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posted by Mclovin_69
( 5 years later)

his tight black boots landed on the ground infront of a chair, " master ive brought news about the missing 3...." he said, the chair turned and a man with a red ঘোমটা leaving a shadow covering his face turned around looking at him, " where are they......" his deep voice said, " Santa Prisca sir..." he said, the man chuckled to himself pullling off his ঘোমটা revealing a burned face and hazel eyes, " bring them to me..... dead.... অথবা alive..." he said, " yes father " the boy ব্যক্ত with his red millitary cut hair and green eyes glimmering. the boy left the room with his red bow and black quiver over his shoulder leaving the man alone in his computer room. He turned his chair back around to his computers looking at three screens with pictures of people on them, one with Bloodmist, the other with Terrance, and the last with Tara. " 5 years children....... lets see what youve been doing all this time......and lets see if আপনি can survive..." he chuckled evily looking at the three pictures with his hazel eyes that had the reflection of a burning আগুন in them.


( Mount Justice 1:24 PM Happy Harbour)

" no, no Flynn!!! " Lucas shouted grabbing a floating জরান jar that was in the air and setting in on the counter, Flynn's eyes faded back to brown as he looked at his dad with a curious face, though Flynn was only 5 he sure did use his powers a lot. " no using your powers if আপনি break something im going to have to clean it up " Lucas said, Flynn laughed jumping from his chair and running out of the room, " no Flynn wa- " Lucas ব্যক্ত but stopped when he was gone, he sighed leaning back against the counter, " he break anything yet? " Artemis asked walking in from another entry, Lucas looked at Artemis smiling " no but i think hes going to break Supey " Lucas said, Artemis looked at Lucas oddly then turned to the sound of someone walking in the room, Connor stood there with an annoyed face with Flynn on his shoulders messing up his hair, Artemis laughed walking over taking Flynn off Connors shoulders and putting him down on the ground and crouching down looking at him, " why dont আপনি go ask aunt Becca to play with আপনি im sure she'd প্রণয় to " Artemis said, Flynn smiled running out of the room " aunty Becca!!!! " he shreiked through the whole mountain until he was heard no more. Lucas smirked at Artemis, " Beccas going to kill আপনি আপনি know that " he said, Artemis shrugged smirking back, Connor,Lucas, and Artemis loooked up at the speaker in the mountain, " can all teammates meet in the zeta room " Batmans voice ব্যক্ত over the speaker, the three looked at eachother in curiousity what could it be this time?.
posted by Robin_Love
A Valentine's দিন Fanfiction

“What are আপনি doing for Valentine's Day?” Artemis asked.
Megan looked at the only other person in the kitchen/family room center. Artemis was watching her with curious blue eyes. Megan blushed and looked back down at her bowl.
“I don't know what that is. What's a Valentine's Day?”
“Oh. It's...a দিন where আপনি প্রদর্শনী people how much আপনি care. Most of the time it's between couples but বন্ধু do it too.”
Megan nodded and started mixing again. She felt eyes on her and felt free to ask her question.
“What's a Valentine?”
“Someone অথবা several people আপনি care a...
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posted by justjill
I opened one eye and expected to see my usual panda বিছানা sheets and beside me a pile of story বই but instead I saw handle bars...Odd, I don't remember installing handle bars at the side of my bed. Never mind, I wake up later to ask mom...Wait a minute-I quickly shot out of বিছানা and looked around. Where am I? The walls are so white, why am I in a hospital? I must get out of here. "Ouch!" I yelled I looked at the স্ল্যাশ down my chest, it was sewed up but it still hurt."You should get some rest, but since you're up, start talking." I turned around towards the window, someone who looked quite short...
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posted by Codby
I’m scared. What’s happening? Why am I under my desk. Why is everybody screaming and laughing at the same time? Why did the teacher say that we need to be still? Who are the we?

