Yuuki Cross, অথবা Yuuki Kuran, is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of ক্রুশ Academy. Yuuki is a first বছর student at ক্রুশ Academy and is a member of the school's disciplinary committee, which is a Guardian for ক্রুশ Academy. In her capacity as a Guardian, she is responsible for the nightly duties of monitoring and protecting the দিন Class.


Yuuki is generally a cheerful and comedic girl. She exhibits a strong attachment to her close friends. Her indecisive nature and reticence can be attributed to her insecurity regarding her missing history. She has a fear of bad ভ্যাম্পায়ার which means she rarely leaves the ক্রুশ Academy grounds on her own. She is protective over Zero and fears the fact that he might become a level E.


Yuuki has always been small for her age, as a human she was noted to be underdeveloped. Following her transformation to a vampire, her body has started to mature and her once short hair grew long overnight. Her height is 170 cm.


As a child,Yuuki was approximately 5 years old when Rido Kuran attacked the Kuran family seeking to take Yuuki. To protect her daughter, Juuri sacrificed herself to সীল Yuuki's vampire side and erased her daughter's memory. Yuuki's first memory is that of Kaname saving her from a vampire. Yuuki grew up harboring deep feelings for him and the two had a close relationship.

Yuuki had troubled nightmares nightly until 4 years ago, when Zero Kiryu joined their household and Yuuki formed a strong attachment to the boy. Yuuki's relationship with Kaname became distant after she witnessed his vampire nature as he feed on a vampire classmate and as a human, Yuuki believed she had no chance with Kaname and began to fear him a little, but her admiration for him remained.

*Her first name Yuuki is a combination of yuu, meaning "tender" অথবা "kind", and ki, meaning "princess".

*Cross অথবা Kurosu, means "black master."
Kuran, is a combination of the old fashioned way of লেখা ku, meaning "nine" and ran meaning "orchid".

*As Kaien knows Yuuki's name beforehand, he says to Yuuki that Kaname told him that all girls are princesses and thus will name her Yuuki and she is Kaien's 'gentle princess.'

*Some অনুরাগী mistakely call "Yuki" instead of "Yuuki". Yuki and Yuuki are completely different as they have different meanings and writing. "Yuki" means "Snow" in japanese, and "Yuuki" means "Courage".


Haruka Kuran (father)
Juri Kuran (mother)
Kaname Kuran (brother)
Rido Kuran (uncle)
Senri Shiki (cousin)
Kaien ক্রুশ (adoptive father)

*Age: 16
*Occupation: Student (Day Class)
*Race: Pureblood Vampire
*Powers and Abilities: Artemis Rod(when human),Breaking Glass, Immeasurable, Artemis Scythe(when vampire)
*Voice: Yui Horie