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yamiXyugi said:
oooo can i get a rag, ishizu? i've always wanted a rag!

odion:I fluffed a pillow... It's foolproof!

hey look,ishizu! someone left a perfectly good comic just laying around...wait whats that one guy doing to that other guy, i don't know what it is but it's giving me cravings.

ooo look a shiny box! I must worship it!

TV:kill your family, kill your family...
ishizu:marik what are you watching?
Marik:must... kill... family.

ishizu:what a pillow? how is that supposed to fool anyone?
Marik: a fluffed pillow...It's ingenius!

lol i just wrote almost every memorable quote from that one episode :D i have a good memory LOL
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Aww i was gonna do that xD
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Shizu: Have you seen the little mermaid
Marik:About a million times I want to befriend a seagull fight a giant octopus and marry a beautiful price
Shizu: Ok but I can garentee that only one of those things will happen
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