The team was standing against the দেওয়াল in the cave. From young to old: Robin, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, Kaldur. Black Canary was giving instruction, how আপনি can প্রদর্শনী someone the floor in five seconds. Wally wasn’t listening. He was just staring in the air. Robin could see that Black Canary was getting angry. “Wally? Hello Earth to Wally!” Robin was trying to get Wally’s attention. “What?” Wally looked...
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When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Superboy. :D
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part VI
Wayne Manor was huge. At least, the mansion was. People dressed for the occasion, either carrying অথবা wearing various masks, streamed into the front door. Most wore dark colors, as Nic and I did, while others wore vibrant pigments, leaving rainbows in their paths.
Nic and I followed the river of people through the mansion. We exited the hallways onto a balcony.
Two curved staircases led down to the dance floor. There people mingled, holding glasses of champaign and various wines. A few held plates of finger-foods and other hors d'oeuvres. The constant chatter and clicking of heels...
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Hey, my name's Jozyl Jocoti but most to all civilians like yourself would know me as Shayde. That's right I called আপনি a civilian, if you're getting the hint here that means I am most likely a superhero অথবা supervillian (Mwhahahaha! Just kidding) অথবা maybe I could be neither অথবা maybe both? I dunno I haven't picked a side yet.

Well anyways I've decided to write my life down in this very article(s) আপনি dear civilian are reading. And if আপনি are পাঠ করা this I advise আপনি to read with caution, this is a tale of extraordinary events of a not so normal girl along with her definitely not normal friends,...
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posted by SilverWings13
I tried to put as many ocs as I could keep track of in this. I hope আপনি like!!!

Silver Wings (POV)
I wasn't quite sure I had heard right.
I was so shocked, it took me a full five সেকেন্ড to realize I was the one who had ব্যক্ত it.
"Yes," Aqualad ব্যক্ত plainly. "Stolen." 'How was he অভিনয় so calm?' I wondered.
"The alarm was triggered when the Weapon was stolen. The security system here at Mt.Justice is linked to the Weapon so that when it was stolen, we were immediately notified." 'Robin must have debriefed him while we had been gearing up,' I concluded.
"When was that installed?" Kid...
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“Lizzy,” I ব্যক্ত knocking on her door. The door opened up to reveal a girl in a wheelchair. She had black hair with lavender highlights, and পান্না green eyes. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shit that ব্যক্ত ব্যাটম্যান saved my life.
“Salem, come in. to what do I own the pleasure.”
“I wanted to ask আপনি for some advice.”
“Let’s head to my room. Dad me and Salem will be in my room ok.”
“Ok, hi Salem.”
“Hello Mr.Robinson,” I ব্যক্ত following Lizzy. Walking into her room আপনি could tell how different we are. While my room had bare walls her walls were covered...
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posted by killer24



abilities:can blend into shadows,expert marksman,good singer,when sings অথবা plays গিটার it can heal,inspire,energise and more

weapons:two hand guns,guitar that has a রাইফেল built into it,cloak witch can blend in to shadows

personality:shady,dark,funny,shy,sad,cares little for bats but will help the team,shoots first asks প্রশ্ন later,wants vengeance

looks:unknown(may tell in background)

story:dad is vigilante but he died দ্বারা the hands of a monster when shadow finds the killer he will make him pay.
can play a গিটার but plays mostly when sad.when he plays it the গিটার will heal,inspire,energise and more.
his dad died to protect him but before he died he taught him a few songs.
cadmus wanted him to যোগদান there army but he ব্যক্ত no so thay kidnapped him and tortured him when the speedster,the boy wonder and The Atlantean came and took the super boy as thay called him the security failed so he escaped

Chapter 5: How to Screw up a প্রণয় Story

(Dick's POV)
Okay, I many people (mainly Barbara) have called me an idiot before. And sometimes, I have to agree with them. I'll admit that I've done some really stupid stuff before. I've set off a stink bomb in the girl's bathroom. I put glue on a bully's sneakers after PE. And most recently, I snuck a red and black paint bomb in Houston's locker. So, after all those ridiculous (but incredibly brilliant) pranks, letting my secret slip to Batgirl has to শীর্ষ them all.

