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I heard from the internet that Zac already propose to Vanessa on their vacation to Japan. That's was because Vanessa mom doesn't allow the two of them to stay together at one house. So, Zac propose to Vanessa to make her mom happy and allow the two of them to stay together. And they are really in love....

i found this at the internet;

[Zac Efron Reportedly Proposed To Vanessa Hudgens To Please Her Mother
February 26, 2009 - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron has proposed to Vanessa Hudgens to please her mother. The "High School Musical" actor reportedly popped the প্রশ্ন to his girlfriend...
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Following the Vanessa Hudgens nude ছবি স্ক্যান্ডাল of 2007, some অনুরাগী reacted in horror.

Other reacted with glee.

But one person familiar with the actress interpreted the pictures as a sign that her son was all grown up. The racy images, after all, were intended for the eyes of Zac Efron.

As a result, the High School Musical তারকা told Elle magazine that his mother gave him a surprising, responsible gift this past holiday season.

"My মোজা was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box," he said.

The whole world now knows that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are having sex. But at least they're being নিরাপদ about it.
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Vanessa Hudgens Self Magazine - Cutie Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical is on the cover of Self Magazine for the cover of May 2009.

Vanessa is looking adorable with her cute bikini, beachy waves and cover up.

In Self magazine in may আপনি can find ot 25 thing আপনি don’t know about Vanessa.

It’s funny to have on the cover “Reveal Your Best Body” when Vanessa is on your cover… I wonder if that was on purpose?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron both landed a spot on the cover of a magazine for May 2009.
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Originally পোষ্ট হয়েছে Sunday August 30, 2009 09:30 AM EDT
Jon Gosselin at the Wet Republic pool of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Photo by: Ethan Miller / Getty
Though the outside temperature topped out at around 115 degrees, Jon Gosselin may have been this weekend's hottest thing in Las Vegas.

With his mother and four বন্ধু in tow, the father of eight hosted a much-hyped Vegas pool party Saturday. It wasn't long before he was surrounded দ্বারা women.

Moments after walking into his private ছোট ঘর at MGM Grand's Wet Republic, several females from the adjacent VIP area approached the tabloid regular....
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I’m not sure how true this is — I can’t imagine Zac Efron just dropping everything to head over to Courteney Cox’s house because her five বছর old has a crush on him, but whatever.

So apparently, yes, Courteney’s five বছর old daughter Coco, who Courteney says develops crushes pretty much constantly, admitted to her mom that she thinks Zac Efron is cute. So what did Courteney do? She invites Zac over for a surprise visit. She didn’t tell Coco beforehand that Zac would be stopping by, and when he did make his appearance Coco freaked out:

“Coco gets these huge crushes. One দিন we...
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Kate Gosselin has been guest hosting on The View, where she revealed how she had a "meltdown" because Jon Gosselin wanted to bring his girlfriend প্রথমপাতা to meet the kids, which they did, just not at the house. Kate also revealed her new hair style, which is a lot of waves to compliment her porcupine hair do.

There is a rumor now floating around that Kate might be in talks to get her own TV show.

The other দিন Kate was asked if she had enough money now to quit her প্রদর্শনী that puts her kids on display, and Kate ব্যক্ত no, that she needed the attention paycheck. Then kate was asked if she is paid enough, and Kate said, "Is anyone paid enough?"

So that means as long as Kate can keep her face on TV, and wherever she can collect a check, she’s there, and so are her kids.

I wonder how much of the money the kids will get, if any, when they grow up.
"Jon and Kate Plus 8" তারকা Kate Gosselin is set Sunday to take a stab at a potential new career: talk প্রদর্শনী host. The taping for "Mom Logic," the talk প্রদর্শনী hosted দ্বারা Paula Deen, will begin on Sunday afternoon, and Kate's future on the program will reportedly depend solely on what Paula wants the most from the show.

On one side of the coin, Kate would be a great fixture for ratings. People প্রণয় to hear her talk about her eight children, and আরো infrequently her failed marriage with Jon. Just look at the tabloid sales for evidence--fans seem to enjoy hearing আরো about Jon and Kate Gosselin's...
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