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I was born with spina bifida a genetic disorder that has left me a parapalegic. I have never known anyone outside my family that has this condition and I've beleived I'm alone in the world when it comes to this condition.

But thanks to the web and আপনি Tube I've learned I'm not alone in the world. I have found dozens of video blogs created দ্বারা people with spina bifida. I've watched these চলচ্ছবি and learned that I'm not the only going through the same struggles that this condition has caused.

These চলচ্ছবি have প্রদত্ত me much encouragement and comfort. So this is how আপনি Tube connects to someone like me.
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 "That Darn Girlfriend" episode: Mask-Erade
"That Darn Girlfriend" episode: Mask-Erade
Remember all the situational comedy shows from the late 60’s and early 70’s? Whether family-focused অথবা set in the workplace, they seem to deliver a আরো innocent approach to life than the shows of today.

Well, get ready because creators/actors Pamela Hill and William Joseph Hill are on a mission to bring back the style and tone of these shows from yesteryear. In fact, they just released the 11th episode of their kitschy comedy series “That Darn Girlfriend,” on YouTube (link).

This real-life husband and wife team have been creating this harmless misadventures series over the last several...
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so now we have ইউটিউব red and ইউটিউব tv is grate right?

nope i think (you can have your opinion) it's not fair to have craters and mainstream media together on ইউটিউব let me explain:

আপনি have people like Dan Phil pewdiepie markaplier jacksepticeye and many আরো grate craters. (this would be too long to even type out to the people i subscribed and there a lot of craters) but now when আপনি put big companies like: The ellen প্রদর্শনী The late late প্রদর্শনী অথবা the tonight show.

Don't get me wrong i প্রণয় these shows but put them on ইউটিউব why? they get most of the মতামত then they force the craters to uploud আরো often sometimes they can't compept so i think what they should do is have ইউটিউব tv people pay for and have ইউটিউব for craters only
what do আপনি think?
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ইউটিউব couples
Erik does the Smash অথবা Pass Challenge with Youtubers
erik corona
erik after dark
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jenna marbles
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