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 Yami Yugi
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yami yugi
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This Yu-Gi-Oh ছবি might contain নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

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Source: Screencaps Taken দ্বারা me!
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Source: Screencaps Taken দ্বারা me!
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Source: Screencaps Taken দ্বারা me!
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25:

নেকড়ে Lancer x2
নেকড়ে Sword Knight x1
নেকড়ে Shield Knight x1
নেকড়ে Elf x1
নেকড়ে Rescue x1
নেকড়ে Buster x2
নেকড়ে Ghost x1
নেকড়ে Speeder x1
Ookamikuriboh x3
Raccoon Archer x2
শিয়াল Magician x2
শিয়াল Girl x1
Polecat Driller x2
Polecat Watchman x1
নকুলের সাহায্যে শিকার করা Gambler x2
নকুলের সাহায্যে শিকার করা Mage x2

Spells x20:

Anima Wand x2
Anima Thunder x2
Anima Revenge x2
Shotpot x2
Lovely Distraction x1
Striker Blade x2
Striker Gift x1
Striker's Appeal to Others x2
All-out Force x3
Gardna's Shield x2
Call of the Light x3

Traps x20:

Anima Fever x2
Anima Rush x2
Warrior Copy x2
Warrior Shine x2
Striker Reborn x2
Striker Shield x2
Striker Rage! x2
Idiots Trap x3
Limits Break x3

Extra Deck x:

Striker 025: নেকড়ে Knight King x1
Striker 033: Laval Phantom x1
Striker 067: Gem Knight Helenite x1
Striker 041: Gusto Shorebill x1
Striker 074: Gishiki Lamprey x1
Striker 022: Wind-Up Zentwister x1
Striker 018: Gear Gigant Z x1
Girl's P.O.V.

It was cold, and I curled up under the small blanket in the রাস্তা ally. I cannot believe my mom through me out! She's such a mean person....why I'd like to.........car lights? I closed my eyes and waited for the car to stop.
"Hello?" It was a guy, I peeked up and saw it was Yugi Muto, I couldn't believe this! I stood.
"Hi." I breathed, he looked shocked at first.
"Are আপনি alright?" He asked, I nodded no. "Do আপনি need a place to stay?" He asked, all I did was nod. He picked me up and placed me in the back of his car. A girl was sitting up front, she had short hair, and looked really...
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Monsters (x20)

Poseidra, The Atlantean Dragon (x2)
Atlantean Dragoons (x2)
Atlantean Marksman (x2)
Atlantean Heavy Infantry (x2)
Atlantean Attack Squad (x2)
Deep Sea Diva (x2)
Tridon, the Atlantean Emperor (x2)
Deep Diver (x2)
Mother Grizzly (x3)
Snowman Eater (x1)

Spells (x15):

Call of the Atlanteans (x3)
Salvage (x2)
Surface (x3)
Water Hazard (x1)
Mystical মহাকাশ Typhoon (x3)
Aqua Jet (x3)

Traps (x15)

Aegis of the Dragon Lord (x2)
Spiritual Water Art - Aoi (x1)
Poseidon Waves (x3)
Bubble Bringer (x2)
Icy Crevasse (x3)
Damage Diet (x2)
Mirror Force (x2)

Extra Deck (x10):

Number 32: হাঙ্গর পাতিহাঁস (x1)
Gagagigo the Risin (x1)
Snowdust Giant (x1)
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (x2)
Abyss Dweller (x1)
Aero হাঙ্গর (x2)
Black রশ্মি Lancer (x2)
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