a little heads up, this story takes place between season one and season two.

The দিন started out the same as all the others. Connor was sitting on the পালঙ্ক watching TV, although for once it wasn’t static, M’gann was trying out a new cookie recipe, Kaldur was curled up on the recliner with a book, Wally and Artemis were snuggling on the opposite side of the পালঙ্ক and Dick and I were sitting on the other side of the পালঙ্ক watching the news. All the sudden the words “Breaking News” flashed on the টেলিভিশন screen. Everyone leant অগ্রবর্তী as if it would help them hear the news to...
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Zatanna sat crossed legged on her বিছানা in Mount Justice.
"Hey there" Robin approached her, hands in his pockets.
"Uh নমস্কার I have to go now" Zatanna jumps off her বিছানা and walks to the door. Robin blocks her.
"What? I'm fine why would there be problem? Do I look like I have a problem?" she pushes Robin's hand out of the way and scurries out.
"Zatanna!" Robin chases after her grabbing her দ্বারা the arm.
"Its about Artemis isn't it?" Zatanna sighed.
"Well আপনি don't have to tell me. Okay?"
"Okay আপনি got me" Zatanna says.
"What? I didn't-"
"Shes dating Icicle junior!" Zatanna cuts in. Robin chokes....
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Three মিনিট later Dick abruptly stopped at a vent cover; almost making me run into is butt.
“Next time give me a warning when you’re about to stop,” I whispered to him. He nodded saying, “We can’t drop down to talk to Artemis, so we’re going to have to do this the hard way.”
“Hard way, you’re kidding, right?” I asked as Dick looked back at me confused. “For a detective আপনি sure are stupid sometimes. Give me your phone.” My hand was outstretched waiting for his latest model of the Wayne Tech phone. He hesitantly handed over his phone until it hit him, “You’re going...
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Beep! Beep! Beep!
Artemis shot right up from her বিছানা and hit the alarm clock with her right hand and smashed it to pieces.
Red অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো stood outside her open bedroom door looking at the pieces of the alarm clock on the floor.
"What are আপনি looking at?" inturupted Artemis as she got out of bed. Roy looked at her questioningly. Artemis shoved Roy as she got out of her room.
"Hey!" Roy ব্যক্ত in a high voice. "What's your problem?" Artemis stopped at the edge of the stairs. She sighed and replied,
"Sorry. I guess I'm still mad at Wally!" Roy walked up to her.
"Rough night." The two archers began walking...
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Well wasn’t Shadowa/Delta/Brant dramatic? Well taking a break from that দ্বারা লেখা this…..sorta. So basically this is a muss filled DeltaxBrant fic (I hope আপনি know that they are a couple. If not now আপনি do)
PS Sorry about the horrible title.
*****DO NOT OWN THE SONG “Number One”***** (Explain after fic)

I remember those nights
Standing under artificial lights
Searching hard to find
Someone out of sight, and out of mind

(Age: Delta 5 Brant 6)

I run down the halls looking for my team mates, the অ্যাঞ্জেল and demon girl. I hated the lights here, too much like Cadmus. I ran...
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posted by AislingCarterYJ
We followed the old man, Alfred down the hallway, our footsteps echoing across the silent house. Finally we arrived in the large living room, and Alfred turned to face us. “You must be starving.” Wally nodded eagerly. “There is some খাবার in the kitchen, আপনি can fix yourselves a little snack, then get to bed. Megan, Artemis, Nathan, Connor, and Kaldur, আপনি can share the three guest rooms. Robin and Wally, আপনি will be sleeping in Dick’s room, and Fin and Aisling will be sharing Kyra’s room. Please get to বিছানা quickly. It’s quite late.”
We all nodded, Robin gave a small yawn, and Wally...
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posted by EclipseYJ
I think everyone needs to know about me so:

Name: Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Rouge

Hero name: Eclipse

Race: White,Human (half french and Japanise)

Hair: Brown (but looks a little blond in the rain)

Eyes: Green (but she has to wear contact lences because her eyes are purple and can hypnotize if looked into for to long)

Gender: Female

Age: 13 (but her soul has been living since the dawn of time, her host body is 13)

Mentor: Wolverine/Professore Xavier

Relation: Girlfriend to fang

Powers: Very powerful Magic, Adamantium skin and claws (which are her nails but they can extend to about 30cm &...
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posted by Robin_Love
FANFIC CHALLENGE- insisted upon দ্বারা 66Dragons

written দ্বারা Robin_Love

What do আপনি wish for? What if আপনি could take the one thing আপনি know no one would let আপনি have? What would আপনি do? What would আপনি say? Would আপনি think it's all a joke? অথবা would আপনি go and get it? I was like that first one. I thought it was all a joke. Nothing has ever turned out right for me so why now? Being raised in a criminal family, it's not easy to get through life. Especially when আপনি go to Gotham Academy. The school of all snobs. Especially one who EVERYONE knows; Dick Grayson.

I'm not calling anyone out. No, that's not...
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After we kissed we were on a rooftop and we ran and jumped the bio ship was there to take us to the airport we were going to Irland on the other side of the world.
Okay why did আপনি pick Irland?
"Is it so bad that the groom wanted to see irland?"
No but how long is the trip?
"About 10-14 hours,gives us time for anything"
Good one!
The Bio-ship was driven দ্বারা a clone M`gann and it had just marriend in the back.We had packed our clothes and our gadgets hidden from each other He brought his বেল্ট and I brought my wepons.

When we got off the bioship Robin did`nt want us to change so we took our stuff and...
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A laugh echoed throughout the docks. The shadows seemed to সরানো and the sailors were starting to freak out. There boss barked at them to hurry but still the laugh echoed. A dark figure entered the lights. And it was a young boy.
“You might wanna put that down,” he said, gesturing to the illegal crates waiting to be unloaded with one of his escrim sticks. They laughed heartily as they advanced on him. But the clad figure only smirked at them. A girl came up beside him and she used her shields to push them against a metal wall. They groaned as their heads hit the দেওয়াল with a metallic thud....
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posted by Robin_Love
“What's wrong with me?” Robin groaned out loud.
He had been feeling so...weird around Wally. But they were best friends! অথবা at least used to be. Wally had totally nounced ( as apposed to announced) their friendship as over four days ago. But the team had definatly noticed and Robin couldn't keep the other boy off his mind. He wanted to explain to Wally why he'd been ignoring and avoiding him. But Robin didn't know that himself. It had just happened. And here he was, weeks after it all began, crying because he was an idiot.
“Why didn't I just hide it?”
The emotions that stirred inside...
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 There guys thats my home.
There guys thats my home.
Shit!Today is my reunion It`s okay calm down maybe they forgot.
I woke up and went to MT.Justice it was training time good that`ll take my mind off of things,
just when we started the guards came in and tried to arrest Black Canary She said: what is the meaning of this?!
I spoke tammaranian to them:Gokta shinori tarien!

"My dear Princess it`s been to long আপনি have`nt changed a bit,Have আপনি forgotten the reunion?
come lets go."Said A guard.
No im staying here with my friends.
"You have to go we`re all going."Said The Dark knight.
Okay are আপনি sure? bout what u just said?
"Yes we`re all going The team...
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