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নমস্কার there cutie!!!!!!! thats what আপনি would say if আপনি were a fijit everyone rembers furby if আপনি were a 90s kid !!!!!! (if not they are small a little anoying birds!) but know they are trying
to revive the trend দ্বারা these toys there pretty good for little robots here is a closer look at hat a fijit can do!
1. they have beat detechtion which means they pick up a beat if a girl is in a sad mood she will problaby play a slow song it will dance slow if a fast song is playing it will dance fast!
2. they can chat আপনি say নমস্কার fijit can আপনি chat with me? it wil answer 30 মূলশব্দ and tells jokes
it will even rap its a great toy!
3. it has soft skin that will not break to add it also lights up the only problem there $50 but আপনি can get them on sale for 45 at walmart there selling fast this is a exellent choice here is a picture of them! signing off your zhu and fijit (now!) reporter!