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The mountain was asleep, Willow tossed and turned in her sleep everytime she closed her eyes there he was, Aero smiling at her with his evil green eyes. She closed her eyes long enough to see Aero throwing her down onto the bed, she screamed and sat up as tears sprung from her eyes, " just a dream just a dream....." she mumbled to herself, she looked around her dark room and saw a shadow that looked like someone but it was just a shadow of radio on her dresser, she covered her eyes and finally decided that she wouldnt be able to sleep.

Wallys bedroom door creaked open and Willow steppped in, " Wally... can i sleep in your room tonight i cant sleep..." she whispered, " mhmm..." Wally mumbled, Willow shut his door and crawled into the side পরবর্তি to him, he was at his side and Willow cuddled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist, Willow stiffened and Wally felt her very uncomfortable, " আপনি alright.." Wally asked taking back his arms, Willow sighed and shook her head trying to fake a smile, Wally sat up which made Willow sit up to, " if your uncomfortable আপনি can tell me..." he said, Willow looked down into her lap, " im just scared cause Aero did that to me.... and im scared that y-" Willow ব্যক্ত but didnt get to finish when Wally started talking, " wait আপনি think im going to hurt you?" Wally asked, Willow tried to say something but nothnig came out and she looked away from Wally, " Willow আপনি have to understand im not going to hurt আপনি i প্রণয় you...." Wally said, " but আপনি dont understand what im going through.." Willow ব্যক্ত quietly, Wally scoffed, " i understand how scared আপনি must be but আপনি have to understand that your নিরাপদ now he cant hurt আপনি anymore" Wally said, Willow looked at him with anger " how would আপনি know! its not like everytime আপনি close your eyes আপনি see him and what he did to আপনি replays in your mind" Willow said, Wally looked down for a মিনিট then back up at Willow, " i didnt know আপনি were feeling like that....b-" Wally ব্যক্ত but didnt finish becuase now Willow interupted him, " no আপনি dont he took away my peice of mind and now im living in torture" Willow ব্যক্ত trying not to cry. Wally looked at her with sadness in his eyes and hugged her tightly, Willow hugged back as tears sprung out of her eyes, " i প্রণয় you.... ill help আপনি through this no matter what...." Wally mumbled into her ear.


" Andrew tell me what he was talking to আপনি about আপনি havent talked to us in days" Becca said, Andrew looked at her then looked away, " aghhhhh your just like Steel! your keep all of your secrets bottled up inside!" Melinda yelled, Andrew looked over at all of them now, " i dont want to stress Willow out আরো then she is already" Andrew said, Becca glared at him, " i need to know Willow is my sister your not even related to her" Becca said, " just leave me alone to think!" Andrew yelled his eyes turning green, he exploded some lights and walked out, everyone looked at eachother, what was making him so angry?.
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Artemis was calmly walking down the sidewalk in তারকা City. Today she was going to visit Green অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো for an extra training excersice he wanted her to learn; ব্যক্ত it would help in battle. He'd promised it would only be the two of them so she was surprised when she saw Red অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো aka Roy Harper sitting on the edge of a low wall.
“Hey what are আপনি doing here?” she asked.
“Just a little challenge. Is that allowed?”
“O-of course! Absolutely! I-I mean yes.”
Artemis blushed, flustered দ্বারা the adorable smirk on Roy's face. She turned to her mentor.
“Can we start?”she muttered.
Green অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো laughed....
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Becca was walking out towards the গ্যারেজ when she heard it. She heard a crying sound. It was coming from behind Willow's door. Normally Becca would have let her friend alone until she was ready to talk. But something about this cry sounded so desperate, so painful. Becca had to go in. She pulled out her cell phone and typed an urgent message to her boyfriend.
Becca: Change of plans. Meet আপনি in thirty.
She immediately got a reply back.
Robin: আপনি got it.
Becca smiled and opened the door. Willow looked up at the open door. Becca's eyes scanned the darkened room and were shocked. Everything was a...
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“What did আপনি do with Becca?!” Robin shouted. “Who are you?!”
“Becca belongs to me, Robin. She use to, anyway. As for who I am, the name is Slade.”
“Batman's fought you.”
“Indeed. I was always so disappointed when আপনি never showed with him.”
“You are quite the dedicated hero. It would have been fun to beat আপনি again and again.”
“Slade,” Prendere said.
“Alright apprentice. I have broken him enough for one day.”
“You killed Becca?!”
“No. Who ব্যক্ত anything about killing? We had a disagreement. I compromised and she became what আপনি see before আপনি now. Prendere...
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Becca pulled against her chains. Her arms were tired but they couldn't move; they were chained above her head. She growled in frustration. Just because she was trapped didn't mean she had to be in favor of it. Every pull of resistance just put আরো pain on her. The metal bands were cutting her skin and causing her to bleed. The dank and moldy smell was causing her to become weak. Becca went limp for a minute, catching her breath. A smooth, deep voice spoke.
“Becca. Good to see you.”
Becca pulled against her restrains again, crying out when she felt the results.
“My dear, don't hurt yourself....
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Chapter VIII-

Revenge jumped off the শীর্ষ of the building, Courage right behind him.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Ice Crystal." Revenge said, not breaking his pace as he rounded a corner and pursued the junior ice villain.

The two নায়ক ended up in a deserted mansion. They could see no sign of the villainess.

A few ice spikes flew out of the darkness and embedded themselves in Revenge's chest. He stumbled back and tossed a dagger blindly into the darkness which was very unlike him. It exploded and Ice Crystal laughed to Revenge's right. Revenge threw exploding daggers blindly until Courage grabbed his...
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Part 1:

Previously on হৃদয় of Courage...

"Star Sapphire and the Joker have rigged a fully loaded hospital to explode. No word yet, but the Justice League says it is sending its best team to deal with the threat." the news reporter said.


 "Aqualad to team two, no bomb here, meet আপনি in the lobby." Aqualad said.

"Funny, no bomb here." Revenge said.

"Robin, re-scan for bombs."

"Already have, three times. I'm not picking up any." Robin said.

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“Finally figure it out?” He smirked. I grabbed my mace.
“How’d আপনি get in here?” I demanded
“Now Alex, let’s not get feisty” he smirked. I flew out of the bed, ripping away the tube connecting the bag of blood to my arm. My mace was alight with electricity.
“You have three সেকেন্ড before I call the team” I growled. I really hoped he didn’t have super hearing, অথবা he would hear my হৃদয় hammering in my chest. Then I thought of something. Literally.
’Megan! I need super stealthy backup in the infirmary. RIGHT NOW!’ I thought
‘On my way!’ she acknowledged. I needed to...
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“Since when can আপনি turn into animals?” I asked
“I’ve able to all my life” she said, un-braiding her long dark brown hair.
“And আপনি never told me, because?!” I demanded
“How was I supposed to tell you? ‘Hey Sarah, guess what! I can turn in to every single type of animal, whether it’s real of from some-sort of mythology!’” she asked
“True” I said
“Since when do আপনি have a boyfriend?!” She demanded. Great, now I was the one getting interrogated!
“For about a মাস now” I responded
“OMZ! I’m so happy for you! What was your first date? A movie? A dinner?” she...
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