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posted by aqua8cloudkw123
Kaoru Akashi has a highly important role in this anime. Her teammates Aoi Nogami and Shiho Sannomiya are also very important. Especially since they keep Kaoru from rampaging. On the first episode, I laughed a whole lot, barely staying in my chair. The criminal the Zettai Karen Children were sent to help capture was a well bodied gay guy who could turn people to stone. He was trying to capture a statue that he considered, totally disgusting but true, sexy and totally worth his time. The Children's boss was turned to stone in the train station she was coming from. Thats where the perfectly normal human, Minamotto, came in. He became their totally awesome boss. He ended up being tooken দ্বারা the criminal ,for his smarts and his *cough* good looks. Totally funny first episode and a first look into Kaoru's perverted geezer brain. XD
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added by aqua8cloudkw123