Yep. I'm just that stupid. I, Dick Grayson, am an idiot. I ব্যক্ত it—and I...
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posted by NekoTheif
Shirley and Zack and Panda Hero belong to BelovedRobin. I keep forgetting to mention this

It was well past midnight when I fell asleep. I had my head on Danny's chest. My tears leaking onto his cold chest. The bloody knives laying no আরো than 3 feet away.

So I slept on the ground. With a dead boy under my head.

When I woke up Danny wasn't there. I was truly alone now. Sighing I wiped the blood off the knives and set out again. I didn't bother hiding. I just walked and dragged my feet. Didn't care enough to do much else. Danny was dead. All because of me.

I kept moving despite my bodies rejection...
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posted by Robin_Love
I wrote this awhile পূর্বে when I was feeling sad. But when I read it now, I think it's an awesome one-shot. So I hope আপনি enjoy!

Robin moved around in his room. He looked at all the pictures and charms he had. The ones that reminded him of her. Becca Stevens. His love. Fresh tears came to his eyes and new pain arose in his heart. He fingered the নেকলেস she had always worn. The black choker with a charm; a blue bird with wings extended. She had always called it her NightWing. Had always ব্যক্ত how it reminded her of him. Now it was a way of remembering her. Ever since they'd been প্রদত্ত the news....
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 She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
It's been ten years. Ten years of pain. Ten years of tears. Ten years of revenge plotting, yet doing nothing. Today on my 16th birthday... the day, ten years ago, she sacrificed her life for me. The দিন I হারিয়ে গেছে my only sister.


"Stay here!" She whispered to me as she placed me in a closet.

"Don't সরানো until Dad is gone."

"But Kelsey!" I yelped as Dad walked in.

"Shh! Don't move!" She repeated.
I heard shouting but I couldn't quite make it out, so I peeked through the slightly opened doors.

The sound of a gun went off and I saw my sister fall to the floor, bleeding. She tried to crawl...
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The sound of circus সঙ্গীত and laughter was heard, the flood lights blazed ক্রুশ the ever busy city of Gotham. People began to fill every আসন in the circus tent holding their brouchers with the তারকা attraction labled on the front 'The Flying Graysons'.

"Mum is their any reason why our new outfits are so...colourful?" Dick asked. His mother smiled and chouched down to his level. "Well, when I see আপনি up their আপনি remind me of a little Robin" His father came over and russled his hair. "A Robin? I know kids that get bullied for having those kind of nicknames" He ব্যক্ত looking down at his unapealing...
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“How did আপনি get in here?” Robin asked. Caleb shrugged, “I traced the call that she made to me back to here. Then I hacked the entrance system!” Wally stared back at him, “Wow… You’re like a mini-Robin!” Caleb smiled back at him proudly. Hailey rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. “Pardon me, but do আপনি have any information on where Mercy might be?” Kaldur asked with a great emphasis. “We already know that she’s with 2 of the most lethal people we’ve faced. They go দ্বারা the names of Brennan Delmar and Maura Hartley. We killed one of their teammates …and now for...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-

The last thing Robin expected at one in the morning was to have to go to the Batcave for some League emergency.

"What now?" he asked, tugging on his cape and rubbing his eyes. "Did Flash trip over his own feet again and set off an alarm?"

"No." The ব্যাটম্যান replied. "Distress signal from the Cave, but no one is responding."

Robin was immediately on alert. "Who was there? What happened?"

"Miss Martian and Superboy were at the mountain, I can't figure out what happened, but I've sounded a Beta level threat. The Team is teleporting there now." ব্যাটম্যান said.

"I guess that includes me?" Robin...
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Willow sat in the রান্নাঘর at the counter looking at her sketchbook, looking at a blank page, she was having the urge to draw but whenever she took out her sketchbook and held her pencil no ideas came to mind. Wally walked in and saw Willow looking down at the sketchbook, " what ya drawing?" he asked in a flirty tone, Willow didnt look up at him she kept looking at her blank page.
Wally looked at her curiously then walked over and leaned on the counter beside her, " something bothering you?" he asked, Willow looked up at him, " i dunno i guess...." Willow ব্যক্ত gentley, " whats the matter?" he...
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